Sunday, 7 May 2017

7 Burpas more

Yes 7 more 28mm Burpas. A mixture of Artizan and Foundry so I am told. All painted for Matt and all for the North west Frontier of India. As such I have tried (this time) to paint them in more muted colours and nothing too bright and flashy.

The second pic is more of a close up, but without having moved the figures. This allows both you and me to see them in more detail without the need to handle them too much prior to varnishing.

While the third picture shows their backs and gives you an all round look at them. As always there are more to do and I hope and expect to finish some more by Tuesday (Another 9 are started so expect them soon.)

So with luck see you all again on Tuesday.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sir. There will be more in a few days.

  2. The Burpas are getting to be quite a force with these and another nine you say...

    1. Thanks Joe . I HOPE 9 more finished tonight so if so I should show them tomorrow.


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