Saturday, 9 December 2017

LotR Orc Dol Guldur banner

Yes I know I really do the banner should be red and black according to the books. Trust me I Know. But I am sure you will all forgive me, black and red just looked wrong on the model.  And I do not believe Orcs would really care too much at all so the banner has turned out Pink and Brown! Purists will no doubt be going up the wall. But who cares, not I!

After all if you are trying to accurately portray Fantasy there is something wrong somewhere.

So Just another orc probably for Dol Guldur. Which as we all know is the lair of the Necromancer (Sauron) in the second age. Yep the nasty bit in the Nan anduin Valley close to Mirkwood which even in the later part of the third age was shunned!

Like all Tolkien Orcs he is "black skinned" as all Orcs should be. This Green skin rubbish is GW through and through! Likewise all clothing and armour is dirty, rusty and shabby. This is not to say that Orcs cannot be fine craftsmen only that they don't care about aesthetics very much! And there is much to be said for that outlook if you believe that Form follows function.

Other than this orc I have been busy in real life. All Crimbo pressies are now bought and wrapped. Even those that I have had to get for myself. Not that I am getting much for myself and let's be honest I dare not let my sister pick anything for me. Heaven only knows what she would get! As she always buys everything on Christmas eve! yeah and you try finding a decent pressie then with no for planning. She is getting better though and being fair I suspect those days are now long past.

So this week I treated myself to the Mad max Computer game. It arrived yesterday and I am still loading it as I type this. In addition I bought a toy car from Wilko's for the princely sum of £1. While I have started my last BoB figures (when I say last I mean Last for now, already planning more).

So everything is pretty much back on course! Unless of course you know differently!

Have a good weekend, all the best Clint


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Punjabi BoB so far.

Yes still cranking figures out for Back of Beyond, although not as fast! Here is another unit of Punjabi Indians for the Back of Beyond. The last 2 pics do show the 16 completed figures in the force I know some of you will already have skipped ahead!

 I Apologise for the picture quality it is just to dark here at present to take good pics. (Not that I usually can anyway).

So this is "Theoretically" my second unit of Punjabi Indians for the Back of Beyond. I still have 8 to paint. As yet I am not fixed on unit size so while there could be 3 units of 8 there could equally be 2 units of 12! Only time and playing the rules will tell.

The last 2 pics show all done for this force SO FAR! There will be more. As with previous BoB figures these are 20mm IT Miniatures (LINK) made and supplied by Tim at the Wargames club.

 Meanwhile back on the ranch! I have STARTED working on the next 20mm gaslands vehicle. Expect to see it next week IF it turns out OK. If it does not I have a handy bin in my hobby room and it will never see the light of day!

That's all folks have a good few days and I will try to as well. Try to be productive in hobby terms either playing or painting or reading or well you get the idea!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

gaslands (1)

Well trying to post regularly here is my first vehicle for "Gaslands" . Some of you may have already bought the rules while others have yet to hear of them. Now for me I needed cheering up so I ordered them and will get them at Christmas. My Mother will give them to me then, she cannot get out and about at the moment and even if she could wargames rules are not something you can buy in many high-streets!

I did watch a few vids on Youtube and did decide they were my cup of tea. As such they were purchased. After all which very boring wargamer does not like Mad Max.  There must be one but I have not met them.

As such I thought to start building some (OK 1) car(s). I still have not decided is I will stick at 20mm (1/72nd Scale) or leap up to 28mm. We will both have to see how it plays and if I like the game and if the upscale is worth the effort as the rules are meant for Diecast cars of a certain size.

However here is my first car. Nothing very special at all. Just a reinforced front bumper and  some spikes and possibly 2 gun ports facing forward. Al in all a very quick and easy conversion, but better than just a bought car from a supermarket, at least in my opinion!

I was going to put more spikes on, but I am glad I showed restraint. There are enough to make it look aggressive but not to many to stop it being undriveable. But even if there were too many it would not be a problem as it is for a game and not real life!

The Grill on the front and rear windows was also hand made and just some spare "Plasticard" so nothing very exciting. Having said that it did need something to make it look more survival than road use. That and a tarpaulin on the back (tin foil painted ) and some dents and scratches on the roof and the beast is ready to go.

For a base it is on an old credit card! Fear not I have about 20 more that were used as door opening devices at work and were thrown away when new doors were fitted.  So I recycled them and they are no use at all for anything other than scrap.... or anything a wargamer can model out of them. They have NEVER had any money on them and they can no longer open any secure doors!

That's it for today. With a little luck I am now back to posting normally. next time will most likely be more BoB unless I get carried away and make another car! (I bet somewhere a child is weeping that I have done this.....  I also imagine several jumping up and down and loving the idea!)

Always worth showing the intention!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Still BoBing along... but only just

Sorry for the delay. My Mother has been ill since last Sunday night. The knock on effect is I do not get a whole lot of hobby stuff done. There is still an AAR (actually 2) to be done. But I am not here to talk about that today. Firstly before anyone asks my Mother is recovering 3-4 more days and she will be back to normal.... well normal for this family!

While I have not done much , here are some more BoB figures. My alternative Back of Beyond force. All the figures are IT miniatures and cast by Tim (a mate/club member) and available here ( CLICK to link). As an alternative force I thought a British intervention might be in order. Thus I went for Indian troops, to be more precise Punjabi Indian Troops.

In the Back of Beyond you can get away with a huge variety of troops and as Britain at the time had Indian as well as European headquarters they did not always talk to each other, let alone cooperate. This did lead to some interesting situations including the British army uniform in India being dyed Purple for a few weeks, don't ask you are seriously better off not knowing. But this is what the uniform should be! Look at the pic on the right!

And that is how I hope you will see I have painted them. If it looks vastly different to this please adjust your computer screen! Again their is a difference in the Sikh and the Punjabi Uniforms Mostly based about the Turban at least for us poor wargamers.  So my second force will be Indian troops serving under the British.  This is as much because I like the figures as any other reason, but it still fits the background so I am alright with that. Maybe if my interest holds I will do another Russian (Cossack or sailors) force or Chinese or Tibetan who can tell. But for now this is my start of an opposing BoB Indian (Punjabi) force.

Thanks for looking more (I hope) again soon. Have a good weekend and paint like crazy IF you have the opportunity.

All the best Clint

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wee Beastie!

Sorry no post on Monday Illness is rife here. all OK and all recovering slowly. Thanks for any concerns

I shall do an AAR on Friday from a great game at the club.

Until then here is a wee beastie I have finished for Matt.

I am sorry I have no idea of the make or the scale so feel free to make them up to suit yourself. I did put flowers on the base as Matt does tend to prefer 28mm figures so that would be my best guess. But it could easily be of any scale including MUCH larger than real life. I just do not know. So your guess is as good as mine.

As for what Matt will use it for again I have no idea. I did ask what colour it should be and Matt said any colour I like! I have fond D&D memories and do indeed recall a purple worm so guess what colour I painted it. No not Brown, but purple!

The last Pic does show scale or more accurately size as I have included a coin of the realm . That should make everything clearer!

That's it for today, thanks for looking all the best Clint

And it is Blooming cold now!

Saturday, 25 November 2017

More Aeronef.

Yes painted some more Aeronef models for Matts ever growing British fleet. I know there is more to come and I have no idea when or how many. But here today are another 8 vessels.

All the Models are by Brigade games, Click this link to visit the web store (LINK). As you can see most of the vessels are on the larger size.

there are 2 Torpedo boats
2 Albion class Aircraft carriers. (Seriously why would you need 2 in a fleet!
2 Audacious Class battle Cruisers
2  Britannia Class Battle cruisers

This fleet is now at least twice the size of mine. Probably 3 maybe 4 times the size. And I have NO aircraft carriers. Still it is his choice how he spends his money so why should I even comment. Well as I am most likely to be his opponent it does seem shall we say that the game is stacked against me. Still It is his money and his choice.

Any way whine over I hope you enjoy the fleet and only time will tell what else is included in the force. I do suspect bigger ships still to come though.

Thanks for Looking, More again planned for Monday. maybe an AAR of the club game on Sunday, and maybe another LotR figure. (As one is on the painting table as I type.

All the best Clint.
have a great weekend.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Very quickly

Yes this needs to be very quick. Several Items started but nothing finished. Such is my life. However back in the Back of Beyond work progresses.

  1. I am seriously looking at the idea of getting some model train track and MAYBE a loco and carriages. Can you here me spinning wildly in my grave! (Ok it may be an open grave but the idea is still VALID.)
  2. Before I get any trains (shudder) I would need to make some track boards (double shudder)
  3. I started looking at Train layout stuff on eBay. The joy is I am using 20mm wargames figures so 1/72 (or 1/76 you choose I don't care). Which translates to HO/OO for train enthusiasts.
The up shot if I parted with some money. NO not on trains (baby steps). Now while I did not part buy any trains or tracks or well you know... rolling stock. I did buy some Telegraph poles. You already knew that from the pics.

These are perfect for "Back of Beyond" they are 3d Printed (Not an issue just mentioned out of interest). £2.50 for a pack of 10 and £1 postage. And as I will only need a few 10 will be MORE than enough (I hope). So maybe the scenario revolves around needing to send a message, or making sure no message is in fact sent. So this becomes so much more realistic if there are in fact some telegraph poles.  So a simple remedy for £3.50. Now I just have to paint them (browny-grey) and mount them on bases. 2mm MDF bases. How hard can that be

On a secondary note my first contingent of opponents has been ordered and I should START painting them next week.

That's it I did say a quick one today.

best Wishes Clint

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Theoden LotR 28mm GW

Yes as promised I have finally painted King Théoden. He has waited patiently on the painting table, No doubt detained by Grima Wormtongue, who clearly has stopped me from painting him.  But now painted he is and ready to lead on the table top.

Unlike the film, I have mounted him on a dappled grey horse and not a pure white (yeah I know white horses are called grey!) horse as portrayed in the films. This is no issue for me as surely a King may have more than one horse.

It is funny now painted I see all the mistakes clearly, but NO I will not point them out to you on this blog. But I can see them Oh so very clearly. Still moving on!

the figure is by Games workshop in the Lord of the rings range. I am not sure if they are still in production but I will be getting them on eBay for about 1/3rd the shop price. So as  Far as I am concerned an absolute winner. Some things are still not cheap though so take that advice with a pinch of salt.

As many of you will know I am looking to play "Songs of Blades and Heroes!"  In a Lord of the Rings setting. And he will clearly bolster my Rohirim forces. (which are pitifully small).

Painting wise. Mostly painted in acrylics as you would expect but with gold highlights in POSTER paint. This is because I struggle to find a good gold acrylic paint. As a result only the VERY top layer is poster and then it is varnished with a spray varnish within 30 mins. If the poster is not applied at the very last stage it simply comes off. Also if any colours are painted after wards in adjacent areas it bleeds into them as it mixes with the water. As a consequence I rarely use it. So this single pot has lasted about 20 years. So if you so use any Poster paint on models use it with care.

That's it for today. Take care all and have as much fun as you can without upsetting any one else!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Still Bobing along.

Yes I know a change is due soon. In Fact I am working on it. Expect a LotR figure in the next post. No that is not a promise or a threat just a likelihood!

But for now some more 20mm Back of Beyond figures. Like the rest these are IT Miniatures (AVAILIABLE HERE). This time representing "Partisans". OK one figure is an SHQ French resistance miniature but I had him spare so I thought "Why not!"

So this will make up local untrained or Raw support. Not in any means the toughest troops or the best trained or disciplined but they should give another option for any BoB games.

That's it for today. Théoden is calling for attention and I must keep it brief.

All the best Clint. Have a good weekend and paint if you can or game or just read rules, but do something hobby related at least.

Friday, 17 November 2017

More BoB

Yes I know. I really do. Anyway here is a little more of the Back of Beyond force. This time it is a 76mm Artillery piece and crew. Now to me it does look larger than a 3" (76mm) cannon as the proportions seem wrong. However I assure you it is correct for the period. Larger pieces of artillery are not really suitable for a skirmish game. Yes they will work as objectives but are not suitable for use on the table IF you expect them to fire and hit anything on the table. As Such I am not expecting to buy any more, "ONE is enough!"

Needless to say it would take a lot of effort to drag this cannon up a slope so if/when it is used it will be towed by a lorry. (Lorries seen earlier posts).

It is another from IT Miniatures (LINK) and like my other BoB stuff all 20mm or 1/72scale. In the rules it has to ranges anything closer than 40 inches and anything beyond 40 inches. This is the kind of realistic thinking I like in games. The gun does come with a crew of 5 and five is a good number in games terms. Rate of fire decreases as crew are killed so best to keep it with as many crew as possible.

The gun shield is optional but I have included it to enhance the look only. In real life it did not offer much in the way of real protection more for crew morale than armour.

Well that is it for today. I did want to get more done (don't we all?) But alas real life got in the way. And rather than try to make excuses I am just happy that everything is OK now.

That's it. All the Best Clint

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

BoB(ing Along)

Yes more Back of Beyond (BoB) figures today.  Again they are 20mm IT Miniatures available from here. ( LINK). They are in fact White Russians BUT the Uniforms were almost identical to the Red army of the region or indeed the Chinese warlord armies of the same era. Yes there are differences but not huge ones and I for one am willing to forgive them on the wargames table.

Indeed IF I want to get more and more factions I will get the same figures and change a few areas like painting the uniforms grey for Chinese Warlord armies, or Making the top of the cap red just todesignate Red Russians. (Red peaked caps were used on some Red Russian units, but not all. )

As you can see I now have 3 squads of 8 figures each, including 2 armed with pistols to represent leaders (Rules suggest no more than 1 in 10). I also have 2 trucks painted for the force as well. Which given the era would make them VERY mobile. After-all motorised transport was not terribly common most defiantly not as common as today in  Western Europe.

I am not stopping with this force just yet either. I may have a better use for these lorries! Next up for the force may be an artillery piece OR some MGs, Not sure yet it all depends on the bases I have at hand. Anyway these are now boxed up and put away. Ready for a game in the next few months ONCE I have another force.

OTHER NEWS: I do have a choice of figures for the NEXT LotR figure. So if you have a STRONG choice Good or Bad foot or Mounted I can now do any of them. IF left to my own devices it will be King Théoden as he has waited patiently on the painting desk for over a year.

Finally I think the club has settled on a game for the next show. But this may well change as more people get back to me with ideas and suggestions. But more of this if/when it happens.

That's it for now, take care have fun and just do your best at what ever you are doing!
Kind Regards Clint

Monday, 13 November 2017

Dwarf Lord Balin

Yes as promised a Lord of the rings figure. This is the Dwarf Lord "Ballin". It is a Games workshop figure and part of the Lord of the rings range. I believe you are to get 2 figures in the pack but as this was via eBay I only bought 1 figure and a happy chap I am as well.

I an not a huge dwarf fan (pun not intended but I am more than happy to go with it!) However I have really enjoyed painting this character. I have not seen the film(s) of the Hobbit so if the colours are wrong kindly forgive me. But at least there is no Orange hair as GW tend to want on their dwarf slayers for some reason. (No I don't understand it either!).

In fact I have enjoyed painting this figure so much I have bid on some more on eBay. Let me know if you want me to paint them regularly, (maybe once a fort night), of not. And I will try to make it happen, or not happen if you only want it intermittently.

 Sorry the Flash has bleached out some of the colour, but such are the joys of photoing small models and having a flash!

But the 3 picks SHOULD give you an idea at the very least.

Mint Copy,
Bargain Price
smiling like a Cheshire Cat!

Yeah I have been feeling a bit down with my birthday approaching and no one ever knows what to get me. However, I scanned eBay (always amusing) and found a bargain. A terrific bargain I hope and definitely one I am excited about. I cannot/ will not/ shall not give very many more details other than to show the box and let you know it is now hidden away for my Birthday. Therefore in a few weeks there will be another post on here about this gift. Yes I had to buy it and have been given the money already.... but at least this way I get what I want.

Until next time take car, have fun and paint like crazy!

All the best Clint

Saturday, 11 November 2017

BoB (ing)

Yes some more Back of Beyond figures. Well that is to say my first actual troops. I woke up this morning feeling as if the Back of beyond needed an armoured car. I am sure I will bet tanks eventually but for now this is my heavy armour.  So having woken up in the mood to do an armoured car for the back of beyond I grabbed my old (and trusty) Rolls Royce armoured car and gave it a new paint job. Which is why you are seeing this vehicle again, but this time with a BoB camo scheme. It has already been painted twice so let's hope this is the last time.

Personally if you are going to have an armoured car what could be better than a Rolls Royce.

Additionally here are the first actual troops. More will be along soon I am sure. In the back of Beyond these can either be Red Russians or White Russians as the uniforms were so similar that it really did just come down to insignia in the Russian Civil War.

Al the figures and the Armoured car are IT Miniatures ( LINK) or Frontline Wargaming (both are the same company in reality as about 2 years ago Tim bought all the IT miniatures molds). As I only need 1 platoon per person (MAX) more than 1 armoured car might seem a little unbalancing, so I shall stop at this for now. IT Miniatures sell these in packs of 24 so for me that is enough to get started. These are listed as White Russians, however in the BoB they can easily be either. And if you choose to paint the uniforms grey instead of green they make passing Chinese warlord troops. Anyway I have (due to pack size) settled on 8 men to a squad and 3 squads to a platoon. Thus 1 pack and a few extras will get me a force. Which means this is the 1st squad all finished and ready to go.

When the force is complete I will detail points etc. and then ask what the second force should be. All in all I am excited by this project so expect some more SOON>

Monday is next post and It will very likely be LotR.

Thanks for looking have a good weekend all the best Clint

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Whatever next?

2 more figures done for Matt. No I do not know what they are or by whom they were produced. I am sure I could do an internet search and find they. But I am in a Lack-sid-asicle mood so I have not done so. Sorr just some days you just cannot be bothered. And Today is that day!

Again I think they are west wind 28mm figures but further details I have no idea. Maybe "Empire of the Dead" and then again maybe not.  Gee that was insightful.

Fun to paint for a change, but I will say no more about them.

Several things have been undercoated now.  As I ran out of spray undercoat yesterday and had to buy some first thing today. It has put me a little behind my own schedule but not drastically so.

No Idea what I will finish next. BUT if you have a strong preference I may work on that project a little swifter. here are the options:

  • Lord of the rings (1 figure started)
  • Aeronef (9 vessels now undercoated)
  • Giant worm. (1 of emerging from the ground)
  • BoB unit. A Squad of Russian Soldiers for the Back of Beyond game. * figures and started in haste last night as they had been undercoated in grey already.

Happy to listen to what you want next, but it will still be my choice as to what is finished first. Just depends on my mood and how much I am enjoying painting them.

Bye for now more again (assuming I have a speedy brush) on Saturday.

All the best Clint

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Edawrd th Dancing Chimp. (28mm)

Ok the title is wrong. His name is not Edward, Nor is he dancing and more so he is not a chimp! But the "Scale is correct!" But as we all know 28mm is not a scale either. maybe I should start again!

The miniature s by West Wind (I know as It had that cast on the tab!) it is also part of the 28mm range.  More than this I cannot tell. Except to say that it is painted for Matt and he got it on eBay along with two others.

The figure is about twice as large as a normal 28mm figure and stands about 40mm. But being hunched if he were ever to stand up straight he would be twice the size. he is definitely more than 2 times the weight.

 Overall the figure was a pleasure to paint but I have no idea what Matts purpose is in getting him. Seriously no idea, but I am sure all will be revealed in weeks to come.

That's it for today. Hope you are well and happy. all the best Clint