Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Bengal Lancers (2)

Yes I have finished the Bengal lancers shown 2 posts ago. These had less wobbly legs and as a consequence have remained upright. (The others have been adjusted and now also stand upright as you will see in the last photo.)

5 more lancers with their distinctive turbans.  These were easier to paint as I have now gotten into the swing of it. Just in time to finish... such is life. No complaints that is just the  way life goes sometimes.

 One figure is a musician with a bugle while the other 4 are lancers. I was unsure what colour to do the lanyard/cording on the bugle but settled on blue in the end to match the turbans. If you know other wise PLEASE let me know so I can change it.

I gave Matt the choice of all brown horses and he selected a variety of colours. Some Regiments in history like the "Scott's Greys" were known to have horses of a set colour. Other regiments used whatever they could find. But even if Matt had said just one colour there would still be a variety of tone/colours and markings which would make each one different.

I am not unhappy with a variety of horse colours as it does allow for greater diversity. As you can see I have used a wide variety of colours from palomino to a dark grey. I have mostly stuck to various browns though as you can see in the last picture.

A tiny bit of tidying up still to do. But they are finished for the most part.

That is it for today. all the best and another post in a few days.

All the best Clint

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Mommy iz a Sombie too!

 Well I was gonna go to a car boot sale today but I am not going so here is a Sombie instead!

The figure is 28mm by mantic part of the Walking Dead game. As I showed an older gentleman last time here is a younger lady.

I went for pink jogging/Yoga trousers and a light green top. Not spending so much time in a gym I am not convinced these are the colours a young lady would pick to work out in. The Pink trousers I get and the lime green contrasts nicely and that is why I selected it. They are more likely I think to be in another pink top. But too much pink people is just not good.

I do realise I only have 3 figures painted for this at present, but It is getting done. I promise to do more as soon as I get the chance and the painting table gets a little bit clearer.

So just another zombie. No big lots of historical figures or any Bengal lancers or any WW2 stuff. Although they are all on the painting table as I type this.  With luck something finished either today or tomorrow night.

That's it for now have a good Sunday.

All the best Clint

Friday, 19 May 2017

Bengal Lancers (1)

There will be a second Bengal lancer post. BUT they are not even undercoated yet so I can't show them.

Here however are the first 5. 4 lancers and an officer.

Firstly forgive the angles of some of the horse. The legs are thin and bend VERY easily. As such they are both hard to keep straight on the base and hard to transport and store. So just assume they are upright.

The second Pic is just the lancers. Again the lances are separate castings and are flimsy so they also bend a lot. The figures Are Foundry 28mm and are of course for Matt and his colonial collection. As mentioned above I have another 5 to do (yes there will be a group shot) which should make a full or at least a nearly full unit.

For colours I went for those shown on the Airfix model kit. If they are wrong and you know better PLEASE get in touch. Needless to say at the scale the turbans were not so easy to paint, but I did have fun painting them. Not sure I got them exactly right but at least they are close so that is good enough for me.

I am informed by Matt that there will need to be about 100 more Burpas painted before a game. So erhm... gulp! That will take some time. But that a game is planned for the future.
 Overall I did find them a paint to paint well not paint exactly but at least a pain to assemble. But now they are done I am quite happy with the result.

next up (hopefully on Sunday) there should be a zombie. But for now here are some Bengal lancers for all the historical among you.

All the best Clint

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Grandad iz a Sombie

yes I Know I spelt it wrong. here Is my latest Zombie. Part of the Walking dead game by Mantic.

One of the things I did Like about the Walking dead is the Zombie Child in the first episode. I would like to see more (NO NOT A ZOMBIE CARL). So in that vein I was delighted that the Mantic game has a mix of both male and female and old on not so old.  Therefore I painted this zombie up to be one of the old ones. Killed in the first few days.

Not played the walking dead game yet but I have plans in a couple of weeks, I really do need to get them all painted up pretty soon.

Also shown is a pic from the back. Plenty of gorge/blood and guts. Maybe his own maybe that of other people. His cardigan was repainted as I did try it in a pale green and then mucked it up. I am just being honest!

All the figures in the Mantic game are hard plastic and I have yet to see one repeated. So I am very pleased with them as it stands. I already have players asking to play Darrel Or Marl or Neagan or The Governor bus as I have yet to purchase them I don't see it happening for a while.

Anyway I apologise for not posting on Monday, Time just got away from me. I still have a lot on the painting table in a multitude of scales (10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm). So I have no idea what will be next.

Until then all the best and take care Clint

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Burpas again.

Well this batch of burpas are now finished.
Matt has already seen the pics and is happy so all is OK at my end.  Partly I am sure because they are either all Artizan or Foundry figures and they sit together quite nicely. Of the two I prefer Artizan to paint but not by very much at all.

Starting with a group shot that show them all together  I think the colours work as a whole unit. rag tag enough and yet also a uniformity at the same time..

 We have a cannon and crew, 4 crew in all. While there are all 4 in the first picture in close up one (with ramrod) is behind the others. I did offer Matt the choice of natural colours on the gun or a bright decorated design.  Clearly he chose the natural colours But I think a bright decorated design would also have fitted but be harder to paint from my point of view. His choice entirely and I am happy with his choice.

Lastly we have 3 extra figures to complete this batch of figures.

Not much more to say except. Have a goiod weekend.

All the best Clint

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Yes and not in wargames shops.

In the envelope all the way from China is a pack of "Fimo". I have not seen Fimo in the UK for a dozen or more years. So for the price of £3.49 including postage I ordered it from China (Via eBay). For those not in the know Fimo was a clay that you fired in the oven. Like "Das" but finer smoother and with a more plastic quality.  I am not at all worried about the colour and I am sure it is cheaper to import it from China than to try to source it locally.  I am sure to show my "attempts"  with this in the future so get set for disaster!

Additionally I acquired a grass matt from a kitchen shop. This is for rough ground in my pacific war games. Again the princely sum of £3 and as it is 10 inches wide a single pack should be more than enouh to represent rough jungle in the pacific. If it had been 12 inches wide it would have been better but what does 2 inches matter in a game of PBI where everything is measured on a grid!

In the wargame shop I had an interesting chat with a guy on how to paint figures as he is now in the process of writing a book on the Subject.

This Batch of Burpas are now finished and the Photos sent to Matt so he can suggest any changes he might want to make. Assuming no changes. (there usually is not) I will show them on Saturday.

best wishes Clint

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Another 9

Yep still working on Burpas for Matt. and here are another 9.  Quite a colourful bunch. And now started my next 7 as well so matt's force should be growing quite nicely.

Yes I will do a group shot of the lot painted this time when they are all finished, so expect that on Saturday.

But for now just 9 more 28mm colonial figures. They are a mix of Foundry and Artizan, just like last time. And are mostly armed with muskets and daggers, although there is an unhealthy amount of swords smattered in as well.

Close ups of them in groups of 3. Nothing too special about either the painting of the figures but very suitable rank and file to bulk out the armies which with luck we will see on the battlefield (table-top) soon

With luck I will see you all again soon. Until then take care have fun and I for one must get some sleep.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

7 Burpas more

Yes 7 more 28mm Burpas. A mixture of Artizan and Foundry so I am told. All painted for Matt and all for the North west Frontier of India. As such I have tried (this time) to paint them in more muted colours and nothing too bright and flashy.

The second pic is more of a close up, but without having moved the figures. This allows both you and me to see them in more detail without the need to handle them too much prior to varnishing.

While the third picture shows their backs and gives you an all round look at them. As always there are more to do and I hope and expect to finish some more by Tuesday (Another 9 are started so expect them soon.)

So with luck see you all again on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A mixed bag

yes a real mix of projects today. Yet one thing they do have in common is the photography is terrible. Not making excuses it is just one of those things where nothing has worked!  Oh well.

So starting with some air support for my Japanese in 15mm. This is an Academy 1/144th scale Japanese Zero. The model was just a couple of pounds on eBay. It was easy to put together. But not all that easy to paint. The actual colours went on OK no problem there. The problem comes when trying to get the right colour green. Let me explain. Aircraft modellers will tell you tat the correct Japanese green for Aircraft is a bit of a mystery. Because the colour faded so fast when applied there is no definite answer to what the "Proper colour" should be. Indeed white may be as authentic as green as the colour faded and bleached in the tropical heat. Yes you do see some Navy planes painted white, but army planes as far as I am aware should be green. So this may well be the wrong colour green. But I will not be getting a Munsel diagram out to find out. It is close enough for me in a game where it only appears occasionally

Then we have some 10mm Spanish Civil war regular army light machine guns. I will be also doing some militia LMGs as well but this gets them finished for the regular ARMY. So that is one side finished for Bayonet and Ideology. Although you can hardly see them the figures are Pendraken and in army uniforms. Green clothing but with grey helmets.

Finally here is a single Pic of my first figure from "the Walking Dead"  game finished. A single walker.  the figures are very nice and I will be doing more as soon as time permits. The figures are hard plastic and paint very well. Each of the Walkers is different so the first thing you need to do is work out how long they have been dead and paint the skin appropriately. Therefore I will be painting a variety of skin tones to represent those killed very recently and those killed during the out break.

Well that#s it for today. with luck my get up and go will return soon and I will be able to carry on with gusto!

All the best Clint

Monday, 1 May 2017

White Russian Cossacks (15mm)

Yes more painted figures for Matt as part of his ever growing Russian Civil war collection.  The figures are all 15mm and from Peter Pig. One was slightly damaged on arrival to me, so a very slight repair was carried out. And now it is hardly noticeable and not noticeable at all unless you are actually looking for it!

16 figures in all and while they should have grey and even black lambs wool on the head gear IN ADDITION to the white shown only a true rivet counter would really care about such a thing and having checked with Matt he is happy with the all white sheepskin hats. Again If we were really being picky they should also have white crosses inside the red of their hats but at this scale they would not actually bee seen. So I have left them out.  it would be like adding eyes to 15mm figures. I am sure some painters do but in all honesty I do not!

I am back on 28mm figures for a while, both historical and walkers. Starting them all today. So with luck they should be seen by the end of the week.

If you Live in the UK enjoy the Bank Holiday. With luck see you soon.

Best wishes Clint

Saturday, 29 April 2017

The last of my....

"I am not going to Salute!" spending.  Firstly a small order from Pendraken Miniatures  (LINK ) Just some more Spanish Civil war stuff. And so far the only thing I have finished painting is shown to the right. It is quite the ugliest vehicle I have ever painted. Which is not to say it was not well cast but is to say the design of this type of Republican armoured truck is like a sink on wheels. In fact I have called it in my head either the sink or Bathtub of doom! As vehicle designs go it is not all that inspiring.

Just to show you how bad it is here is one more shot.  In the game (Bayonet and Ideology) it comes in pairs and can only more 1 space per turn while off road...On road it can motor! Needless to say these were not built in factories in the Spanish civil war but garages. I have not put it in any particular colour scheme or with slogans as I want it to be used by militias of each side.

Other than the sink of doom I mostly purchased light machine guns as I had none and in the rules I plan to use there can be 1 per platoon . Which is far less than you would usually get in a WW2 game. But that is the Spanish civil war for you.

The other Purchase is The Walking Dead (all out war).. Yes I like zombie games and saw a few play throughs on uTube  before spending any money. I plan to build a battle board and terrain, but that will be on another blog. (28 Dice Later) I may even intend to platy a few games, but that is for the future and not yet. There is nothing As yet on that blog.

That is it for today I am just waiting for paint to dry on some Russian Civil war Cossacks as I type this. So they should (fingers crossed be finished this afternoon.

Thanks for looking today, have a good and long weekend and with luck see you soon.

All the best Clint

Thursday, 27 April 2017

2nd Platoon (WW2 Japanese15mm)

Well I have just finished the 2nd Platoon for my PBI Pacific war.  So strongly working towards a full supported company. Like the last Platoon this platoon consists of 10 stands (I added more to the last
platoon....not as yet seen). These 10 stands are:
  • 1 Command Stand (pistol Armed)
  • 2 Light Machine Gun stands
  • 2 Light Mortar stands
  • 5 Rifle stands.
Yes I do intend to make a 3rd platoon. And Yes I still have some figures left to paint so each of these platoons MAY well get expanded. But for now that is the platoon

To the right is the full company (so far). From left to right:
  • 2 70mm Infantry guns (I may get 2 more)
  • Mortar section consisting of a command stand and 2 Mortars. Again this can/will be expanded.
  • 1st Platoon, Using the same composition as that listed above.
  • Command section consisting of 2 snipers and company command (with battle flag!)
  • 2nd Platoon. Exactly as shown above.

At the back is the destroyed tankette objective marker.

The next stage is to get the third platoon ready and then PERHAPS get some more support. This support could be mortars, Machineguns, Tankettes or Tanks. I am not sure just yet.

Thanks for looking and now back to reality. I am expecting some more shinies to arrive today as my LAST I am not going to Salute self Pressie. Nothing so very exciting that you need to know in advance but some more 10mm Spanish Civil War stuf and some more Rssian Civil war stuff is ALREADY on the painting table.

So until next time take care and get the paint brush out and some figures painted!
Best Wishes Clint