Thursday, 4 February 2016

2 thugs

 Two Foundry street thugs. "8mm and now all ready for support in my "Big trouble in the Little Dojo" zombie game idea.

As mentioned before I need to play more Zombie games this year as they have kind of slipped off of the game schedule for me and the club.  Which is a shame and I need to rectify it.

So two non martial artists' to help the defenders should they need it. And I think they will.

Thanks for looking I hope to have something again tomorrow.

Cheers Clint

Monday, 1 February 2016

Nurse Docerty!

 A little while ago on the painting challenge I painted up Nurse Docherty. She is by Scarab miniatures and intended to look like one of the Black adder crew. As such she should be in khaki! However as her clothes are similar to a interwar period Nurse travelling either to or from the wards (perhaps to another part of town or the accommodation block) I decided to paint her as a VBCW nurse. The figure was a joy to paint and far more realistic than many wargames female characters. She is not a "Dolly bird" type!

She was called Nurse Docerty as the Challenge adjudicators contain a certain Dave Docerty who sometimes calls himself Nurse Docerty! She may indeed be related and she may have told me a fib or two. Who can say.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dragon Rampant trial game

Last Sunday at the club, (has it really been a whole week already?) I put on a game of Dragon Rampant. (The fantasy version of "Lion Rampant" rules by Osprey).

The problem came in that so many people wanted to play and I wanted to try the rules. When I say "problem" it is actually a joy, but the first time you try any rules you do want less players really. I Had set it up for a max of 5 players, 2 each side with me as a ref. But ended up with 7 players and at least one more wanting to pay.  The rules suggest 24 army points for each side based on 2 players. So foolishly I went over the top and dished out 22 army points to each player and a couple of spare units to give to each sides commander to distribute as he saw fit. I did point out that feudal Japan was not a democracy and that he could keep the spare units for himself to command. But the troops did tend to get distributed  anyway. This amount of troops did stretch my samurai figure resources. As I said 4 players would have been better as IT would allow me greater control of what was going on.

As no one had played the rules before the battle did become a meat grinder. With Unit after unit being sent to the slaughter. the big problem was that several times (3 turns in a row for one player) low dice were rolled and no units could activate. In a smaller game a reff familiar with the rules could follow what was going on a lot better. But in this size game and with everyone NOT knowing the rules I spent most of the day calling out statistics and looking things up.

That said the rules did work well and I would be happy to use them again with fewer people and a little more control. Players did pick up the rules very quickly and seemed to enjoy the game as not needing to worry about things like wheeling or expanding formation or contracting it did speed up play.

But overall it was a classic case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. And fewer players all being able to learn the rules would have been a better solution. So that is all my fault and not the fault of the rules.

With 6 players all learning the rules at the same time what else did I expect.

The positives.
  • The rules are easy to pick up and play and give a decent uncomplicated game
  • It did give me a chance to get two seldom used armies out and onto the table.
  • The rules are versatile enough to play historical and fantasy games
  • The rules are easy to understand and interpret
  • While a few things (as in every set of rules I find) were less than clear in the writing they made good sense in the playing.
The negatives.
  • The only real drawbacks were my not being able to sort armies out before the day as I had no idea who would play
  • Too many players on a first run through.
  • Players not understanding the period and setting and treating certain units as they would any ancient units. Such as having the Hatamoto (Bodyguards) separate from their general. I had said they could go 12 away from the general to respond to threats to the general and players took that to mean they could go marauding all over the place as long as the general tagged along. So again you can blame me as for this as I should have just said NO. But then you get into the conversation "Why can't they do that if the general might commit suicide anyway if we loose?" And as they did not know the setting or period they did approach the games with an occidental bias.
Overall the rules did work well and all the drawbacks were mainly because I was too soft. Maybe I should have just said 4 players Max!

Still done is done and it did fill the day with a game we all enjoyed (or seem to enjoy)

Friday, 22 January 2016


No not me personally I am in good health (as far as I know).

This was also done for the Analogue Challenge painting competition. IT had hung around for about 8-10 years without being touched so I was about time. The model is a Revel Kit that I think I purchased while in Germany. It went together easily and painting was very quick and simple. But as it came with no crew I added some Britannia/Grubby tanks crew. Luckily for me they do a Medevac crew. The crew pack consists of Pilot, Co-pilot, Medic treating a wounded soldier a dead body (shown in last post) and a soldier with a rifle. The figures are tightly chunky when compared with SHQ (Most of my troops) but I actually prefer that as it gives them a slightly Cartoony feeling to painting with deep creases in the clothes. Not so good if trying to paint camouflage but as My Vietnam troops are in plain green (except my south Vietnamese) I look on it as an advantage.

I did want to put the dead body inside, but it was just a little too cramped even when I stripped out the seats and stretchers. So he was left behind. I am happy with the arrangement as it is though as It is a medevac helicopter and really does need the medic involved.

Although I said it went together easily, it did involve me getting glue on the windows at every opportunity with my inept dexterity. The other problem of course was the decals which had decayed to the level where I could not apply them properly an some even just flaked off. The result was me hand painting 2 of the crosses, so do not look too closely as they will be noticed. If that is not shooting myself in the foot and drawing attention to them I just do not know what will!

As we all know, no wargames project is ever really finished but this is getting close now. Still a few more choppers to build, both for attack roles and slicks for air lift. But they do not stay on the table long so generally need not be represented.

I have taken to using plastic disposable wine glasses as flight stands. 8 for a £1 in my local pound shop they are clear, light easy to transport and to store and even replace. They can straddle terrain any put any helicopter about 5 inches above the table so work very well. If you do any 20mm Modern wargames I would recommend them for Helicopters. They work very well indeed.

That's it for today. Next post Monday and an AAR of my Samurai using the Dragon Rampant rules .  I hope. Well it should be unless I can get no players at the club or unless some kind of unforeseen accident and no body like that.

Cheers For looking, all the best Clint


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bonus round (Epic Fail)

I did come up with several ideas for an epic fail, unfortunately they all revolved around me spending money or making a diorama. Both of which I had decided not to do.

Instead I started to assemble and paint a medevac helicopter. But that took to long and I did not finish it.

So instead I just put in a US soldier from Vietnam covered in a grown sheet as they did with the dead until they could be taken back to camp.

very simple to paint and rather than just miss out I submitted this as an epic fail.

very quick, very simple and easy to get finished. But at the same time although a little dark in subject a Total Epic Fail as far as I am concerned.

The figure is a Grubby Tanks/Britannia model in 20mm (1/72nd scale) and is part of the helicopter medevac set. (More of those in a few  days)

Thanks for looking and more in 2 days.

All the best Clint 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Ahhhh! M' Heartyies!

 At Salute this year I bought 8 Dwarf Pirates from Black Scorpion. 4 have been put somewhere safe and I Cannot find them. I know they have not been thrown out though.... well I think I know!

But here are the other 4. They have already been on the Analogue Painting challenge so if you follow that you will have seen the crew before. These have been the first Resin figures I have painted (I have done vehicles before) and I did find the details just a little soft. Nothing so bad as to stop me buying more just a little soft.

After years and years and years of not liking Dwarfs in games I am finally coming round to them and enjoying them.

I kept the bases as simple as possible. Just sandy beach for a finish. This would give them a versatile finish and let them be anywhere in the world. Well anywhere with sand so any beach or desert.

They were painted to help out my "Enchanter" in Frostgrave, but Frostgrave seems to have fizzled out at the club. It may start again, but it gets less likely with each passing week, which is a shame as it was a good game and in the campaign I was not last. (I know that makes a change!)

But anyway I hope you can enjoy the figures and If I do find the other four they will be painted for the Challenge and will turn up here in due course.

Have a good few days and another post on Wednesday.

Cheers From Clint

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Maglach 2 Israeli Tank Company.

 Yep here we go again another catch up post. This is a 1/300th scale (6mm in wargames speak) Maglach 2 Tank Platoon circa 1967. All ready for my 6 day war project.

yes I keep promising to "re- cover" the desert but I think that can wait until the summer and it gets slightly warmer. So for now I will just put up with it.

The Company consists of 2 tank Command platoon and 3 platoons of 3 tanks each. They should be a very good match for my T55's (yet to be shown). I did struggle with the Hebrew lettering on the turret sides, but at that scale an going over a bumpy surface in lettering I am not sure of I can life with the result.

All the models are Heroics and Ross and each tank works out at 50p each so an affordable army to put on the table.

Rules wise I am thinking of Flames of War. As while I prefer the "Challenger 2" rules by Bruce Rea Taylor I think trying to explain the different ammunition choices to some of my club might be tricky. So Flames of war will be an easier option for a club game. I could well be wrong as I am sure there are some there who not only will understand the difference between HEAT and HESH DU (depleated Uranium) and AFPFDS many will just ask which is the best against Tanks or infantry or soft skins and to be fair it is the kind of thing that the commander and gunner would know.

More again in a couple of days.

All the best Clint

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Big Trouble in the Tiny Dojo.

Yes I know I have not posted much recently. I have been busy. The painting has not stopped or even slowed down very much but I have been struggling with the blog posts as I hurry to get things done for the Analogue Painting Challenge.  These figures appeared on it Tuesday so it is safe to share them here now.

I want to play more zombie games this year and these are for that. 3 Dixon Yakuza martial artists that I picked up from Colonel Bill in the autumn. Anyway long story short. I am planning a zombie game at the club where everyone plays a martial artist survivor holed up in a dojo and the zombies attacking it. The zombies will not know any kung fu or if they do will not use it while in Zombie brain mode! WE can't have them doing flying kicks left right and centre, inly the survivors.

The idea is pure  "B" movie so the plot will of course be very naff. Yeah OKAY there may be a distinct lack of plot.... it is a zombie movie after all. Rules wise I did look at "Fist full of Kung Fu"  by Osprey but I think 7ombie TV will actually work better with each character stated as a co-star with some special martial arts skills. There will of course be no Gun, so no "Gun-fu" distance killing all very close and personal. (Giving the zeds more chance to bite!

Thanks for checking on the blog every so often I will try to post more frequently. And when the game takes place there will be an AAR>

All the best Clint

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Fresco. Mig 17

I have been quite lax over the Christmas/new year period. So here is a post that has already appeared on the Analogue Painting Challenge. In Fact my first post of  Challenge and it got me on the score board quite early with a massive 2 points. Yes I could like most people have pushed for more, but as I sometimes struggle to get started I was happy to kick of very small.

The model is a 1/300th scale or 6mm (in common wargames parlance) Mig 17 "Fresco" painted in Egyptian Livery circa 1967. For those that need it spelt out it is the very very start of my Arab Israeli wars. I will be using the Flames of war "Fate of the Nation" supplement and rules for the project and being in 6mm it should be easy to transport, paint and store.

The Fresco was used by the United Arab Republic (Egypt) in a ground attack role as well as a fighter when needed.

The Model is by "Heroics and Ros" and the flight stand is by "Frontline Wargaming" . The base is slightly too large, but at least it stops the plane toppling over. And while large it only has to show that ground attack is happening so I am not concerned about it's size.

Thanks for looking today. I will not be going in for all the new year palaver so do not expect any look backs on the year gone by or the year to come.

Cheers Guys all the best Clint

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas gifts

Well I only received 2 wargames related gifts from Santa this year.

I know I was saying that it had not turned up. BUT as it happens one of the two did turn up. I am still waiting for the Painted miniature from Chris Stosen's Blog (Wargaming Odds and ends). But I am sure it will arrive.

Firstly from My secret Santa. What I have received I can say I am truly Happy with. I was previously unaware of "Pure Evil Miniatures" And looking at the Resin beast I am very impressed. It is a multi part Resin Kit and all the pieces seem to fit together very well. I really like it and seriously doubt that I could have gotten anything better. So a BIG thank you to me Secret Santa I think this is an inspiring gift and I am very very thankful. It really is Great! I only hope I can paint it as well as it deserves.

From my sister. I received "Dragon Rampant" rules by Osprey. I have yet to read them (just flicking through the pics at the moment). But they are well presented and I hope as good as the historical version. I also hope it can get me back into Fantasy Wargaming since I gave up on GW. Whatever the out come I will keep you informed.

Thanks for Popping by I realise you must be busy today and that time is precious.

All the best Clint

Thursday, 24 December 2015

I guess I have been Naughty!

The postman has been this morning (Christmas Eve) and all I got was some advertising for Virgin Media! Which is a shame as I have taken part in two secret Santa's this year and only received one parcel. While it is possible that both may be in the same  parcel, I suspect this is not the case. Afterall what are the chances of the same person getting me twice in 2 different Secret Santa's. Pretty slim I would think. But Possible.

NO Blame is attached to Cath the organiser. None what so ever. But If you are my Secret Santa and sent something it just has not arrived. Maybe it is held up from Customs at the North Pole, or maybe the British Post office has lost it.  Just maybe a Christmas Elf has eaten it! Maybe it was posted Late.  I am simply letting you know for whatever reason it has not arrived on time!

Just hard luck for me. Or maybe there is a Naughty list with my name on it. (There probably is, more than once I would suspect!).

It is better to give than receive though and I hope to take part again next year no matter the outcome.

But Most importantly have a good few days, relax and recharge any batteries and Chillax as much as possible.

All the best Clint


I must apologise to my secret Santa. I am so sorry it had turned up after all. The one that is missing is the Painted figure from Chris Stoenson's Blog,

I wish to say for the record I am very happy with the gift and feel foolish for making a fuss. But without opening it there was no way to tell which santa had not arrived.

Once more sorry about that and I will do a post about the gift that has been sent in the next day or two..... All I need now is some painting ideas for the colours to use!

It really is GREAT. ThaNK YOU

Sunday, 20 December 2015

They're off!

Well the Analogue challenge has started and I have yet to apply the first brush stroke. But It will happen as soon as I stop typing.

You are reminded that the Painting challenge is all about stamina and endurance. And many people suffer burnout at OR even before the end!

Personally this year I will be starting slowly. How you tackle it is up to you and as long as you have fun then it was right for you.

But the challenge has started at 6am this Sunday Morning GMT and will last for 3 months.

I have a few things on the painting table all ready to go. I have done some research to get the markings right and the colours correct. I know that it will not be enough and that I will need to do more before the challenge ends.

But I will be starting with some "Modern" wargaming but I can honestly say I have no idea what I will be painting by the end of the challenge.

If you want to follow the challenge It can be found here! Good luck to everyone involved.