Monday 12 March 2012

The first vehicle.

This is the first vehicle I have managed to get done for the Force on Force game I plan to run at Broadside 2012. I hasten to add that it's not finished yet (as you'll notice if you look at the wheels. Yes There's some (lots) of tidying up to do. I also need to continue to "weather" it down for that really lived in feel. Still as a work in progress not too bad. This is a 20mm Britannia model. I could have put a 40mm grenade launcher on the vehicle, but decided the .50cal machine gun had a better look. I might send off for another of these brutes and put the alternate weapon on just for completion. The BAR armour was a right pain to paint and I'm still not happy with it, but I have some time so I might continue to fiddle with the paint. All in all It will suffice at least for now. I thought I might have some Taliban finished by today, but I got sidetracked onto this monster.I have 10 started so with luck I might get them done in the next couple of days, or I might tart this up. With vehicles I am never sure if I should base them. I can see points both for and against. For: the base will look like an integral part of the setting and make the model more than just a playing piece, It will allow the figures (who are also on bases) to reach the correct height while stood close to the vehicles and it can make them easier to transport. The down side is that it is more work and the base can interfere with the battle board terrain. Not that this machine will fit down any narrow gaps. For now I'll leave the vehicles off bases and tackle the issue much later. I am aware we now have less than 3 months till the show and I still have loads to do. Jane at Work has sprained her ankle (ah bless) so I have 6 hours of overtime each day this week. So with 14 hour days this blog might go dark a few times this week and next. Please bear with me I'll try to post as I normally do, but I can see myself just having to leave it once or twice.

All the best Clint.


  1. It's looking good to me Clint, nice work.and at least the overtime means more shiny things to buy to feed the addiction....

  2. Looks great mate. Just think of the money!

  3. Looking good, 3 months left to Broadside, the Rejects have really gotta get our fingers out!!!!!


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