Saturday 21 April 2012

For Shelldrake

This is the figure I wish to use in your Play by blog game Shelldrake.
Stats are already posted in your comments but also repeated below.. If you want a back story let me know and I'll add it to your comments. All the best Clint.

Cheyenne Devonda Noble.. Friends call her "Von" or "Vonda" or Vonnie" But NEVER CHeyenne

GUNS: 7 (30pts)
Fists: 8 (21pts)
Guts: 11 (18pts)
TOTAL 69pts

Medic (10pts)
Run for your life (10pts)
Mixed Martial Arts (10pts)
Zombie Stomper (20pts)

Total 50 pts.

Gear: Blades x2 (2pts)
First Aid Kit (15pts)
Pistol (3pts)
Body armour (20pts)
Grenade (10pts)

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