Thursday 27 September 2018

Leader and Fitters Truck (15mm sci fi)

For those not interested in 15mm sci fi I do apologise, but a break is due soon. As I continue to work on my Gruntz force. here are 2 more specialists.

Fitters Truck. (15mm GZG)
 A Fitters Truck is vital to all  mechanised troops. As without it you cannot keep vehicles going. This  one is by Ground Zero Games (GZG ) although it is not sold as a Fitters truck, the robots (I am told) are also by GZG (Link) while the actual engineers are by Brigade Models (Different link) .
Stated out as follows.
Base cost 1 Point
scout size. (4 hits)  4 points
Guard Average (3 points)
Soak Light  (3 points)
Shoot trained (1 point)
Assault Seasoned (3 points)
Mental Seasoned (3 points)
Skill Trained (1 point)
Total 19/2=10
Laser Pistol+ energy hand weapon (power tool) +4
Perkz Engineer 4 Points
Total per infantry base (18)

Fitters Truck
Base cost 1 point
Size Light (actually a medium vehicle but treated as a Light) 12 Points
Wheeled (really quite fast) +1 Point
NO WEAPONS +0 points
Skill ( as above)
Cost 14 oints

Making the most of the fact I had 1 crew casting left! I decided it MUST be a leader. It will ONLY be used IF the vehicle is destroyed and I need an escaped crew member.

Hover Jeep.
base Cost 1
Scout  size +8 points
Hover motion +2
 Weapons vehicle Light Laser +4 points
Skill Veteran +5
C-Tek +6 points

Total 26 points

 I fully realise I have made some howling mistakes in the list so far and any Grunts player is more than welcome to point them out. But until I play the first game or 2 how shall I know. Yes I could have tried to mini-max the points to always end on an even number and in my youth that is what I would have done. But now older (if no wiser) I have decided to go with what  feels right and not what gives me the most points!

I also know that not many will use this set of rules. Indeed I have not tried them yet! Therefore I am not expecting a massive response n how to do the points properly.

Next time..... maybe some more sci fi, but this time maybe terrain. Several things started but not as yet finished.

Until then take care have fun and roll dice a few times if you can.


  1. These look great Clint, I do like the fitters truk especially, something about the shape really appeals

    1. Thank you Dave . I must admit I purchased the truck before I really knew what to do with it! Not unhappy at all about that!. I am feeling NOW it needs more general baggage though... boxes, taros and general clutter. If it gets them it will need to be another post though.

  2. Good use for the truck, it's a very interesting looking vehicle, though I'm less taken with the jeep tbh.
    I can't comment on your points, but as a hater of point-based systems, like you, I'd just go with what feels right.

    1. Thank you Joe. I have to fully agree with you. I prefer the truck to the jeep. I like them both but the truck edges it in my opinion.

      Point systems are OK but a decent balance is still hard to get.

  3. I love that fitter's truck. If it was available in 28mm scale I'd definitely want one or more.

    1. Thank you Bryan. The truck is only in 15mm and 6mm figure sizes at present. Demonforge have the 25 mm vehicle moulds from GZG but I am pretty sure this was designed AFTER they were sold to Demonforge.

  4. Hi Clint, more great work here, I love that you remember the support stuff or as we used to call in the US army, the ash & trash
    you gotta have them!

    1. Thank you Don. Most of a modern army is support in one way or another. As wargamers we really do need to remember that. Many things we take for granted would just not happen in the field if it were not for support .

    2. Indeed as an artilleryman for 20 years you can't do your job of putting steel on target without the supply train and maintenance assets, it just can't happen! In gaming terms I've always tried to simulate this by having the appropriate model on table, and since I tend to do campaigns the loss of these assets has an effect on the outcome.

    3. Thank you Don. I totally agree. I do not play as many campaigns as I think I need to but without these type of asset the "front line" would fragment pretty quickly.

    4. Yeah Clint, we used to carry it to it's extreme somewhat in our campaigns here, if you won and had possession of the battle field (and had recovery and repair assets) you could on a dice roll recover a small percentage of enemy equipment as well as your own! The rule was the player would have to purchase his own model and paint it in his national colors and use it in the next game. Made for some very interesting MTOs by the end of the campaign lol.

    5. Thank you Don. Sounds fait enough to me. Captured ordinance is always fun to model/play with

  5. Nicely done Curt, used to have one of those fitter vehicles, heavy feckers and sometimes a little hard to fit together but nice all the same.

    1. Thank you Fran. Yes they are very nice trucks and I agree very heavy. heavy enough that you would not one thrown at you!

      (Post script: easy mistake and I have been called MUCH worse!)

  6. Very nice work as usual Clint.

    1. Thank you Carl. Just (over-night) heard back from my opponent. He also likes the look of this force.

  7. Great vehicles, I like that camo scheme a lot.

    1. Thank you Scully. I find Sci fi cammo quite hard. I have 3 variants for this force though.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Simon. GZG do make some lovely vehicles.


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