Monday, 31 August 2015


 Well both my 86 year old Mother (whom I Look after) and myself have been ill this week. We have both bounced back from 2 very different conditions and are both well and happy now. So no more to be said on that score it's all over and best forgotten!

So back to posting again. Today we have more figures for my good friend Matt and his ever growing VBCW collection. When I asked how he wanted these painted he just said "I trust you so do what you think's best and take the colours from the flag!"

I hope he will still trust me after this! I think he'll like them though (Fingers crossed).

The figures are by "Sloppy Jalopy" (LINK!) and represent a fine English Cricket team (with very loud blazers). There are 18 figures painted in all including a couple of head swaps and other conversions. All of which Matt has done and I just slap paint on them. A typical selection of "Gentlemen and Players" including bowlers, fielders wicket keeper umpire and of course batsman.

The figures are sculpted by  Bill Thornhill I believe and have a very nice feel to them. Very fitting to a summer sport! And possibly one of Britain's best exports ever! A game for gentlemen so not something played very much in less civilised countries like America, France, Spain or Germany.  If you have never played cricket you just do not know the social importance of the game and that how after 5 days it can still be a draw!

 I did try something slightly different with the bases, as I did not want any tufts. (There is a famous one at Canterbury Cricket ground, but I digress). So I tried to create the mown lawn effect by dry brushing a lighter shade of green in one direction on each base. I think it has worked and has saved me putting on tufts and fluff which in turn has saved me a little time and money!  But you may note some grass stains on a few figures as well as where the bowlers have been "Polishing" their balls!

 The Flag is by Pete Barfield. known as Panzerkaput aka "Petal" on his very own blog .

And the final picture is a group shot of them all together!

Bank holiday today so get some painting done if you can.

All the best from Kent!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Battle for the Watermill (A VBCW AAR)

Yesterday at the Club Matt, Bob, Dave and Myself played another VBCW game using the Chain of Command rules. As we were both (The Anglican league and the British Union of Fascists) using the same force composition we altered the lists slightly. Instead of 3 squads of 8 men we went for 4 squads of 11 men each. Each squad with a lewis gun and a junior leader.

Bob rolled to randomly generate the scenario and it was the British Union of Fascists (BUF) commanded by Dave and myself, Attacking and the Anglican league (Matt and Bob) defending. There was a prominent water mill at one side of the board and that was designated as our Objective. Each side rolled 1d6 for assets and the BUF selected a sniper, a pregame bombardment and an Adjutant. The AL rolled badly and only selected  a 2" Mortar team.

Selecting only 3 jump off points and getting some attackers moves we quickly moved up the board. WHen Matt and Bob put there patrol markers down they were frightfully close to getting locked down before the game started. Eventually the jump off point for both teams were established and the game started!

Being Attackers the BUF had first roll of the command dice and as I rolled double 6 we would get the next turn as well. But in the first turn all we could bring on was a lewis gun and the sniper. The second turn we did better and got 2 squads on.

The AL got their first turn but due to our initial bombardment they only managed to get a single squad onto the board. But due to lack of targets the BUF had the sniper and 1 squad on overwatch and as soon as the figures were placed we shot at them. It was not a brilliant result but at least we killed one of the squad and give it 3 points of shock.

Our sniper was not good and barely hit anything worthwile in the whole game. but he did cause 2 points of shock when he did hit. And from experience I can tell you it's not much fun as it is hard to target him back!

The next few Phases it was a case of bringing more stuff on to the board. Matt bought on the Mortar and another squad. While the BUF managed to get everything on the board. Matt and Bob were out gunned at this stage as our barrage was still making it hard for them to bring on troops. But they did a rather good Mortar strike and killed a junior NCO of my main squad which then forced us to bring on our senior leader and join him to the squad that Matt was shooting up.

By this stage though Dave on the left wing advanced and got within 4 inches of an enemy jump off point. So the BUF ended the turn and the jump off point was lost along with some morale. Also one AL squad was forced back due to morale and forced off of the table!

As this made the turn over the AL was able to bring on troops without heed to our barrage. So Matt bought a squad on, as did Bob. Bobs troops coming up from the river bank opened up on Dave's squad in the open. This fire at his squad in the open was enough to break them and from cowering behind the cart they also fled the field.

 As I was firing 2 squads onto Matts single squad. His squad was getting smaller. This resulted in him bringing on his senior leader (Platoon commander) which then joined the squad and managed each phase to reduce the shock I was building up.

Well not quite as I was slowly whittling them down. So Matt was able to bring on his last squad to support them in the same field. I was forced to split my fire and as luck (for me not for Matt) would have it he through bad command dice and failed to reduce the shock.

The result was that his squad was just reduced to leaders and no troops and with 7 points of shock they withdrew.

This marked the game over stage as the defenders morale and command dice plummeted to just a single dice (Instead of the 5 you start with and the BUF was still on 5 command dice!)

The result as another BUF win over the AL.

Overall a quite good game, not as enjoyable as the first 2 we played but this time I was not really in the mood so I think that makes sense.

I am sure The AL will make a come back, to be honest I do wish they had won that game but from the set up the defenders were on the back foot. Our preliminary barrage was very effective in not allowing the defenders to get troops on and I would us e one again when attacking IF I got the chance!

Thanks for reading and today I am enjoying the rain here in Kent!

Cheers Guys!

Friday, 21 August 2015

All together now!

Well as promised here is a group shot of them all together. When I say All I do just mean this batch. There have already been a couple of batches of figures painted up for matt and the Very British Civil War. But seeing them together does make a village packed full of characters.

The back of Mole and the Front of Toad. Clearly a lot of green and brown on Toad just to keep in with the wind in the willows. while Mole is lots of dark grey.

 Then there was an older gent, perhaps fallen on hard times and with a tommy gun behind his back so while at distance he may not be such a good shot close up watch out!
 I am not so very sure about the gent on the right, but he could easily be a conductor on a trolley bus or perhaps he works front of house in a Cinema theathre.
 I did first think of the guy on the right as a game keeper but he  could be a gentleman farmer. The clothes look better quality than a poacher so for me he is a farmer of quite a sizable estate, or the estate manager of a mansion/stately home.
 A dashing game hunter with shot gun (on the right). But preferring a shotgun than a rifle. And with the kind of bleached teeth only an American would aspire towards!
 On the right, I nicknamed this figure "The Major" when I was painting him. The "Pink" hunting jacket might just as likely be an old dress uniform.
 The Man servant, back from the far flung depths of the British empire ready to help "the Major" should he ever need it.
And Finally 2 Ironclad figures from the Raj. Matt wants them to be the owner/operator of Balty Towers an Indian hotel-restaurant so who am I to disagree. And even the flag has three towers on it (but hard to see in the group picture). I am sure Matt will divulge more as time passes.

Thanks For looking. I am slowly getting my act together. So with luck the next blog post will be Monday.

Until then, take care and have fun!

Cheers Clint.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

More Wild life!

Due to a family Illness I was unable to get much painted, So no VBCW, and just a couple of Vietnam wildlife. 2 Vietnamese Water buffalo, from Britannia (LINK) in 1/72nd scale commonly called 20mm by wargamers. I did paint the horns black brown to begin with as that is more authentic but it just did not look right so I painted them cream and then white and now they look a little bright! Somedays I just can't win. The Flash on the camera has also lightened them considerably!

So that's a brief one and with luck post again on Saturday. And that will be VBCW as I finish this batch off!

If anyone from my wargames club reads this please ask Ian to bring the keys in case I cannot make it!

Cheers Guys. Please no sympathy in the comments!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Today it is the ladies in A VBCW. Starting with 3 domestic staff. The two figures on either end are Ironclad miniatures while the centre I think may be foundry! (But Not Sure). The Ironclad figures are quite large and the bases quite thick which makes them even taller. The one on the right has been converted to wear a steel helmet as well. I went for a dark grey as opposed to black uniforms as while black is used in "Downton Abbey" I felt that black may have made the figures look too dark. And domestic staff did have a variety of coloured uniforms including dark blue, brown and light grey but I did not want them to look too colourful.

The woman with the bike is I am told Foundry as well, part of the Dad's Army range. She is possibly a character from "The Eagle has landed" according to Matt. So typical of me I went with period colours that just felt right and not looked at the film.

In the final picture yet more variety of makes. The first figure is again Ironclad miniatures (Converted to a banner carrier). Then a Hasslefree and 3 foundry on the end. All the colours are of the period used in various fashions including the teal shoes of the lady on the far right. I have tried to make the ladies appear as if they come from a variety of different backgrounds, everything from Farm Labourers wife to high society. Just to give them a more random look. There are maybe a lady or two to catch Bertie Woosters Eye, or more rather he to catch their eye!

I will try to get a group picture of them all at the end of the week,

And until then, take care have fun and dodge any rain drops that come your way!

All the best From Clint

Sunday, 16 August 2015

4 go Wild in a Very British Civil War. (PM)

 Just 4 more figures for matts VBCW project. He did come around before lunch today and we had a small chat. He was just dropping off a flag for my next figures for him. I showed him the 2 central figures then and he was happy as he know that next weekend he'll get them and a few more back as well. I shall finish 4 more this afternoon so you can guess what I will blog about on Tuesday.

Anyway a mixture of manufactures and weapons and even uses but all suitable for his Very British Civil War Project. All the colours come from looking on the internet for 1930's fashions so I know what was available. It was indeed possible to have maroon blazers or a "Dr Who" scarf! Yes they did exist!

Anyway just 4 more today with the promise of more to come!

All the best from here and I hope you are having a good weekend.

Cheers Clint

Friday, 14 August 2015

"Here Piggy Piggy!"

Nope that is not the wargamers call to lunch! But an indication of my latest Vietnam figures. And being Vietnam conflict and the word "Pig" is actually nothing to do with the M60 light machinegun! Yes that was called a Pig but these are 2 Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs! They were a gift from Andy Grub of Britannia and Grubby tanks (Link) when I sent of a very small order for some extras for my Vietnam collection. Which I have to say is very nice of him especially as I meant to order some yet forgot to ! So I was delighted to include them and being a very easy paint job I painted them straight away. They were an easy paint I cannot deny otherwise. Just a very dark grey and a black ink wash.  Given the Viet Minh will not be set up on the table but revealed when discovered. These will allow me to tell players that the undergrowth is moving or that they hear a noise. Then when they "Recon By Fire" they will not know if they are shooting at people or animals. "Oh what a shame that you have killed the village elders favourite Pig, Minus 10 Victory Points to the American Team as the village is encouraged to assist the Viet Minh!" Probably not exactly what I'll say, but you get the idea! And so will they after the event!

Here is the small shiny order, which is mostly helicopter crews and local Viet Minh heavy weapons. Ordered tea time on day 1 and arrived on day 3 so all in all a very successful order which tells you everything was already in stock. So continued excellent service from Andy Grub. All 20mm figures just to round out the collection and crew helicopters!

And finally a pic of a real pig so you can see I got the markings right!

Right that's it for today. I hope to post again on Sunday and probably back to VBCW as I paint some more 28mm figures for Matt.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

More VBCW Militia (PM)

Yes 6 more militia for matt and his VBCW project. This post catches me up with the dark time so do not expect the next post to be anything special at all. It will just be what I can get finished today. Again these are a mix of manufacturers including Foundry, Footsore and Musketeer miniatures. As such they come from very different ranges, including Irish Civil War, Victorian adventure (the old boy in pith helmet) and dedicated VBCW troops. Like yesterdays batch they can be used for many different settings limited only by your imagination.

The last picture is all 12 together!

Thanks for looking today and as it is raining now I shall get on with some 15mm colonial figures and some 20mm Vietnam goodies which will be for me! And not for money!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

VBCW militia (PM)

Here we have 6 more Militia for a VBCW although the ones without tin hats could be used for any inter war conflict with Europe with just the tiniest imagination. Again these were painted for Matt and his forces so they should bolster his troop before too long. As we have a game scheduled for 2 weeks time I can expect to see them very soon across the table from me. They are a mix od makes including Musketeer miniatures and Footsore miniatures. Probably a few others as well.

So this post is my bid to catch up with things after my short time in the dark.  As always good to have you pop by and I hope things are good with you. All the best from Kent.

More Vietnam coming soon!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Let there be light!

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their support over my "Windows 10" fiasco. Needless to say it did cause me to worry but not sufficiently to cause a major distraction. Normal sleep patterns have been resumed!

I  have ditched Windows 10 for the foreseeable future and returned to windows 8.1. It is not my favourite OS (that would be Windows IT) but in my opinion far better than Windows 10. I am confident that in a year or two Windows 10 will be a very good operating system. As it stand though I did not find that to be the case so I have swapped back to windows 8.1

The swap back was very easy and it restored all my saved setting, all my saved blogs and places on the internet and all my saved passwords. Being dyslexic remembering passwords is a real problem for me so I am very grateful I did not have that hassle. Whereas windows 10 DELETED all my passwords! So I will let you guess which one I am happy with and which one I am not!

I plan to be back to blogging normally in 2 days as this windows 10 disruption has put my painting schedule 2 days behind.

Thank you all for your Patience and let's get back to normal as quickly as possible!

Cheers Guys, all the best from Kent and me .

Catch you later.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Problems so Going Dark

Well that was a mistake. I have "Upgraded" to "windows 10" and to be honest I am now struggling to find anything and all my saved websites and blogs are now gone. Which is to say I am sure they are still there, but I have to find them all again on the internet. To be honest I wish I had not upgraded to the new operating system! Additionally. Blogger is no longer allowing me to upload pictures. Which kind of make my blog a waste of time. Therefore until I can get the issues sorted out. I will be going Dark. So No more blogging for a while and maybe, just maybe back in a short while! Cheers Guys

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Paddy Fields (Part 1)

It does not happen often but this morning I awoke and felt like making terrain. And as I am working on my 20mm Vietnam Conflict collection (I even sent for shinnies and Plastics yesterday) it made sense to me to think about terrain for that. As I already own enough jungle foliage and village huts the next thing was going to be some Paddy fields. These should be easy! Yeah famous last words I know it and yet I keep telling myself! One day I may believe the truth before it hits me up the head...

 So I found a spare piece of board, in this case 6mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). Yes I know it's a little think for what I need and hardboard would be better yet it was quick to source and easy to work (There's that "Easy" word again!)
 So I marked out what I wanted with regard to Field shape. Settling on 3 or 4 (depends how you picky you are about counting) sizes and shapes. I spent a happy 35 minutes up the shed with a jigsaw.
Then rounded of the corners and sanded them smooth and removed any bumps to create the basic field shapes. I do realise that these will be proud on the table top and that real water does not do that, but for gaming purposes these will be flooded fields and should represent the terrain and as long as people are not stupid ( I will be running a book on the first person to comment) they should serve.

There are of course a few more steps to go but the basic roughing out of field shapes is now done. While at this stage they are fairly regular each field being separate they can be arranged in less than regular patterns to represent the flooded paddy fields of a small hamlet! The joy is that once made they should be OK for all scales from 10mm-28mm.

That's it for today as my Vietnam project gets a little bit closer to complete!

Thanks For looking and Painted figures on Saturday.

Cheers Guys.