Tuesday, 14 April 2015

So it begins Part 1

Well the response from people wanting to play has lifted my spirits somewhat as I was thinking I might have selected a set of rules that were just a tad too challenging. Time (and hair loss) will tell if this turns out to be the case.

Firstly a big thank you to those who have responded a game is only as good as it's players. So cheers guys. Secondly I am still waiting to hear from at least 3 other players who played last year and therefore I have reserved places for them just in case. So the list may be just about complete but I am happy to take reserve places if anyone drops out.

Right on with what I have done! Because of the good weather I am willing to work in the shed. That is not something I choose to do in the winter, it's just too cold! My Jigsaw was indeed "Man enough" to cut the 19mm chipboard it was a struggle and did leave me sweating and swearing, but by taking it slow and clamping the board I was able to cut it quite accurately. Yes I could have used a circular saw but as that has teeth missing I though safety should come first and until I get a brand new blade for it I will not be using it.

I have put the first colours on as well. Using a mixture of Acrylic, poster and emulsion paints I have painted both boards green. Then I found a beige "tester" pot and painted that over the top and blended them together. The result a patchy surface to work from. I like the look of the boards now, but it is only the first step. The paint is on thick enough so none of the board shows through but It also looks like it does because the green is quite weak in tone and the beige is very similar to the boards starting colour. But this is just a base colour as the topographical landscape needs to be added so that you guys are flying over something and not just blank space.

I will not be adding hills in a three dimensional sense so this time out you will not need to climb to get over bumps in the game. Nor will most other features like roads, trenches, streams, towns and shell holes .

That's it for today, just a quick update so you know you are not forgotten. Like I said there are still reserve places in the game but for now the list is closed unless you played last year and have still to get back to me. Fran, Curt, Seb,  and the mysterious Aussie that I have heard through the grape vine wants to play.

Cheers Guys and may the green side not come up too fast!

Take care Clint


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    1. Thanks Ray I have more than fingers crossed.

  2. Crikes, seeing those boards gave me nightmares from having to tear up kitchen or bathroom floors where there'd been a leak. First it was the lino to pull up, then the wayrock, then if we were lucky the plastic membrane over the polystyrene hadn't been damaged and so the fixing the floating floor wasn't the full task of replacing the polystyrene atop the sub-base. But the stink! Never clean water that leaked, only every foul. It stuck to your clothes and you'd have to sit in it and smell it while you ate your sarnies.
    Thanks for the memories Clint ;)

  3. Chevaliers du ciel à l'extérieur!

    1. Yes stop loitering in the Hamger chaps! Thanks Robert. (I had to get your comment translated)

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    1. I have now ordered the planes! And will pick them up at Salute show. Pip pip old boy.

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    1. It all went wrong yesterday! BUT I think I have pulled it back a step or two. so no big worries. (I put the trenches in the wrong place,)
      Thank you Simon.


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