Sunday 29 April 2012


A couple of pics of a British Army DAF DROPPS in 20mm. You should know by now that it's for the Broadside Afghanistan game. This gives the Taliban another soft easy target. A soldier with a 40mm grenade launcher and gun shield was included, designed to fit in the hatch on top of the cab. I decided not to include it as it looked like overkill to me and this seems more versatile. The truck was a very easy paint, Vallejo dark sand as a base coat then just weathered and weathered until it looked right. The last pic has a donkey cart (already shown previously) to show scale, due to the fact that it is quite large and bulky.

 Today marks the 6 week deadline for Broadside 2012,  So from now on it will mostly be work in progress shots of the terrain. I do realise that at present I have painted no Coalition troops but there is not too many of them to paint additionally I have booked the week before the show off work. When I say week I actually mean  the three working days, which is my panic like **** time.

I now have a free run at making the terrain as the moon boards are now finished (I will give them one more spray clear coat finish as a secondary seal, but that's 10 mins work at most so I don't count that.)
I have decided to create a very cramped/tight area of Afghan village. Rules wise this might create a problem but I am sure we'll come up with a solution and I really want to build an area with very restricted lines of fire/sight. I know the landing area of a Chinook will have to be open and relatively flat and free of obstacles so a cramped area should be a good contrast. At the scale we are playing any Medivac/Caseivac areas will inevitably be "cherry" (hot) due to the closeness of the battle.

Well that's today's Post. Thanks for looking and more again on Tuesday. All the best Clint.


  1. Great paintjob, can't wait to see the whole kit'n kaboodle in action.

  2. That is stunning mate. The weathering looks very realistic especially the front windscreen with window wiper marks on it in the dust

  3. Damn good work Clint, I'm thinking of doing Brits in 15mm!

  4. I can only echo what's been said already Clint - splendidly done!

    As Brummie said, the windscreens are superb - I might just have to make the trek to Broadside just to worship in unworthyness at your Afghan brilliance!


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