Saturday, 15 October 2016

Turn 1

By the time you read this I will have processed the first turn and sent them back. (that is my next task, before breakfast.).

Most importantly everyone who sent a turn in did something I was not really expecting. As well as turning in great turn sheets and actions some of the ideas were just brilliant and not what I would have thought of at all.

So a big THANK you to the Players.

2 Players did NOT get thir turns in on time so I will say again the DEAD line is 12 (midnight) o'clock Friday night Greenwich Mean Time. As it takes about a1/2 hour (usually more) to process a turn (I expect time will go more swiftly when I get in the swing of the game) and as I have 13 players this games does take up a full and fun day for me. One of the rason it takes so long is that I have to cross check all the countries actions with the turn sheet and make sure no one is doing something that the other is either not aware of or Needs to be aware of.  Do not think it is too much work as the rewards I get from doing this are great.

Enough chat what is Happening.

Klintanistan update: Speculationn  and rumour's. (some are true some are partially true and some are completely fictitious It is up to you to come to your own conclusion..

A nationwide talent search has taken place to find a truly great folk singer to inspire confidence respect and loyalty in one of the factions. A country wide tour has just started and the workers are particularly over joyed with this treat.

Franonian Troops are currently selling their rifles. As poverty strikes this faction the troops are selling anything they can in order to  buy their next meal, but tax collectors are still taking the taxes from the factions populace.

This is completely true, honest! there are no secret police in any former part of Klintanistn. You may speck freely on any subject anywhere you choose.

There is currently a shortage of geologists in Klintanistan maybe a university might invest in creating a course for them to excel at this might lead to better mining opportunities.

Several Trade and diplomatic representatives have been seen in Europe eager to shake hands and approach more 1st world countries. Some of these delegations seem overly happy, perhaps they are enjoying a holiday.

The secret police are everywhere! No one expects the Klintanistan inquisition!

More secret "Gulag" style Mines have opened in the region these last 2 moths then ever before.

Millistan is spreading stories in order to give countries misinformation.

France has sent military aid in the form of vehicles to klintanistan and while no one is completely aware of the destination they will confirm that they are of a military nature.

Conscription has been introduced in some of the faction.

The Rich are getting Richer and the Poor, well no one cares about them so what does it nmatter.

Rayolian Troops have been extorting money from their own population without any official backing.

The Last breeding Pair of Dodo has been discovered and many are flocking to the area eager to acquire them for zoos or a circus. After all if there is two there are probably more.

Ducanistan now has an air force. small at present but definitely bigger than any other Klinanistan Nation!

Great archaeologists have found a lost city. details are scarce and it is not made public the location as yet but it may be Roman or Hittie or even Atlantis the more extreme news papers report (but very few are believing the Atlantis story only crackpots) unless of course you know better.

The Dredging of a harbour is taking place and it is expecting that deep water cargo vessels will start to transport bananas from Klintanistan to Europe.

Japan has shown some excitement about these new fledgling countries.  At present it is not known why but perhaps it sending humanitarian aid to them. Or perhaps they are exploiting them for raw resources.

Cavalry troops are being introduced by more than one country despite the trench warfare of WW1.

3/4 of the countries have now introduced conscription, looks like someone is expecting trouble.

A gold mine is somewhere in the lands but is being kept very secret for fear the country will be attacked. I do not know where it is but I do know it is not here more is the pity.

Crates labelled "Maxim" have been seen on the Russian Docks in the Ukraine. maybe Maxim is a womans magazine. (like you will believe that one!)

Mexico has also sent a trade delegation to Klintanistan Probably looking to support the more left wing countries their.

One country is building a fleet of Trade airships to better export things in bulk to Europe.

Like I said some of these are true others are less true or even just wild speculation. have fun reading and with luck your turn sheet will arrive soon.

All the best Clint

The cartoons are just for fun and do not represent any player in the game, Unless of course you know better.


So if yours has yet to arrive and you have already checked the junk mail
Drop me a line and I will resend it


  1. Thanks Clint I clearly need to be more adventurous and will now act accordingly. Did I miss the email or just get up too early on a Sunday to walk the dogs 😀

    1. I was sending your turn result as this message came in.

      Thank you Matt it should be with you now.
      If not drop me an email. Turn results are attached to the email. (but you already knew that.)

      AS for the above some are true and others are misleading while others are just made up by me. But I will not say which, so unless a true one is for your country you wlll not know for sure what is going on. But some guesses are more predictable than others.

  2. Cheers mate. Interesting set of results. Like Matt, I need to be more adventurous. A couple of stuffed dodos would make nice bookends

    1. Thank you Martin. I am reliably informed that Dodos did/do taste very nice. Bookends I am not so sure but a pretty good circus act.

      Feel free to be adventurous in your turns. But try not to over do it too much. I do tend to trust players

  3. Many thanks for all of the hard work you have put in to this campaign. It is great to hear that you're having fun as well. I'm happy with my results for Turn 1 and will contact you soon with my next Turn's orders. Long live Scottlandia!

    1. Thank you Bryan. Indeed long live Scottlandia.

      yeah there is a funny warm glow inside from putting on games like this for others. I am already thinking of next years game. It may well be a continuation of this. But I will need a break to recover after about 12 weeks.

  4. I agree with Bryan, thanks for all the time you invest in this Clint. The game might take a few turns to develop, but it's hilarious already!

    Who has the Dodos? :D

    1. Thank you mathyoo. To say anymore about a Dodo might give something away. maybe time will tell maybe it is a false lead. Maybe it is only in my imagination.

      I suspect the game will take a few turn to get in full swing and to learn what other nations are up to. A slow burn is better than a flash in the pan.

  5. Will get my finger out this week!

    1. Thank you Fran. I am hoping Franonia will thrive.

  6. Interesting developments Clint. Interesting indeed...

    1. Thank you Phill. There is so much going on.

  7. Hello Clint, just read my turn report and everything reads / works perfectly for me.

    Cracking good stuff so far!


    1. Thank you Roy. There was little bad news in the whole of the first turn for anyone... but that will come I am sure.

  8. Cheers Clint for all you efforts.

    Now if any nasty Millsyst spies are found they will suffer hard shovel labour!

    Viva el Presidenta!

    1. Thank you Dave. Hard Shovel labour does not sound good. But there is a GIMP scheme involved in the game already!

  9. lol awesome reading this is. Well done fella.

    1. Thank you Simon, Shame you are not involved but well too late now. Some of the turn sheets were a real blast to process.


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