Sunday, 18 November 2018

15mm Wild west.

Yes I have bitten the bullet. To the right is a pic of the wild west 15mmm stuff Ihave found going WAY back. It is so old that the company that sold it split in two and today neither of the companies exist,  Yet a successful search of the internet and most of the models are still available. Some I am still struggling to track down though.

So anyway I have started the re-paint. In doing so I am surprised on how well painted it was in the first place!

So anyway here are the first units. All the figures today were "Table-top Games" figures TTG which then split it 2 I have no idea why nor do I care much! And the figures became Table top Miniatures (TTM). Now some while later they are Part of the "Alternative Armies" Range. Who I must say had some excellent online service. All figures required were dispatched and arrived within 3 days. And being honest you can't say much better then that.

These are painted as part of the 10th Cavalry. The so called "Buffalo soldiers". Final markings have yet to go on the flag, but only a "10" in the Red and a single (Company) letter in the white. As I have yet to decide on a company it has not been done yet.

This shall not be the end of them as I have another company already in the pre-paint. In the rules I shall use6 bases is the maximum allowed for a "Veteran" unit so that isall I have shown here. 5 Bases of rank and file troops and one officer. Other units can have up to 10 bases for "Green" troops.

Also as part of the 10th Cavalry I have a single unit of artillery. (The most any force is allowed. As such I have it both limbered (for moving) and Un-limbered (for firing). I would be entitled to a MG IF I forgo the artillery. But in the rules you cannot mix and match, it's either one or the other. But just imagine the fun I shall have in the future and feel free to take a wild guess at what I shall be buying soon. (No more Hints!)

The final picture shows the goodies I have purchased this week towards the project!

I shall be honest I did want to build a wild west fort. Unfortunately they are not covered in the rules. You never know it might just float my boatr enough to do one anyway. It will mean making up my own rules for it. BUT WHO DOES not want a Wild WEST fort! (I do and I am sure I am not alone.!

General Custer did make use of a river paddle steamer (Far West by name). While there are no rules for paddle steamers you can bet your bottom dollar that I have also thought about making one! Bet I do not though. Far to much like hard work and far too seldome used I suspect!

Anyway that's it for today. Jon from my university days is building a Sioux Indian Force and that is the main reason I have started on the cavalry! It means we can do some real Wild West actions pretty cheap and easy.

More again soon as I am already itching to paint some more Cavalry as wel as a few "Liability" markers.

All the best Clint

Monday, 12 November 2018

Peter's flaming pigs!

Yesterday at the club we played "To the strongest" By Simon Miller. A fast play set of "ancients" rules (by "Ancients" I mean Biblical up to late medieval/renaissance!).

WE actually played Romans in Germania. 3 players on each side. The Romans were Graham, bob and Richard, while the German tribesmen were (from left to right) Peter, Tim, and me (on the right wing.) We each had one hidden card which was a special one use tactic! I'll come to tat later.

All terrain and figures were supplied by Graham. Terrain was symmetrical and we had choice of where we positioned the camps. The Roman camp (needless to say) was Fortified while the German camp was not! Oh dear.

Each side had 13 Victory points and it was the first side to take all the Victory points from the other side.

The game looks quits dull and unaspiring but played well.
All Photos taken from my position! (Right wing otf the German Tribes)
Starting positions.
Bob plays his tactic card on me an all my troops
retreat 1 square!

1st turn I manage to get out of the camp
and advance. All the germans likewise advance.
and so do the Romans.

There is a hole in the German line
to which the Roman elite advance

First clash is not devastating
The Germans hold all along the line.

We take casualties but still hold firm )
It could be much worse.

While still holding the Fragile Romans
loose heart and with disaterous effects they break at my flank.

I play my tactic card and Flank march my cavalry
Up to this point kept off table and they arrive
behind Richards now faltering line.
The Romans have a praetorian unit on the right wing
but nothing else.
In 1 turn I score 5 Victory points.

Yes my cavalry arrive and while there presence on the boad
 makes the Romans think and ponder
they do not achieve much
The Praetorians were then trapped
with Germans on two flanks.

They kept turning to face the aggressor.
and were played really well.

Over on   the left wing
Peter faced off against Graham a more experienced player.

meanwhile back on the right wing.
I had an aweful run of cards and could not do much.
except threated the camp
but only threaten.

With both Tim and Myself against the Praetorians
Sooner or later we were going to win
Surely we were!
Eventually Tim did!

Peter had a couple of tries to enter the Roman Camp
both tries were unsuccessful
But his troops had for the most part driven the Roman Cavalry off.
It was expensive in troop casualties
but eventually

The last rurns were evenly matched.
Graham played his special card which was an Assassination attempt.
The attempt failed.
But only just.

Time was about up and Peter played his special tactic card.
Flaming warpigs of doom
It was enough to give us the final Victory point and sent a Roman light horse unit running for the hills.

Conclusion: I got 5 Victory points all in one turn and the Germans won
quite convincingly in the end. A total of 13 Vp to 6. the rules were good and I can imagine another game in 2 weeks time. But hopefully with some more and better terrain.

Thanks for looking more again soon.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

28mm Colonial British Cavalry

Well the title says almost it all. They are  Foundry 28mm metal figures of the colonial British cavalry. I nearly put them on 2 days ago but thought it better to get them all finished and varnished first. 11 in all for this stage, although there might be more tomorrow. He says he has something but as yet no idea what it will  be.

Officer with pistol and a standard trooper.

Bugler, officer and Sergeant! Painted to match in with the rest.

 3 more troopers.

And the final 3 troopers  all to make a total of 11.
Yes I know you can count them. I assure you they are all there, there are no mirrors or trick photography.

I know some of you will be happy for me t get back to sensible historical stuff. While others will be happy for me to do all the rest and strange stuff. While I am just happy to paint. and realise you can't please everyone ALL the time.

Take care have a great weekend and with luck an AAR on Monday.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Full Circle!

Well you know what they say. "What  comes around, goes around"! And so it appears with me. I have slipped back into wanting to do "wild west" wargames.  As such there are 3 routes to explore.  Firstly cowboy skirmish games. I already have enough figures (who am I trying to kid... there are never enough) figures for that. I just need a set of rules I really like.  Maybe a few more apaches.. would be nice, but who knows.

The second thread is 15mm mass battles. I  know we tend to think of small skirmishes with up to 1/2 a dozen figures on each side. But Bigger battles did take place. Think "Battle of Little Big Horn!" for example. Peter Pig *( Have just re-released a set of rules for that and to be fair. I am interested. It should be better that the "Hey you in the Jail" set I have from them. So that is something I shall definitely be looking at.

The third option, is to go non-historical. Yes we have Dracula in America,( Best place for him I should imagine). But we also have Westworld. Before anyone asks NO I have not seen the TV series! And this is an old conversion (way back about 6 years ago!) but I could be very tempted to do more.

So if I do Westworld I shall use the 7TV 2e rules. And shall buy some more "Fembots" just for the heads better to make conversions.

So in the future expect me to re-make my wild west terrain in bother 15mm and 28mm.

That's iit for now back to the paint table and the miniatures mine!

Friday, 2 November 2018

Cactus (28mm WTW)

Yes I felt the urge to do some wild west wargaming. It has now quickly past. But while I was in the mood I did manage to paint (roughly) a Wargames Terrain Workshop (WTW LINK) 28mm Cactus. Personally I like the sculpt, very well cast and clean and easy to paint. Just what I want from a Cactus. I am sure it will fit well into a wold west setting with NO difficulty!

It cost just £3 and was a joy to paint. Model wise, very well cast with no flash and no Moulding lines. So a real minimum of clean up. So really just a prime and paint.

I am tempted to get a few more but as wild west is currently not my thing I will hold off a while longer. But be aware when Wild West Wargaming does rear it's head with me again I shall nip out and buy some more.

I was going to grit the base but a simple paint was all that was required. We did not want to guild the lily to much so I have kept it simple. The taller cactus clup (I am sure there is a better word but at present it escapes me0, is tall and wide enough  for a 28mm cowboy to hide behind. While the rest are either waist or chest height.  Overall I am very pleased with the cactus and while at present Dave only makes (I think) 1 variety of these if there was more I should get one of each!  No that is not a cue to make more. As previously mentioned I am not in a wild west sort of mood.

That's it for today, back to painting some 28mm Colonials for Matt, which I hope to show soon.

Thank for looking more again soon. All the best Clint.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fitters Truck (mk II) 15mm gruntz

Yes before I head back to 28mm figures here is my re modelled "Fitter truck". Al I did differently from the GZG (Link ) Vehicle Code is V 37a Is add some stowage.  The figure is included for scale. My previous version was wheeled and not tracked. This now being tracked gives the appearance that it is both slower and can now carry more!

While the lifting arm is  visible in the top picture it is more clear in the side shots. While most of the stowage is pre-bought and ww2 vintage it looks fine and I am confident I will get away with it as mostly it is just rolled tarps and sacks For those that were not bought I used milliput and a cocktail stick. I am sure you can do equally well if not better. So why not give it a try. As a general piece of advice use a piece of cling-film as a barrier before attacking to the vehicle. It saves disappointment when all goes wrong and you screw the made piece up the first 2 times. If you are like me you will not get it right first time. (This is why I don't do skydiving!)

Te arm should allow the vehicle to move some of the bigger components of a vehicle. I do not however see it as being a full recovery vehicle, so best if I don't suggest that to anyone.

Thanks for looking and more again in a couple of days as I have only just started the 28mm figs.

All the best Clint

Monday, 29 October 2018

Power armour and Transport

Yes some more 15mm Gruntz. Not so much new stuff painted as first appears. I sent off for another squad of Power armour as I already had the vehicle. (But un painted). The new squad is on the right.

These are GZG (LINK ) French Power armour. (fo3). As mentioned above I already had the vehicle (not seen on this log before) so the out lay was a mere £3 to get another squad up and ready for battle, complete with their Transport. The eagle eyed among you will realise I  still need to add the French Decals. Yes I know you already spotted that. But that seriously in 10minutes work when I am in the mood.

So now we have a blue squad ready to go with the red squad. 2 squads of power armour gives me lots more options game wise and the decals shall be added BEFORE any battles are played.

In-fact they are being shown early just because I forgot my camera at the club yesterday. Not much to say about the club game yesterday apart from I got greedy and tried something which almost worked but in the end did not.  Oh well.

That's it for today. More again on Wednesday as I have almost finished the new "Fitters Truck!". Decal these up along with the Fitters truck and start some 28mm Colonial stuff.

That's it  for now. More again on Wednesday. Until then, take care and do well at whatever you are doing!

Saturday, 27 October 2018


Yes my last Zombtober post (this year). Another of The Walking Dead All out war!" Starter set done. Just a zombie a young teenage girl zombie. But 28mm hard plastic Mantic Games and not really a huge amount else to say.

Final picture is all Zombies and survivors painted this season. I know It is not much but real life got in the way.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

FSE Mortar crews (and Update).

These are the first figures painted since SELWG show. (Last Sunday).

Two Mortars and crew for my Federal States Europa force. Each consist of 2 crew and an automatic Mortar. Needless to say being sci fi the crews do not need to be on the same base as the mortar moreso they can fire it indirectly and even from inside a vehicle which may be parked over the horizon.  Maybe with the right set up even from Orbit perhaps of another planet.

However if that is the case reloading does become an issue! But as GZG (Link to GZG) sell the mortars with the crew we (at least for now) shall consider the crew close in general terms.

So 1 pack is 2 Mortars and 4 crew. As all my force is mobile I chucked the Engineers out of the fitters truck and re-purposed it to carry these!

here fore 2-4 Mortars and crews can fit in a single vehicle. Although at present I only have 2 mortars.

Following the show I did a small order as you can see in the pic. They arrived very swiftly and shall be assembled this weekend.  The new "Fitters Truck" does need some clutter added to it in the form of Tarps and boxes and the like so it MAY take some time before you see it, but rest assured it is now on the way. So more of this another time. All of which means for now just 3 more posts and I shall have it all done for Gruntz. (Yeah I believe that too... NOT!) There is bound to be more, infract I am already planning terrain wise and figure wise!

I have received another Crimbo Pressie for me and have that squirreled away for now. But at least I know I shall be getting something I want.

I have also opened the 7TV and now know everything is there. This was not really a concern as I could feel from the weight it was not empty, but this does stop me being disappointed!

That's it for today and I plan and hope to get back to normal soon. At least in regard to posting on tis blog.

Thanks for looking and I had better get on with Zombtobet painting as soon as possible.

All the best Clint

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

SELWG show games.

As always I did not get photos of ALL of the games and some will be mislabelled. Bear with me and if you KOW better please feel free to leave a comment.

Photos have been cropped where appropriate to cut people out. Almost all the games were good to see even if they were not a period I was excited by.

Number of Photos does vary bu does not indicate my preference in any way... Batteries were running out!
So here we are in the Order I took the Photos and not in any order of Merit at all. That is for the viewer to decide.

Tunbridge Well Wargames societ

Upper Hall

Society of Anchients

Streatham and Tooting Wargamers

Russian Civil war navy (I believe)

Shepway Wargames

A big "Middle Earth "battle

Newbury and Reading

Skirmish at Staplethorpe

South London Warlords

NECROMUNDA Participation.

Main Hall

Deal wargamers China Japan 1937

The Pit Gaming shop


Simon Miller

For King and Parliment

Peter Pig

Western 15mm

Tonbridge Wargames Club

Hungarian Revolt 1860

The  League of Anti Alchemists

Great Terrain

Maidstone Wargames club

Zeebrugger Raid

Malta 1/300 air war

Crawley wargames


Botham's First Action
Loughton Strikeforce - Kawanakajima 1561
28mm Samurai attle

Friday Night Fire-Fight Club Chinese Mythi9c naval

Gasland with Zombies
Essex Warriors

Thanks for looking and I shall have a few wrong, but at least you get an overview.

I missed a few games out, most notably the Too Fat Lardies, what a Tanker and another couple as well.

Oh well worse things happen at sea. Thank goodness I am nota sailor!

For more accurate and considered opinions Look here