Sunday 27 November 2011

Carpark 01a

It's Sunday so didn't want to make any noise this morning and wake the neighbours. So waited till 7am before going up the shed. There has been a minor setback, nothing to worry about still ahead of schedule. Some of the hard board had come up rough where it was painted so I sanded that back. I'll have to repaint but that's 10 mins work plus drying time, and as I'd have to touch it up after the bays are marked out it's not an issue.

The minor setback is that when I was sealing the ramps they failed to glue down, and even some of the mix was still wet. Darn. So all I am doing today is attaching the "support pillars" to the other side of the board. I will restick the ramps this afternoon, even if I have to use a glue gun, although I do prefer PVA.

So wargaming wise today I'll start to clear my paint table (I am far too ashamed to post a pic of it). I have some Early WW1 Germans (28mm) to finish, a couple of bits for warmachine (which will probly get set aside for now) as well as quite a few unfinished odds and sods. The idea being I can then start painting Zombies come next week.

That's all for now folks, more later, most likely tomorrow.

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