Saturday 9 June 2012


Well it's 6:30 am and I am all ready to go. I have been up since 4am just checking that I have everything right and correct not that I think I have, bound to have forgotten something.

Since getting up I have printed spare Flea market forms, spare Parking vouchers, some quick reference sheets  and the scenario we shall play.

The next stage is to move everything to the front of the house ready for pick up. My lift arrives at 8:15 or there abouts. We should be packed and on the road by 8:25 and arrive at the hall about 8:45. And that's when it all begins. The doors will have been open from 8am so it should be in set up mode by then. I have asked RWC (Rainham Wargames Club) to arrive at about 9am. I have not told them yet That I have put my hand in pocket and booked 5 bacon Sarnies for us. Hope no one's on a diet. They'll have to buy their own teas coffees and beers though (I can only think of one club member who might want a beer at 8 am..... the rest of us No.) . But I think the Sarnies will be very much appreciated.

I have 19 items for our clubs Flea market stall all stuffed in carrier bags and I think it's all at a price to sell. However I expect to be bringing most of it home again. Probably with a lot more from other people. Time will tell.

In my head I have a small shopping list, some things MUCH more important than others. Nothing too exciting but we all know come about Wednesday I'll post a shot of the swag I walk out with. You never know might happen tonight when I get in.

Now I still have time to get some cornflakes and have a final read of the rules.

Talk soon Cheers Clint


  1. Hope all goes well for you, and you get a good turnout

    1. Double last years turn out. And no mjor problems.

  2. I was there at 0710 hours and nearly eager and awake!

    1. WOW you were keen. You were the one then, It was mentioned to me that someone was their at that time, I was told about lunch time.... (second Breakfast).


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