Tuesday 14 February 2012

Early again

Again posting early because I think I'll have my nephew again tomorrow and therefore will not get a chance to write anything then.

Having had such a good game at the club on Sunday my thoughts have naturally drifted onto all things colonial. I mentioned the diversity of club members a few days ago, but when you enjoy a game you want to play and collect it. Tim has enough 15mm Sudan stuff, or will have when he gets some more Ansar for the Mahdi's forces as I felt he was a little shy in the last game. Graham is also thinking of getting some stuff for this period, he mentioned Egyptian forces. Egyptians would be a nice compliment as they can be used to both fight against or alley with the British depending upon the dateline. (Although they would not alley with the Mahdi!) So IF I decide to join in I might be best selecting another part of the world for the colonial period. The obvious one is Zulus, but the thought of painting a horde of 15mm Zulus quite frankly leaves me COLD! Afghan tribesmen or Maoris also fails to inspire me. Which could leave the Boxers if I wanted a colourful army and I like the idea but then I think of all the terrain and the painting and cost and I quickly go off the idea. There is a colonial project I started about 20 years ago however which I could rejuvenate. I have a start for it and it would or at least could be a good fun game to play.... 7th Cavalry and Indians, (Sioux or Apache). It's not the obvious choice for colonials as we tend to pigeon hole colonial mostly to British or at least European Expansionism. Our Friends across the pond did not need to set sail and invade another country they only "needed" to invade their own! (No offence meant to any American readers).

Well the snow has gone so I have managed to do some work up the shed, now it needs to dry again. The Moon board has had another coat of "Muck" and now has to dry. This should be it's last coat of muck and then two coats of paint and glue to bring it to the same stage as the others.

The coastline board has dried (mostly) so I have added a few more layers which brings it 3 inches short of planned height. I have carved the cliffs a little so there are no massive overl-hangs. I am a little behind on these two projects now, but not disastrously behind just yet.

Little has been finished due to babysitting duties. Currently on the paint table is a unit of 10mm dwarfs, A matchbox converted car,  and a platoon of 15mm US infantry for PBI. Yes I know it's a random mixture but these are all ongoing projects. I am looking forward to sharing them with you as I get them done. AT present I am doing a bit on all of them when time allows.

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