Monday, 3 August 2015

Flaged up!

Yes I am early again. These all should go on tomorrow morning and not tonight. But as they are done I see little point in holding on until tomorrow and I can go food shopping instead! Yes these are for Matt and his VBCW collection and this time rather than Anglican League he has decided on Royalists. Just in case you were thnking that he had loads of flag wavers. He has but they are not all for the same faction and knowing Matt he will want to do several factions. All the Flags are by Peter Barfield who has his own blog Link to Petes Blog and worth a look if you don't already.

These four figures are by a variety of manufactures yet I have painted them all in British army colours from the period. Overall I am not unhappy with them but today the flags were being a right pain in the proverbials! I swear I have lost a layer of skin stuck to them with superglue, which I use to stick the flags together and make them nice an ridged.

Needless to say (so I will anyway) if you want to see bigger images of them all click on the pictures and they will be enlarged. Next up I have some Militia chaps to finish I think they come from the Mutton Chop miniatures Irish Civil war range. One of the joys of painting for Matt is that he does source some interesting figures. He also wants another Chain of Command game in 3 weeks time and maybe we can all put into effect the rules we learnt in the last couple of games.

Thanks for looking today and next scheduled post is Wednesday, Which is a possibility as I now have all the figures prepped based and undercoated, it is just a matter of painting them!

Thanks for looking and Catch you all soon I hope. Kind Regards Clint

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rusty Regiment (Part 5)

not much done really, just 4 more necron warriors. I got these from eBay and they were already assembled and painted but in a different (Silver colour). But as I got 20 for £10 I am not making a fuss about it despite the fact that the plastic gun tubes are either missing or have been painted over in a gloss blue. So the only thing to do is send for more gun tubes and paint the others in "Scorpion Green!" Which are not ideal solutions but they will work for now.

Now these few are out of the way I can go back to doing WW1 figures for Matt.

Thanks for looking today I hope you are having a truly great weekend so take care and have fun and maybe a little treat like an ice-cream!

Friday, 31 July 2015

WW1 Lewis Gun Teams. (PM)

And today I have 3 Lewis Gun teams finished and ready to go. I have had to colour match them to figures already painted by Ray Rousell. This is a both good and bad, as it means that while it does take me slightly longer to mix the colours to match it does mean that I do not have to think or look up what the colours need to be.

So we have 5 figures in the 28mm size range. A Gunner and a Loader for each team. Alas they are not for me but Matt as I am short of Lewis Gunners for VBCW and these would, if they were mine make nice additions to the force. But they are not so no point going on about it.

 While I do not know the make they were very well cast and sculpted and I would be tempted to get some. I do know the heads were cast separately and then assembled in a ball and socket joint allowing the head to be positioned to suit the pose. I personally am a big fan of this type of figure as it aids in variation and allows for easy head swaps.

As it is school holidays I have had my nephew here all day hence the later in the day posting,
 It also means that I may not get the next ones finished on Sunday. So I will not guarantee a Sunday posting on the Blog, but I shall as soon as I am able.

That's it for today, have fun and with luck see you soon. All the Best Clint

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

3 Little Indians!

 3 More Indians for the French Indian wars setting. Again from  Redoubt Enterprises (LINK) and retailing at 6 figures for £7.50 which I think is a bargain I really do. They are metal and not plastic and a little on the chunky side. Which I do not mind although it does give them a well fed look which historically they may not have had. That is my only quibble with the figures and for the price I am more than happy to forget all about it! Other than the musket they are all armed with melee weapons and one hopes they will scare the living daylights out of their table-top enemies.

I did do a very little research about the war paint and then decided to do my own thing. While there is much to commend doing it accurately and authentically these are not destined for a museum but for a wargames table so the feel was to me more important than the reality. Likewise the decorations on things like the war club are hardly authentic but it feels right to me and only experts on the period and people who read this blog will know it's all made up. There is  perhaps another reason why it is made up as I do also see a fantasy game in their future.

Thanks for looking today and with luck I should have some WW1 figures done for Matt on Friday. So now you know What I am painting later today. All the best to you cheers Clint.

Monday, 27 July 2015

The Old Shellskin Farm (Chain of Command VBCW AAR)

Firstly all the pics came out blurred as when I got home I found I was on landscape mode on the camera and not close up! Whoops! Sorry about that.

Yesterday at the club we played a Very British Civil War using the Chain of Command rules. Matt and Kev were the Anglican league while Ian and myself were the British Union of Fascists(Gravesend Branch!). We played a couple of encounter patrols set around the Shellskin Farm area (Made up name) just of off the River Medway.

We each tried to make a complete platoon but I was a few figures short so did not field the 2" Mortar or the Boys Antitank Rifle and had to borrow a Lewis gunner from Mats collection (He was dressed in Italian uniform) so a big thanks to Matt for the assistance getting my force together. I did have a trench catapult to use as a 2" mortar but put it in the wrong box.

We both used the "Official" Too Fat Lardies 1940 British army lists and rolled for morale and sorted out assets. I rolled the best I could get and started with 11 Morale, Matt started on 9 Morale. And due to the lack of Antitank weapons Matt allowed me to start with an armoured car as my Asset. very kind of him, but at least this would give his Boys something to fire at!

 I got the first 2 turns by rolling double 6 on 5D6 but only managed to bring on a squad in the first 2 turns. But I did increase the COC (Chain of Command) dice. So not a waste at all.

Matt and Kev get the next turn and bring on 3 squads! Gulp! Then we Bring on a squad and the shooting starts.
 I get to fire first at Mats Aylsford Friars who emerge from a wood and take a tactile stance. The firing is not very effective in the first round just giving them 1 point of shock!
When Matt fired back he did better and Killed one of mine. After that we continued to fire at each other with me gradually getting the better dice.
 Ian Quickly brings on our armoured Car, which then sits there for a couple of turns and A squad in the wheat field.
 Which Kev systematically destroys and eventually forces them to run like billy-oh and they leave the table!
 The Armoured car moves forward slowly but does not do much at this stage as it is aware of Matts Boys Antitank rifle and they are trying to keep a building between them! They both are.
 Matt Moves forward with his centre squad. and my reserve squad gets placed on the table and fires at the squad in the open as does the Armoured car. The firing from both units takes it's toll and the squad in the open takes 3 casualties so mat moves them back around the building out of sight,
 My First Squad has by now taken quite a toll on the Friars and they break and run from the table. My squad is mostly intact but very shocked. So shocked that if the turn ends they two would probably break or at least be pinned an ineffective, so I bought on my Platoon sergeant and used him to give the Gravesend boys a stiff talking to,
Kev moves into the wheat field and Matt brings the Boys into play. He does hit but the damage is minimal and when Ian returns fire wipes the anti-tank team out. Kev moves up and lobs 2 grenades at the armoured car and manages to kill the driver. But the machine gunner despite the shock kills the junior NCO of the squad and suddenly the Anglican league are on a Morale check and their whole force breaks and game one the Gravesend Fascists as the BUF win.

Conclusion: We did play a second game and it was a second win for Ian and myself and the British Union of Fascists. The rules worked very well indeed and I anticipate a few more games in the near future. The rules were easy to understand and play with and if you are not so fussy trying to be too rigid and competitive give a really good game and I am not just saying that because I won!

In the Second Game Matt deployed his 2" mortar and used smoke to good effect. he also used a sniper which was very effective and would have been more so if his dice were better, But the sniper did mean we were always careful about lines of sight. But as the sniper cost the same amount of asset points as the armoured car one would hope it was effective. Given the choice of armoured car or Sniper I am now unsure what I would select!

Overall a very good day and an excellent set of rules that I look forward to using again and again.

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Well here they are the latest batch of figures for Matt and his VBCW Collection. A variety of manufacturers these latest 6 together with previously shown troops should form another squad. They are all 28mm figures and all painted in acrylics by me and all rifle armed.

The last picture shows the squad all together including Jeeves, Wooster, the Verger and Private Widdle. And while the majority are rifle armed a Lewis Gun 2 revolvers and a Thompson submachine gun are also present. making the squad very well armed and dangerous in a 1937-39 setting.

Thanks for looking. next post on Monday and hopefully an AAR.

Cheers guys all the best!

Friday, 24 July 2015

A Very British Carry on. (Charles Hawtrey)

Treat this as a bonus post as I will post again tomorrow with the latest batch of Miscreants. For today though in homage to the great British Actor Charles Hawtrey who is unfortunately no longer with us.

One of the regular cast in the carry on films and as a kid probably the one I most identified with! So when I found this model among the ones waiting to be painted for Matt I just had to acknowledge the fact! Needless to say the painting and photography are not top notch but it should be enough to put a smile of your face and remember the man. For me it was pure joy when I realised who the sculptor had taken inspiration from.  I also think a VERY fitting character for a Very British Civil War!

I do wonder if Matt has anymore of this range and if there may be anymore Carry on Figures as I am sure we all have our favourites!

Like I said another post tomorrow just to show the rest of the figures in this militia squad.

So until then take care, have fun and enjoy yourself.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

God Squad

Yes more VBCW figures for Matt and his Anglican league. Posted a day early as they were to be finished tomorrow, but it is either post this or watch naff TV!!! So we have to secular  clergy, one in a brown suit and one in grey as well as a Verger. Yes the Verger does have a lot of similarities with a character from Dads Army. However he is carrying a Flag of the city of Rochester. The last time I claimed it was a flag of Rochester the figure was carrying I was wrong, This one I am more confident of though as it does have a white "Invicta" horse in the top left.
 There have been some slight amendments to these figures post photography as I remembered to put a cross on each helmet and a armband on the brown suit! That's all done but batteries for the camera are low so I will not re-take the pictures, but will do a group shot when they are all done this week. (Hopefully Saturday).
I am unsure of the make of the figures but the flag I believe comes from Solway. A head swap had been carried out on at least one of the figures prior to paint being slung at it so very possible that the figures are from more than one manufacturer. Matt will most likely email me the truth tomorrow when he reads this. But 28mm VBCW figures based and painted by me (aka Paint Monkey).

Thanks for looking today. Take car and have fun Clint

Monday, 20 July 2015

Last ones for now!

Yesterday I was back finishing my 20mm SHQ Local Force Viet Minh. And these last 8 finish of all that I have available at this time. Which is not to say I will not buy some more in the future, I know I will as I want at least 1 Viet Minh Mortar, which I will pick up at a show later this year. I will also need to buy Helicopters for the US troops.

So anyway just to reinforce the point these are the last 8. Only 1 armed with an AK, 6 with bolt action Rifles and 1 with a light machinegun.

Thanks for looking today and now back to VBCW for the next few posts. Who knows after that!

All the best from Clint

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Jeeves and Wooster. (VBCW)

One of the great joys of VBCW is that you can let your imagination loose. So with that in mind Matt did ask me to paint these two figures as Jeeves and Wooster from the PD Woodhouse series of novels (And the Fry and Laurie TV series of course!). Needless to say Bertie Wooster is the one in yellow socks! I have tried to keep the colours as close to the TV series as the figures would allow. Bertie usually wears a grey suit in town and tweed when in the country, Jeeves clothing does not change!

One has to wonder what kind of shenanigans Mr Wooster will get involved in and what Jeeves will be able to extract him from. Will there be an "Unwanted love interest?" Some woman being engaged to the young sir. (IT seems to happen a lot!) Maybe Madeline "the stars are God's daisy chains" Bassett, or Stephanie "Stiffy" Byng, or Lady Florence Craye or Daphne Dolores Morehead or from the TV series Honoria Glossop a slightly more formidable female (and perhaps my favourite!) Or just maybe there will be a new one. But whatever happens we all know that Jeeves with a Lewis gun will overcome any obslical in the last scene!

A thoughouly enjoyable pair to paint and I shall have to get a few female characters just to provide a plot. And Maybe a "Gussy" Fink-Nottle as well just to make the plot thicker!

Thanks for looking today. Next post on Tuesday. Have a good weekend and see you soon, (I hope) Cheers Clint

Thursday, 16 July 2015

More Viet Minh

Yes some more 20mm SHQ Viet Minh for my Vietnam collection. It was a repaint and re base exercise on some old and much loved lead. So No new lead painted so far this week. But there should be some on Sunday.

Firstly an RPG team, 1 to fire the RPG and 2 to fetch ammo up and out of hiding. This gives me a couple of Rocket propelled grenade teams in all and should give the US troops a reason not to go blundering about in armoured personnel carriers. But knowing what most players are like this really will not stop them at all. (They will be more worried about mines!)

  Then there is a .30 Cal Browning machinegun I do not have a lot of "heavy" weapons for my local force/militia Viet Minh this being my only medium machinegun but placed in the right locations this should be quite effective indeed. Again 2 extra figures for bringing up ammunition and if need be defending the gun. They are both armed with older and less effective weapons (an AR7 Survival rifle and an M3 "Grease Gun") as befits local forces who have been active for some time and may not always have access to the latest and most powerful weapons.

Lastly 5 standard Viet Minh armed with Ak's and bolt action rifles which will fit in with the other figures in my force. Every army needs more rank and file than specialists so I am happy to get them finished and ready for the table-top.

A special mention should go out to "Smiffy" one of Posties rejects for two reasons. Firstly he has been playing a few games and as with many projects that has inspired me somewhat. And secondly I have been after "Body Count" The tabletop games rules for about a year and he has not only passed them on to me but also passed me a copy of "Buckle for your dust" rules as well. For which I am very grateful.

There are more figure I want for this conflict, but other than Viet Minh mortars and some wildlife I think I am ready. So I would expect an AAR before the end of the year.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

"Born to be wild"

Yes I have Steppenwolf in my head as I type this. So today we have a 1930's "Quadbike". A 4 wheeled jalopy with a small engine and a large machinegun. I am not sure what Matt plans for it, other than finishing of my troops of course! But I hope he will just use it as a machinegun as I do not need the agro of an extra vehicle to contend with as it nips across the board.

It is a 28mm sculpt and I think specifically for a VBCW as I have never seen one in any book or heard about one in any part of history. And that is one of the exciting thing about a Very British Civil War. If we anted historical accuracy we could always do one of the real wars of the period! And there were a few that were interesting as well. Not just the Spanish Civil War.

Painted for Matt the rider has a blue armband with cross for his Anglican league forces. There will be more coming by the weekend. (you are warned!) There should be a gun shield as well, but I have lost that for now, but I expect to have that found and finished in short order. I am sure when I do it will enhance the model a little. The model does come as a kit of parts and the lack of instructions did allow me to get it wrong a few times but overall it did go together easily. I just wish I knew where Matt got it from as there would be a web site where I could just check a few details.

A bit of a kooky addition to his force, which reminds me I will need to get my own force finished very soon as we are planning a game in 10 days.

Well thanks for looking. Have a great day as I am sure you deserve one and with luck more to show on Friday as I plan to finish a few more Viet Mihn either today or tomorrow as I have been inspired by another Reject and want to get them all finished off. I also want to re-write my Spanish Civil War homebrew rules.

So until next time take care and have fun.