Friday 13 April 2012


Slowly ploughing through the Taliban figures. It is slow but I am getting there. These are still MJ figures 8 in all finished, varnished and put away. I know I have another batch on the painting table as I type this but I am struggling to summon the enthusiasm. It will probably come in a few hours, no doubt when I have to get ready for work. But at present APATHY reigns. Still this lot don't look too shabby well they are meant to be a little shabby being Afghan freedom fighters. Things may change when the postman arrives as I am expecting a couple more toys. and that may well tip the balance and build some enthusiasm. Lets hope so.
I'll keep it short today and hope for a better report on Saturday. We all have off days and this is mine.
Still enough whinging for now. All the Best Clint


  1. Packages help but we all get the apathy bug at times usually due to deadlines or the same figures!

  2. Cheers Mate. Postman has been and left me a bill, but no pressies. But maybe, just maybe I can shrug it off and do some more painting now.

  3. Same figures always kills off my painting time. I much prefer painting groups of individuals

  4. I have pushed on a bit. But you are right variation is the key.

  5. Nice looking figures, love the tufts of grass!


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