Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lucky for Some Turn 13 Results

Once you have played this game a few times you soon get to realise that not all the action continues all the time. This was one of those turns. Due to positioning and moves only 2 ships got to fire at all. One of those was El Interceptor who fires at HMS Badger. As that ship has already struck it's colours and is now out of the fight that was a naughty act Bad Phyllion bad Phyllion! The only other shot was Captain King of HMS Inconsistent who was able to get a shot off at San Francis (Hard luck Seb).

Anyway here are some of the Pictures as always if you need any more just holler and I'll send you some. The Photos start with the one up the step ladder and then move from back left anti clockwise.

OK Here we go.

 Overall view from the step ladder.
A couple of Spanish Frigates. Meccedes on the left and Unicornico on the right.
Unicornico very nearly got a shot off this turn  I expect it will next turn.
IF it gets to fire before it moves at full sail.

 Clearly in range and Arch now and possibly set up to Rake . If the turn sequence works in their favour. But if the move first they may be out of arc. Only time will tell.

 San Francis avoided HMS Badger. A ram was on the cards but as they have now Struck their colours HMS Badger is no longer a combatant. As HMS Inconsistent was able to fire before San Francis moved. The firing was sufficient to drop one of San Francis's masts. Good Shooting Captain King and unlucky Seb.

And it will be telling for these two ships as well next turn.
You cannot ram front to front. But they may be looking at a boarding action.
Or they may just pass an blow the bejezus out of each other.
Stay turned to find out.
SS Guano is the bigger ship but HMS Agamemnon is less damaged.
I'll make no predictions on the blog.
 HMS Challenge and SS Pina Colada well that's interesting. SS Pina Colada wants to steer to the right but HMS Challenge has given no such order. So they will continue to bump along next to each other.
HMS Pachyderm is moving to intercept The Mermaids revenge of Senior Loki.
At present they are out of range but that should not be the case for very much longer.
I think these two vessels may get bloodied net turn (or at least soon)
That's it for today. As always I will need your turn orders by 9am (GMT) next Saturday.
A dull turn this time but maybe not next. 
Thanks for tuning in all players will get damage reports this afternoon (my time). As that task will happen after lunch. Thanks for looking have a good weekend and take care of those around you. they need it. Take care all.
Cheers Clint.


  1. Poor HMS Badger :-( The next turn looks like there could be some serious carnage and boarding actions. Really enjoying this (now I've caught up). Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Blax. It would be good to get you involved in future games. The next game I have planned is a zombie game and all the places are taken. But maybe the one after than! (I may be mad for thinking that far ahead.
      Cheers Mate.

    2. It would have been nice to get some orders, even though I've struck my colours.....maybe, crack open a few casks of rum boys, before the bastards come and take it????

  2. Nice report dude! Keep on sailing.

    1. A slight lull in the death and destruction. Thank you Bob.

  3. What's this, the Geneva Convention? ;-)

    1. Yes that's the kind of shoddy trick we expect Ray to play on Fran.
      Thank you Phulion.

    2. Thank you Fran although it is not clear if you mean Ray or Phylion in this instance.

    3. Perhaps that was the intention...

  4. Replies
    1. I can hear the drums of the slave master beating in rhythm to make them row harder.... Opps wrong game. Thanks Milsy

  5. Looks like Phil was taking the Badger cull to new heights!

    1. I say it's just not cricket. But his choice of course. Thank you Michael.


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