Friday 20 January 2012

Best laid plans of mice and all that. I've been busy all morning sorting out my mothers switch over from Analog to digital. It's all done now but did take two different installation engineers or two different call outs and a free upgrade to Free Stat as she's in a set top black spot. Their meter readings kept "overloading" and making bleeping sounds and they had no idea why. Still it's all sorted now.

All of which means I'm a little behind as that had priority. However the moon boards have dried out nicely and I have started  another one of them. At this stage it's about half masked up, but I can easy finish that on Saturday. So in conclusion they are getting done, I'll offer a pic in a few days of all 4 of them (2 more after that, for 6 in total).

Which of course means the dock sides are already behind schedule before I even start. The good news on that is that every day next week I'll be walking past B+Q so can re-stock on some vital supplies. Assuming I stick to the paste board idea I'll have to think of how to loose the "checker board" texture. It worked very well as car parking, but I can't see it working as water. My choices are to either sand it back or to cover it. As Sanding will be a LOT of work and still might not work I think I'll have to cover it. My initial thoughts are to use aluminium foil but I'm not sure if I can get a good solid attachment to the hardboard. One of the other problems I'll have is the general dimensions of the paste board. Being 20 inches across I think I might have to put the docks, wharfs and jetties at an oblique angle. Until I sketch it out I'm not sure how that will work in regard to look and feel, I'm hoping it adds rather than detracts but only marking it out will really give me a clue.

Painting wise the 10mm Dwarfs are at a stand still. I have volunteered to paint a collection of buildings for the game of warmaster that is proposed for next club. I guess I'd better rake them out and dust them off. I have also re-started a games workshop Chaos Marine army. I don't really play 40k any more but my nephew does and it would be nice to be able to give him a game. The main problem is the colour scheme. I have tried them in grey armour and that looks quite good, (and my nephew loves them) but I came up with another idea and want to try that out before I am completely satisfied. About 1/2 way through painting the second style now. When done I'll invite feedback on them both.

Lastly for today I had the "hard copy" of the crooked dice 7ombie TV rules and some nice counters arrive this morning. I already know that the rules work quite well, so this is just to own a nice shiny copy,

Post again on Sunday and maybe a pic or two.

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  1. Can you skim over it with a thick paint or something? perhaps it will save some work


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