Friday 21 June 2013

The Joy of SIX (2013)

In one months time (21st July 2013) which happens to be a Sunday there is a wargames event in Sheffield. Granted it is a small show (pun intended) dedicated to 6mm wargaming. 1/300th scale, or 6mm gets some coverage at shows but is overshadowed (again with the puns) by the more dominant scales of 15mm 20mm and 28mm so it is nice to see an event for this specialist field of wargaming. While I shall not be able to attend I would be very interested in seeing a report online by a blogger who happens to live a lot closer.

I like 6mm as a scale as it allows for huge games (given the right rules) and that appeals to the megalomaniac dwelling inside me. It is a scale that can emphasise the terrain more than the figures and it can be easy to store and easy to paint. There will be a painting workshop at the event which would be of huge interest to me as I am sure it would be to many others.

Who will be there:
Rapier Miniatures
Total Battle Miniatures
.Wargames Emporium

I am told there will be both demonstration and participation games as well as the painting demonstrations, so it might be worth popping along to if you live in that part of the world.

SUNDAY 21st July 2013
The Workstation
15 Paternoster Row,
South Yorkshire.
S1 2BX

I would love to know what it's like so if you go please let me know.

My 2 weeks of overtime has now finished so I should get something painted soon. Hang on folks it's coming bear with me but at the moment I have nothing ready to show and will be undercoating some figures later today.

So until Sunday take care and hope to see you on the blogosphere in the mean time. All the best Clint.


  1. I would love to see a report on that show too, if I can't get to it ... Sheffield is a LONG way for me, but for this show, I might just make the trek ... but, tbh, it'll probably wind up like Clint's show: I'll intend to go and then something at the last minute will stop me :(

    1. I know I won't be going. If it was local I would give it a shot, but it's just too far for me.

  2. Have a great day there mate, it should be a blast

    1. Too far for me. (about 300 miles) but I think it deserves publicity hence todays post. It would be great if other bloggers would mention it as well.

  3. Sheffield shows are ones that I really should have visit but never have and probably won't now.

    For that "Big battalion" feel you can't beat forces in 6mm; I've fought many games using 6mm figures from just about every period in history.

    Do I detect another project of yours on the horizon then ?

    1. No no no! I have nothing planned at the moment in 6mm. The Joy of 6 comes from my chats with the guys at wargames emporium. So nothing planned at the moment...... but you know me, nothing is taboo project wise!

  4. That's a clever name for the event. And they should have a specialist event. I'm betting Ian will be attending and buying loads of Baccus.

    1. Well you know If I was going I would get some 28mm skeleton gunfighters from Rapier miniatures!!

      Yes I agree it is a good name.

  5. Good shout out for a show us blind gits have difficulty seeing, hope it goes well and I believe Ian will be doing a report.

    1. Nice one Fran. It's a small show in more ways than one and thus can't afford too much in the way of advertising so if any other bloggers can get the word out so much the better.


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