Wednesday 1 February 2017

WW1 AAR (The men who would be kings!)

Early in January the club had a game of early WW1. We used the rules "The Men who would be kings!" while they are a colonial set of rules we thought they would work for early WW1 before the trench warfare took hold. All the figures and terrain belongs to Matt.

The Mission.
Very simply the Germans had to force a river crossing. The British had to hold them and the French had to arrive swiftly and set up promptly and help the British out.

The German Players were. Peter, Dick, Tim, Bob played the British and I played the French.

As there were two crossing points Bob too the British to cover just one, a ford! A risky strategy but if I could arrive and set up in time it just may work!

Tim was in control of the German jaegers and he was to keep Bob busy while Peter and Dick moved up as swiftly as they were able to take the second crossing a bridge! As a
All units except the British had to roll for arrival, Bothe French and German It would be an awkward start for all sides.

The Vile Hiun
Peter Dick and Tim!
The Bridge is on the road (Der!) in front on Dick.
The ford is in front of Tim

The British deployed in as much cover as possible
sometimes this also meant they were not in the best positions to shoot!

The French cavalry start to arrive
And I get troops on the table from turn 2 onwards.
The Germans start to arrive on turn 1.

My elite foot arrive and move up the road but once they
get into position their officer panics and flees the table.
This mean they can only activate rarely and are left in woo
ds but in a position to
be shot at each and
every turn by Peters troops.
But nothing I can do about that.

German Cavalry controlled by Dick
 swarm over the baracade on the bridge
Ready to charge my only artillery piece.

Mid battle Bob has lost 1/2 the British and Tim has
crossed the river. I had lost my elite unit.
My artillery was set up in the wrong place.
Which actually turned out to be the best place in the end as It covered the bridge.

The French Infantry firing from a building
along with my artillery were able
toBring fire on the German Cavalry.

As a last ditch action my artillery were able to fire into the German cavalry
that was now charging them. Lucky dice rolls
killed the Germans and made the remainder
 flee back across the bridge and off of their own table edge.

As Bob was so short of troops I let him have a
 French cavalry unit and a French Infantry unit..
In retrospect when he tried to charege the German machinegun
on horseback. I thought better of it. but too late by then.
In 2 turns the cavalry unit was all dead and had achieved exactly nothing.
For those not in the know.
CAVALRY do not fare well against set up machineguns!
(I bet like me you already knew that!)

I fanally got to set up my own machinegun to cover the bridge.
Matt was trying to sow dissent between me and Bob .
But having seen what Bob had done to my Cavalry
 I was not going to let him have a machinegun to waste as well.

Firstly a very good game and even more surprising I played well. (Even if I do say so myself). The French arrived in a timely fashion and I was able to hold the bridge. The Germans under Tim did well and had managed to cross the ford but were unsupported in any real strength. Peter had done well and was just a little bit slow to move up. Dick had also played well but the loss of his cavalry had sent a shock wave through his troops and made them unsteady.I am not saying Bob played badly. But he had lost almost all his own troops and about 1/4 of mine.

Blog posts may be a little sparse this week due to me submitting things to the Analogue Hobbies paining challenge BUT them not being entered as the person responsible was supposedly on a business trip to a sun drenched beach and sipping alcoholic beverages. I have completed 3 different lots of painting and I just hope they will go on next week as they were submitted on Sunday ready for publication on MONDAY.

Anyway thanks for reading and catch you soon. It may be Work in progress photos though!


  1. Nice report mate. Quite surprised the officer fled when with the elite troops what a bummer!

    1. Thanks Simon. Officers in the rules have random traits and this one was cowardice. The first time they were fired on he had to test and failed so he just fled the table. ! bad dice roll and not a thing I could go.

  2. It does sound like you had a good time though a little fraught at times.
    I'm interested too as to how well the rules worked, they seem a little chaotic, but I may well be reading to much into them by your exciting aar, it reads rather like a large-scale skirmish (no bad thing btw).

    1. Thanks Joe. The rules are pretty straight forward. Each unit can do 1 thing each turn if it makes its command roll. Thus loosing the officer is a BAD thing. But as you are only doing 1 thing the game moves along quite well. From what I know of you I think you would like the rules.

  3. Interesting to hear that the game adapted well and well done you.

    1. Thank you Michael. I think the rules would work for many different settings. Perhaps with a very few modifications even as early as Pike and shot all the way up to early WW1. One club member is looking at the Franco Prussian War for example, while another is looking at the Malburian period. As colonial rules go they are simple and straight forward but the scenario has to be correct for tribes to beat the British army!

  4. The game looks great and hearing that the rules work well is encouraging, as I'm interested in them myself.

    1. Thank you Roy. The rules do work well. But I still find the tribes at a disadvantage. I think I will try a few more figure in Tribal units (currently 16 I will try 20) just to see if a balance can be found.

      If the British can get into a "Square" though good luck breaking the square. So in my opinion most scenarios require the British to move. Just what I have found and I am sure others will have found different things.

  5. Nice game even with cavalry charging machine guns but good cat herding!

    1. Thank you Fran. I doubt even Surgit would try to cavalry charge a machinegun in this period! I will admit if it had worked it would have been spectacular.

  6. Nice Battle report Clint, it sounded like an interesting and enjoyable game. Makes me want to get on a paint up my Early War Germans and get my WWI 28mm bits in to action.

    1. Cheers Jerry. It was a good game. I did have more troops than Bob for example but I was facing both Peter and Dick.

      As for getting your own stuff done we all have projects stalled and every so often someone ignite the fire of enthusiasm I am glad I was able to kindle the fire even if not fully set it going.

    2. The old problem of trying to do too many different projects !
      Cheers ,

    3. I know that one oh so very well.
      There will be some more WW1 figures soon. I should finish them tomorrow night, then I have to wait until next Wednesday to show them. The wait is for the Analogue Hobbies Painting comp!

  7. A very nice looking game there!

    1. Thanks Dom. All Matts figures and terrain.


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