Tuesday 17 March 2015

Spring Skirmish 2015

Well as you saw from my last blog post I did NOT have a big spend at the "Skirmish" show in Sidcup on Sunday.

But as a club Rainham was going to put on a game. And to my mind at least it was one of the best looking at the show. "Skirmish" is only a small local show and to be honest has a mixture of model kits and toy soldiers then a smaller selection of  wargames stuff. But there is usually enough to keep it interesting. 

So anyway Rainham was going to put on a Muskets and Tomahawks game. Everything was supplied by Tim, the terrain the figures the rules and the ideas. So I really will take NO credit for his excellent work.

None of our group had ever played "Muskets and Tomahawks" and I found the rules fairly intuitive and quite easy to pick up. I did struggle with different units being able to move different rates a challenge. But once in the swing of it and if I played a couple more games I would be happy enough.

Bexhill Reapers wargames club. Trying out their game for Salute.
I am told there is much more to do with lighting effects etc.
And they might even get some roads finished by then and some more figures painted.
It was a WW2 Zombie game.
Larry and Dave from Herne Bay/Whitstable club.
Playing Lion Rampant rules.
At the end of the day they told me that they liked the rules
as it was their first time playing.
Zombiecide board game.
I think Tolehaven put this on but I am not 100% sure.
Some of the Pre-release civilian figures from East Street Games.
They will be released at Salute.
The rules will be a little longer!
Bullets and Brains or might be Brains and bullets! By east street games.
This with some tweaks will be at Salute as well.
Speaking to the guys they are hoping to come down to our club
and put this game on for us.

Needless to say it's a zombie game so I will probably buy the rules at some point!
Anyway if you read this guys I really do appreciate the offer.
A view of the games hall. no traders in here.
The Picture below was taken facing the opposite direction.
 So that was the small local show for me. Being Mothering Sunday foot fall was a bit low as certain people could not get a kitchen pass out of the house!

 Overall a good day. But here are my highlights which cannot go in pictures.
  • I have been offered a lift to the Salute Show. Last year the British rail ticket sales woman on the day sold me the wrong ticket which cost me £9 more than it should and did not allow me to use the tube. So by the time I had got a tube ticket I was about £14 out of pocket more than I should have been.
  • East street games are coming to the club to put a Zombie game on for us. I just hope the club guys appreciate it. I KNOW I will. So in a few weeks time expect a mass of pics of that game.
  • I was asked to sculpt something after talking about my early career as an architectural modelmaker. I stopped going it after 4 years as I had a nervous breakdown. I am not going to sculpt anything as I am not any good at all at sculpting and would not want to disappoint anyone. But very flattering to be asked.
That's it folks. More to come in a couple of days. Take care, paint figures and have some fun, all the best Clint


  1. For such a small show there was much to admire there, especially if you were a zombie gaming fan. Thanks for sharing those photos, Clint.

    1. Yes 3 zombie games in the same hall. I was not expecting that. But good to see them, even if you are not a fan of WW2 zombies.
      Thanks Bryan.

  2. Whilst maybe small, it looks a well rounded show, plenty to appreciate,though as you said it probably could have done with a few more attendees.
    The East Street Games figures look very interesting.

    1. Yes the east street figures do look good in real life and obviously better when painted. I know I shall get some and paint them. From what I have seen I like the whole attitude of the company.
      thanks Joe.

  3. The M & T game looks pretty cool, we've had a few games of the rules with Gravesend Wargames club, I quit like them.

    1. Yeah the rules are quite good. I may even get my Redoubt Indians painted because of them. Next on the painting table is a belt fed miniature though. Thanks Ray

  4. An entertaining day though. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the B&B when it comes to the club.

    1. When it does I should be able to give you a much better Idea of how it plays. Although I expect the terrain to be the same.

      Thank you Simon

  5. Thanks for sharing, look forward to more.

  6. A nice day out Clint.
    Quite a few zombie games on display, I'm surprised at that. The East Street Games mini's looked very nice. Any idea when they are available for us non show goers?

    1. East Street games are releasing the figures at Salute so I would expect them on sale via the web the week if not Day after. No idea on cost yet though.

      Thanks Bob

  7. Ah, making me jealous again!

    I still think you should go sculpt something, given your experience there is certainly a talent in there somewhere, too. At least convert something! Do it, Clint! I am sure there is a miniature in your lead pile that could look better if it was slightly altered! :)

    1. Thanks Mathyoo. I know my limitations but I may well give it a try.

  8. It's nice to have local shows! Although I can't really get excited about yet another zombie game...

    1. Thank C6. I know what you mean, I VERY rarely get excited about ww2 show games. There really are so many choices for games it really is only limited by our imagination. SO seeing the same things time and again is quite dull.

  9. It looks quite good for a local show I'd be happy if there was a decent show like that near me. Muskets & Tomahawks sounds like a good game. I agree ww2 zombie games being old hat these days but this new miniature line looks good.

    1. Thanks Robert. I agree the new miniatures do look good. I have even seen pictures of the next batch to be released. (There is a guy with a flame thrower for example) and a Dog with handler. How's that for a teaser.


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