Friday 25 November 2011

Underground car park model

Well those that have come across from the Crooked dice forum. Know That I have a tight deadline (less than 3 weeks) to create a Christmas game for two wargames clubs. So for ease I have decided to start the games compleatly from scratch, mostly because I'm stupid and can't think to recycle old projects.
So the game is going to be set in an underground car park, mostly because I thought it would be a bit different and pretty easy to construct given time and of course budget. yesterday I went and bought the components, not all of them, but enough to get started.
For the baseboard I went and spent £9.67 in Wilkinsons to get a paste table. I figured the basic wood and hard board would come to close to that anyway so it's not a big problem.
Today I have stripped out the legs (with a hammer a pry bar and a smile on my face, why is destruction so much fun?) Because it's an underground car park I'll have to put a ramp in so the cars can get in and out. I'll also have to add a service and customer elevator. And am considering putting a recycling area (bottle banks mostly) in as well.
That can wait a few days though as eager to get started I have painted the interior of the paste board dark grey. I used ready mixed pain from the Works, costs £1.49 a bottle. As they don't do a dark grey I added white to the black stirring as I went to get a consistent colour. Be aware you only need a little white, I would say 1 part white to 10 parts black.  Suprisingly it does look like old tarmac now which is a pleasent suprise. I mixed about 1/2 a pint in all and added a splash of water to make it a bit more runny.
 The texture on the hardboard does not look out of place, if anything it looks like block paving. While it is unlikely anyone would (in real life) go to the trouble/cost of putting block paving in an underground car park it looks ok and most wargamers will tolerate things like that as long as the game works ok. I know the rules work having tried them over the weekend but for now back to the scenery.

I have been offered some toy cars (of the right scale) for the game. I think, from memory, the paste board is wide enough for 4 parking bays and two roads, I'll have to measure it once dry to be sure. So once the tarmac floor is dry I'll paint the "walls" (the battening which encases the paste table) in an off white colour, and probly add some staining. but more of this in the next episode....COMMING SOON.

Post script, no photos yet as batteries are low in the camera... and did not want to walk back into the house with muddy shoes.But I'll try to get some done for next time.

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  1. All looking good so far Clint. I imagine that the cars will make interesting obstacles and escape systems. I can see that the addition of an annoying kid, who could hide under cars and have to be searched for could make things even more interesting!


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