Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Saxon raid on Ireland

Saxons Raiding
and starting on the right
Matt played the Irish. he like playing the Irish in "Longships" and this time did not say Potato even once (that I heard), he said it a lot last time, it was his victory chant! Graham and me split the SaxonsLike wise as far as I recall we did not say "Sheep!" or "Wool" or even mead.

Saxon Skirmishers and
a Saxon unit
WE started with 4 Units the irish
started with 1.
I am afraid the game does not look very exciting at all. Graham is a lovely bloke but has less interest in how things look and more in how they work. Each to there own of course and that comment is not meant as a criticism at all.

When you fight the Irish in "Longships" they will have more skirmishers than you. You just have to accept that from the very beginning it's just a fact of life. They will also have on the whole LESS armour and larger units no matter which force you take.

First we had to find his army.
It kept moving
until we could eventually
3rd attempt pin him to a location.

When Matt settled on a location.
It was no surprise he was next
to a steep and rough Hill
Which I would have to fight my way up!

matts second Unit arrived very swiftly
In the town and bogged Grahames troops down
in a street to street house to house fight.

Rather than a frontal assault on the hill I went
to the side and attacked.
The Irish rolled remarkably well.

My Saxon unit was pretty much spent
And Matt was able to hold the hill.
Until very near the end and
I was able to send more troops
which both supported Grahames flank and the battle on the hill.

As the game ended. Both of matts units
fled the table.
But he had managed to Just bring 2 fresh units from
towns close by . It was anyone's game.
Matt looked physically the worse for wear,
Somewhat drained and weary.

Victory points were added up. And despite the Saxons plundering a "Gift From GOD!" the final points tally was close. In the end it was a narrow Victory to Matt. he beat us by 11 Victory points. Which considering most games have about 30 points difference was quite close.

Congratulations Matt a worthy winner.

Despite loosing I still like the rules and am indeed trying to balance a force of my own. The problem being the want for heavily armoured troops against the need to keep the points down.

I shall try to get a good fighting force though and will show them as I go on this blog.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this game, Clint. I know very little about this period so it's always nice to have my knowledge expanded. POTATO! SHEEP!

    1. Thank you Bryan. Saying Potato is clearly wrong as they had not been imported to this continent yet as I am sure you know. This is actually the period I know the best, which really is not a boast as I also realise how little I actually know!

  2. Great AAR Clint, and if you all had fun then technically it's a win all round ! Understand your comment about the look of the board, but to each they're own if the mechanics of how it plays is more important to Graham then that's what's right for him

    1. Thank you Dave I fully agree. And rather than criticise I would rather do better. So until I do no more to say on the subject.

      And yes technically a win for me although in reality while Matt did win I doubt he felt like it!

  3. Great looking game and quite close really considering the normal points margins then.

    1. Thank you Simon. It was a close game. However I am sure Matt felt up against it all the way though.

      As a side not I think I have worked out my force composition as well. Needs to be played to get all the wrinkles out of course but it seems on paper to be solid.

  4. A good game all round by the sound of it and to me it doesn't matter that much what the terrain looks like, just so long as it's functional.
    I must say that I've only played SAGA a couple of times it is a good game, but in my opinion it's a poor wargame.

    1. Thank you Joe I agree. I am not a fan of Saga, I could not get my head around troops being able to do something one turn and then having completely forgotten it 5 mins later.

      Luckily this was not Saga but "Longships" By peter Pig. and they are as different as chalk and Armadillos!

  5. Sounds like a good club night Clint

    1. Thanks Andy. While it may not look all that it did play well so I cannot complain. AND I have started to sort out a force for myself. Believe it or not I am starting with 40 year old figures.


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