Saturday 3 December 2011

Carpark 0.5

Yes the camera is going on Holiday but I shall have it till 8am Monday morning. So I should be able to post a pic or two after today.

Comming to the point I have marked in a parking grid. Done the best layout I could given the restraints and the need not to over think it. So it's head on parking to the sides and paralel parking between the pillars.

I found the best way to mark the bays was with a white colouring pencil. It's quick and easy and no fuss. Other more professional ways are availible but this gave the least effort for the best results. I did miss the line a couple of times and know there will be comments, but until they do better I can ignore them. It is looking more like a carpark now the parking bays are indicated. I know it's a long way from perfect but it is slowly coming together.

I shall start the Zombies as soon as I finish typing this. I think I shall do them in batches of 12. As I mentioned earlier I will try them in all greys first and see if I can get the computergame look. No idea if it will work, but got to be worth a go.

Tomorrow I have a Rainham club game of 7TV to put on. so you may have to put up with some ramblings about that as well. And if I remeber the camerera maybe a pic or three (but probly gloss over the whole thing when I loose).

Catch you later. Clint

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  1. Looking really good especially now the bays are marked out


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