Wednesday 16 May 2012

Sniper team

 AS you can see I have started painting the British troops for the Afghanistan game. These two (yeah only 2 today) are Elhiem ( really nice figures, well proportioned, well cast and most importantly they come in the right mix of weapons for British Squad composition. As already mentioned these are 20mm figures, but the sculpting is of a quality associated with 28mm figures. All in all I am very happy with my purchase of them.

I hope to have a terrain shot ready for the next post on Saturday. Hope you'll pop by and have a look then. All the Best Clint.


  1. Very nice work Clint - and I like the new banner photo; great moonscape!

  2. Thanks guys. Appreciate it.

    The Blog is a work in progress, I'm just feelin my way. I just try something and sometimes I get a good result. When I don't.... that's what "undo" buttons are for.

  3. Good work Clint, I like the new banner....

  4. The sniper looks mint. Well done.

  5. Great painting Clint, love the new banner too!!!!


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