Monday 13 June 2016

Broadside Games! (2016)

Friday Night Fire fight club
(I think)
here are most of the games that were at Broaside this year a couple are missing but I was really pressed for time. So I had to travel around in 5 minutes only and manage to take a single photo of most games.

As I was so short of time and as there was no map/brochure or programme for the show (there may have been but I saw no indication of any and NONE were given to me, that is for sure.

Not a lot of chit chat today but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Simon Miller playing "To the Srtrongest"
American Plains Indians and Dinosaurs!
That sounds GREAT fun to me!

20mm WW2 Eastern Front.

As above
And this games was voted second best in the show by all the other
Groups putting games on.

Maidstone Wargames club
2mm Arab Israeli Wars

Posties Rejects
Donnybrook Tangiers.

This Game won Best game at show
 as voted for by the other Clubs
20mm WW2 Manila Prison Rescue.

Another 20mm WW2
This time by
Herne Bay/Whitstable club.


  1. A nice variety of games, in genre and quality.

    1. Thank you Joe. There was a nice selection of games some were club games, others display games but (I think) each had something to offer.

  2. There are some cracking looking games there Clint, thank you for sharing.

    1. My Pleasure Michael. I will put the game we did up in a few days as well. Probably with an AAR

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran, I had a choice on the day, pictures or shop! I tried to do both but did neither well.

  4. Looks great all that lovely ww2. Thanks for sharingđŸ˜€ I saw the 2mm Arab modern war game at salute and was really impressed.

    1. Thanks Matt. Yes Maidstone always put a good show game on every year and each year very different from the year before.

  5. Thanks for sharing Clint!


    1. You are welcome Peter. I will do a game aar soon.


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