Tuesday 20 March 2012

First Brits.

Here are my first British/coalition troops.  I know it's not a standard troop choice, but I wanted a break from painting Taliban. Again a Britannia figure of a bomb disposal robot and suit. From a game point of view IEDs and their disposal and removal should not play a major part but nice to have a break from the Taliban and paint something different today. Both very simple paint jobs. The robot is a basic black and highlighted with a dark grey mixed with a very little dark green and some silver on the tracks. The disposal suit catachan green and highlighted with a lighter shade of the same green. Also black armour on the chest back and legs same colours as the robot. Not the most challenging paint scheme ever, but it fits in with the colours I have seen on google images and the "Hurt Locker". 

That's it for today's painting. I feel I must start to up the pace as time to the Broadside show gets closer. Talking of the show I had some great news from Ambush Alley last night, they are going to send me some "con support" as well as advice via email as and when I need it. If this game works out as I hope I shall apply next year to be one of their "pointmen" but lets take this one step at a time. I can only speculate what "Con Support" might be but as they have asked for my shipping address I feel it must be physical in nature, possible leaflets or posters. Time will tell.

I have also approached a terrain maker for some commissioned buildings. He should get back with pics by the end of the week I assume he'll also have worked out a price structure and again that's all positive. The Buildings won't be the most challenging to make they are after all mud brick flat roofs and a window and door at the best, so not exactly Buckingham Palace. Hopefully the price will reflect this.

That's it for Today as I spent far too long talking to Kev and setting the world and our wargames club to rights. Hopefully more on Thursday.

All the best Cheers Clint


  1. Good news on the support from Ambush Alley and nice IED team, lovely work Clint....

  2. Very nice sir. Could always use them for as an objective of some sort

  3. Great looking figures Clint!!!

  4. Thanks Guys. Really appreciate it.


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