Wednesday 28 November 2018

Still not got act together

Sorry NO aar today. I still have not found the time. (I hope in the next few days).

Until then I have finished another knight for Lion Rampant. As such it is one of my OLD Bretonian Knights from Games Workshop. Clearly part of the Black, white, Purple troop. So it will fit into my second unit. I did not know (Until I checked on the internet) that both Orange and Purple were legal heraldic colours.  Still live and learn. As soon as I found that out the colour choice was clear to me. And an Old Games workshop figure is given a new lease of life.  I am sure most of you will already have noted that and used Purple and Orange in your heraldry. Yeah I am a bit behind the times.

While this does not finish the second unit of knights it is now a step closer.

Talking of a step closer. here are the Wild west (western) 15mm figures I still have to re-base and touch the paint up. In some cases a total re-paint. The sand yellow bases are my 20-30 year old ones, (and they do need a re-paint)
While the ones on the green bases are a gift from Peter. (And guess what they also need a re-paint). Here is what there is in total. Left to right)
  • 7 Mounted figures with Long arms.
  • 8 Mounted figures with pistols.
  • 12 Civilians un armed) for use as Liability bases.
  • 16 +8 Rifle armed towns men
  • 8pistol armed townsmen.
  • 1 BUFFALO (back row)
  • 1 Pack mule.
  • 2 mounted Scouts. (I can use them as leaders)
  • 1 Wagon with supplies,
  • 1 broken and unarmed figure.
This is VERY nearly enough for a "Townsmen" group ready to play "Western Rules By Peter Pig. I shall of course need a few extra packs but only 2-3 packs. For example Townsmen are not allowed more than one unit mounted!
So that's it  for now more again soon.  And I have an AAR to do when I get the chance!

All the best Clint


  1. Great paint job on the knight Clint, when I was researching heraldry I found the colours used were a status of wealth as some colours were harder to dye, as was the use of symbols as you had to get someone to design and paint them.
    Nice collection of wild west figures, look forward to seeing the repaints

    1. Thank you Dave. I agree, clothing of all types was expensive. 3 miles of thread in a normal tunic. And that is quite an investment in time.

      Also Purple and Black were very hard to dye. Which is why Black was left for Gods elite (at the time) and therefore Monks! Purple dye was from a Mediterranean sea creature and thus VERY rare.

      So Dyes were expensive

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ray. Always good to repaint and re-purpose an old figure.

  3. The knight remins me of a "Britain's" swoppet knight I had - he looks great.
    That's a lot of re-inforcements for your western set-up, should keep you out of mischief for a while.

    1. Thank you Joe. Me out of mischief surely you jest! But even I realise I have to get some of Matts done soon.

  4. That is a mighty fine figure of a mounted knight. Great paint job on him.

    1. Thank you Bryan. I do have 2 more on the painting table but I do get easily..... OH look a cat!

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