Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Natal Native horse. (10mm)

yes back to my 10mm Colonials. No I have not become the MOST AMAZING figure painter over night... the picture is from the film "Zulu Dawn" and Shows a Natal Native Horseman in action.  Many of you will have realised that straight away.

On with the figures. I bought these 10mm figures about 2-3 years ago from eBay in a job lot of 10mm Colonial goodness. Most of that batch are now painted, but I do have about 100 British foot to do should I need any more (I don't think I do unless it is to change the uniforms from red to kaki). But these 12 horsemen took a lot longer as all the spears and carbines were badly bent and they were on card bases and already undercoated. More importantly I did not know what they were OR who made them.

I now think (but do not know) that they are Magista Militum figures. What I am sure about is that they are 10mm Natal Native Horse.  And as such were used in the 1894 Anglo-Zulu war. Unlike most Natal native units they were fully armed usually with a Cavalry  carbine and between 1 and 3 spears. They were also uniformed in Tan jackets trousers and issued sun hats with red bands around them in cloth. Most Natal Native units only had about 20% firearms with the rest using spears!. But all units did wear the red band around their heads so us ignorant colonials would know they were on our side and not try to shoot them.

Size wise they are a very good match for my 10mm Pendraken colonial troops (and yes the steam tank! More of that another time). So they should fit in well as Pendraken do not at the time of tying make any Natal Native Horse. And that is perhaps the point you will never need so very many of these in fact the amount now painted should be more than enough.  Actually I may need more, as I know every wargamer wants to have something just a little bit quirky under their control and as a club we do tend to have several players to each game.

So my Zulu War 10mm project continues and next time some more Burpas for Matt, as some are on the painting table already.

Thanks for looking today, I hope the weather is good for you. All the best Clint

Monday, 25 July 2016

The battle of Crincklie Bottom. (AAR)

"The Royalists Won!" Well maybe, but maybe not! Matt wanted me to say "The Royalists Won!" as he was playing the Royalists teamed up with Tim who was semi referee as well.  While Graham and myself were playing the Parliamentarian forces.  We were using the "To defy a King!" Rules and it was our first game.

Now what I know about ECW can be written with a blunt crayon on the back of a very small envelope! In other words very slightly more than could b written on a stamp. It has never been a war that has interested me. Oh well never mind! Not knowing the rules I am sure we all made mistakes, I know I did!
I was set up across from Matt.

In the rules you may pick the type of unit, (Foot, Horse, Guns or Dragoons)
You place a card for the unit where it is to start

and then when all the cards are placedyou flip them to find out how big the units are
And another card to determine the level of training the unit has.

This was great fun and a nice mechanic.
Above are my 5 units.
Quality wise 3 of them were "RAW" and 2 were "Trained"
NONE were veterans.

We went first and I was under "Advance orders"
The Yellow counters represent Raw units, and the Brown counters
Units that have been disrupted by doing a manoeuvre that was complicated!
In this instance they came down from on top of the hill!

My left wing where the forces met with Graham was quite strong.

My Horse on the right. Well they did try hard throughout the game.
To be honest They should have been on attack orders and not advance orders.
My leader was close behind and I thought I could change orders reasonably quickly!
My mistake not knowing the rules.
The Orders had to come from the army commander and took 4 turns to arrive
 and another 2 turns to understand his writhing!

But on my right all was not lost! My Gallopers were pushed back but my Trotters (despite being Raw) Held in place.
The gallopers rolled 2d6 and scaorred double 1s

My advance in the centre of the board was going strong and we were giving the Royalists  a bit of trouble.
Genuieningly I was winning on the left!

My attack orders are just arriving at this stage!
(Bottom left hand side)
And while the Trotters were being beaten
the Gallopers turned the tables and started pushing Matts Trotters Back.

But My Gallopers took to many casualties doing so
and my Trotters were pushed back 3 turns in a row,
they then broke and header for the table edge!

Grahms Horse had meanwhile started to get around the flank and were riding down
Tims Dragoons. Which were tenaciously holding on to the last stand!
Graham's foot were slowly conceding ground as Tims Foot were pushing forward.

My foot were doing well and the area to the left of the town (Crinklie Bottom)
were out gunning the Royalist forces!

But Tims foot were just about through Graham line by now.
Which left Grahams horse behind them ready to sweep along and fold up that flank
(If the dice gods could be appeased!)

Tim Planning to push right through the line and
Destroy all of Grahams Foot!
Yes Graham was lucky enough to start with some veteran foot!

One more Big Push by Tim and the left Foot would crumble.

meanwhile My Gallopers were destroyed
and my RAW trotters now on attack orders
Charged Malls Trained Gallopers.
It was only ever going to end one way!

The left wing at the end of the battle was only just holding on!
But with Graham Horse through and behind Tims line and with Tim having no more Horse
The left flank could be rolled up.

The right flank was almost exactly the same the Royalists had pushed through my Cavalry
but my foot had just about seen off Matts foot.
The rules did give a good game and IF I had known them even a little better I think My cavalry might have held out and possibly even won! (Yeah right... OKAY they might have held out a bit longer!)

The Battle was very bloody as we had the morale rules wrong and quite often units fought till the last stand and that just felt wrong so a re-read of that section I think is needed.

Overall I would claim it as a VERY minor Parliamentarian win But we run out of time so I will take a draw as a fair result!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Burpa batch 2 finished.

yep with slightly cooler weather I am able to paint more so I have finished the second batch of Burpas for Matt.

Now I could stretch these over a couple of days, but as they are done I see no reason not to show them as soon as possible.

Starting of we have a mounted leader on a palomino pony. I think this may be one of the few times that I have painted a palomino and I like the way it has come out. Not perfect of course but acceptable. This leader has striped trousers, a red jacket and Green Turban. a white sash and an orange waistcoat/under-jacket. As a leader I wanted to keep the colours quite rich and exciting as he would have a better share of any money or if a bandit any loot!

The next 5 are somewhat duller in colour and would be more run of the mill foot soldiers. They are all Foundry figures in 28mm from a variety of ranges but all suitable for North West Frontier, or Saharan adventure games. Two wear sheepskin jackets to keep out the cold in the mountains (Far left and far right) or the desert at night.

Overall they have come out quite well in all regards. And I will be able to give them back to Matt on Sunday at the club. And then he can give me some more to paint. So expect more Burpas in the next few weeks.

This gives me a  day to paint something for myself or maybe to carry on with the steam tank... Not sure what I will attempt next for me, I do have some Dark age 15mm figures that are calling out and some WW2 in 15mm that are also shouting my name.

And the final picture is them all in this batch together.  You will be able to blow the figure up quite large on screen and see all the mistakes that I make. I ask you NOT to point them out as I am already aware of them.

All the best Next post on Monday.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

5 Burpas!

Well very unlikely that I will get any more on my 10mm VSF tank this week. Although I suspect a couple will comment at the club on Sunday.

However here are 5 more Burpas, for the NW Frontier. They are all 28mm Foundry castings from the Colonial North West Frontier and Darkest Africa ranges.

This time as I said I would I went for less bight colours although Matt did like them bright and Vibrant. While there are still some bright colours they do not dominate this time. Normally I email Matt some pics before I post on my blog but as he is on Holiday I have permission to put them straight on my blog as he has said he did not care what colours they would be. Still one hope he likes them. I hope to have 5 more finished by Friday night and the last one finished on Saturday. When I say last one I mean last one of the current batch.

Thanks for looking More Burpas in a couple of days. But the weather is such that the paint is drying on the brush as I paint and as for washes.... Still it could be worse it might be like this all the time!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Land ship WIP

Much as I dislike Work in Progress posts this time I feel I do need to do one.

The figures are shown for scale  and are 10mm Pendraken. The land ship is intended for that scale and for that colonial period. (Being Victorian Science Fiction). So I have put a Mounted officer a Gatling gun and a foot stand all ready to show the scale.

I started with a 15mm "Forged in Battle" tank as I want a certain "Heft" to the model and do want it to look quite imposing and by starting a scale larger it does immediately posses those qualities. The donor vehicle is actually miss cast so I was able to buy it at less than half price.  And while I did originally want to use it as a WW2 German vehicle it works better for this.

So starting with a Char 1 Bis hull (And ignoring the turret) I first reversed the way it was heading and added a "Boiler" to the back. I have yet to add a chimney as I suspect that will be the final piece BEFORE painting as it will probably double the vehicles height and there fore be easy to knock of unless I am careful.

 While I am mostly working with "Green stuff" I am also using some plastic sheet rod and tube to alter the vehicle. Side sponsons are also being added to which guns will be fitted before painting.

The turret ring has been filled in and I will be adding a 1lb pompom gun and crew as a pintle mount up on the top deck.  the kind men at Pendraken will be supplying the gun and the crew and it should be arriving soon! So I should be able to crack on pretty quickly when it does.

As you can see I am not a sculptor, but the beast is coming together reasonably well and I am sure it will look impressive when it is finished and sitting among my British colonial troops be they in Zulu Land, or facing the Mahdi or the Boxer Rebellion or in some imagination setting maybe against the |French or the Prussians.

Thanks for looking today I will get some Burpas done next.  I hope to have 4 finished by this time tomorrow so expect them in my next blog post.

TTFN  and with luck see you all soon.

Cheers Clint

Sunday, 17 July 2016

M3 Half tracks

 Not very much painting done this week. My mother has been poorly but is on the mend. Last week she could not stand and this week I have managed to walk her to the local shops and back so that is  good progress.

However enough of real life! Here are 5 heroics and Ross M3 US Halftracks.  I say Us Halftracks, but they are in Israeli service and were the MAIN infantry fighting Vehicle/Battle taxi up to 1973. Which is the date I have set for my Arab Israeli wars collection. I only painted 5 as I only had 5 I would have painted more If I had them, The joy is they are the kind of thing that will turn up at a wargames bring and buy and they are also the kind of thing I would like to buy!

In the rules I will need at least 3 infantry squads per 1000 points! So I can see these getting some use and abuse. And used as Target Practice by the Syrian, Egyptian and Jordanian forces.

In the coming week I would expect to see some more "Burpas!" (Matt dropped some off today! For me to paint) . Also behind the scenes I am working in a Royal Navy Land ship (Circa 1889) which is coming on OK and when my order from Pendraken arrives I will be able to finish it off and furnish it with some crew. So that is all to look forward to in the coming week, but for now just a meagre offering today.

Cheers From SUNNY  (and Hot) North Kent!
All the Best Clint!

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Very little done wargames wise these last few days, Well nothing I can talk about anyway.

So instead of posting nothing I have managed to paint up 3 Centurion tanks in 1/300th scale (or 6mm if you prefer).

These will be going to my Aram Israeli wars collection for cold war commander. In the rules no matter how big your army you can only have a MAXIMUM of 3 of these tanks. So no point in painting many more. I suppose I could paint another 3 as Jordanian Centurions! And that would be just to scare the Israeli player!

In the game it has a range of 100cm and a firepower of 5d6 which for the time period is pretty impressive. More so a it has 6 hits. I knew it was an impressive tank for the time after all in the Korean war not a single one was  knocked out despite one vehicle being hit (mostly by RPGs) over 90 times.

So in the rules I do Like the fact that a maximum of 3 are allowed in any one game. Which considering 3 Centurions would be nearly half your points in a 1000 point game! But we all know players who would want more "super tanks" in a combined arms game than anything else including infantry, artillery, command, recconisence, air support  or everything else put together. Which does not in anyway lead to a balanced game. And that is just because they want to win. Even if you played a 5 or 10 thousand point game you would still only be allowed 3 in the game MAX.

That's my very small post today as I have sickness in the family and my painting/hobby focus is elsewhere.

All the best Clint

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dust clouds

Some of you may remember my desire to do some 1/300th scale Arab Israeli wars as I harken back to my youth. Well I have moved it ever so slightly forward as a Project. Yes I have painted 2 SU 100
Soviet Tank Destroyers used by the Egyptian army in the wars up to and including the 1973 Yom Kippur war. So that is an extra 2 vehicles done.

Also I think I have found the rules I like. Simple enough for big battles yet detailed enough to have a good fun game. The rules in Question being "Cold War Commander." The rules do cover most actions from 1946 to about 2010. But you may have to do some slight research to get balanced forces and NOT use vehicles out of period with other countries. For example some WW2 tanks, APCs and artillery were being used in the Yom Kippur war including German Panzer Mk 4s but the main front line troops were not using them very much at all. Also the famous Russian T34-85 was being used by both Egypt and Israel (Israel captured about 300 from the war of 1967 and they were used but only in desperation as the main Israeli tanks were either British Centurions or US M48 Pattons) and while the rules do give a very good place to start the army lists are very broad in regard to who can have what. But seriously nothing that a little background reading on the Net would not sort out, that is UNLESS you have players who want to always have the best equipment in unlimited numbers..... We have all come across them I am sure.)

 One of the things about the desert is the fact that vehicles moving (Particularly if moving fast) tend to have dust trails following them. I stole this idea shamelessly from BIG LEE LINK and I hope he does not mind me sharing it and does not want to batter me for doing so!

So following Big Lees example I decided to make my own.

This was done in a very few easy steps.

Firstly MDF bases were used, although you could use other types of bases and for bigger scales that is probably the right thing to do. To the MDF bases, some "Woodlands Scenes" Clump foliage was super glues.

Once dried I watered down some PVA white wood glue. (Which is technically a resin ("Resin W" if you want to know) ) I then soaked the clump foliage in the watered down PVA and left it for a couple of weeks. This allowed for thorough drying and... (Yeah it was up the garden shed and I forgot about it!I will confess!)

But Once dry it had a solid texture and not spongy like Clump foliage usually is. So once dry I sprayed the bases with Grey Primer. Other colours are available it was just what I had available. Then I used two Highlights to colour the dust clouds. Starting with the desert floor colour and then adding about 50% white for the second coat.

The grey still shows through and the desert colours tie the dust clouds to the terrain and setting.

Other than drying time (which was long... too long really as I forgot about them) the 15 dust clouds took about 45 minutes from start to finish.

Simply placing one behind a vehicle will tell me if it has mover either this turn or last turn.  Which may alter its chance to hit or be hit when firing occurs.

A simple game addition which will remind me if the vehicle has moved and will look the part in game without distracting from the look of the game.

Thanks for looking today.
I may not post for a couple of days as I am about to start a conversion and I dislike doing work in progress blog posts.

Cheers Clint

Saturday, 9 July 2016

More Burpas!

Starting with a group shot of the 10 I have finished. Some you will recognise from a couple of days back and yet 6 of the 10 are new.

As with the last lot I painted. these are a little bright as they were all started on the same day and I am yet to get in the swing of it.  I have managed to tone down some of the colours though and the next lot will be more toned down as well as I fear if I carry on in this same style they will look like sweets on the table and not like tribesmen.

All the figures are Foundry 28mm Indian Hill Tribesmen and all are painted for my Mate Matt.  The things I am painting for myself are a lot less interesting!!!!! It is things like painting a real life (NOT MODEL ) Garden wall!

As you can see there are a mixture of missile and sword armed troops so a nice balance for skirmish games. You may note that one fellow has a two handed sword! (Bottom Picture in brown) I suspect this is more a ceremonial be-heading implement than a true weapon of war. But I have to admit I do not know very much at all about Indian weapons so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

All in all they all look all right so I will pass them on to Matt Tomorrow all being well.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Carry on Up the ....

Yes I am sure you guessed and fondly recall Charles Hawtrey and the missing underpants and the shame of the "Devils in Skirts!". If none of that makes sense you are probably NOT from England.

So anyway today are 4 foundry Indian  Hill Tribesmen. These are painted for Matt and he says there are more to come as well, I already have another 6 started!

Colour wise I have been a little too bright on the first 10 so will tone the next few (after I finish the next 6) down a bit. But I was having such fun painting things that are colourful I could not resist!

Anyway "Up the Burpas an d down with the devils in skirts!"

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Another 15mm SCi FI Vehicle.

Yes the title says it all. This vehicle is a Ground Zero Games (GZG) 15mm Tracked science fiction vehicle. Not the largest or most complicated vehicle . ( Here is a link to the GZG Shop ). Just 6-8 pieces in all, a 2 part hull, 2 tracks, turret and hatch and 2 optional pieces. ! being a vehicle commander to go in the hatch if you choose and the other being a choice of gun.
I went for the gatling laser aa gun to make this into a air defence vehicle as opposed to a twin barrel Mortar. Both looked nice but I thought the AA Gatling laser would be more of a menace to infantry!!!

I was lucky enough to be given this model by Fran (THE ANGRY LURKER) who is a jolly nice chap and hardly angry at all. It has taken me some time (2-3 years I forget which) to get round to making it. But Now that I have I feel so much better for doing so.

I hope to have something new to show in a couple of days as I am now working on some more 28mm figures for Matt, but not VBCW this time.

So hope to see you in a couple of days all the best from the South East of England.