Wednesday 28 December 2011


Well not too much to report on the wargames front over the past few days. Today however I have been to B+Q and bought some more wooden battening. I have worked up the shed and battened out all the remaining boards for the moon scape. I'll leave the glue to dry overnight and when I get back from work in the morning I'll sand them and generally neaten them up. Once that's done it will be repeating the previous steps with minor variations to create different boards.

The first moon board (in this batch) is drying out nicely, but still needs a few more days before I want to put the next layer of paint/sand and glue on. Then it will need a week to dry. So at this stage nothing to show in pics. It looks exactly the same as the last picture, but the texture is slowly, very slowly stiffening.

On other projects: I have sent a sketch of the club shirts to a club member and am waiting for his feedback before I spend any more time on it. Obviously I want him to say "Yes that's fantastic" but even if he does then that's where the real work will start.

Still thinking about WW1 Zombie games, I think the best scenario is a trench raid as opposed to a mass battle.A plucky group of Tommies going across "No mans Land" to infiltrate the German trenchline and find out what's going on. I suspect the biggest difference between a standard 7ombie TV game and one set in WW1 might be the skills. Mostly they will be very limited and most players will put their defence up as high as they are allowed. I think that I might limit the amount of points they can put up defence by might be limited. I like characters to be somewhat limited and have a vulnerability. Otherwise you'll get characters knee deep in Zombies and not worried about it. I'll decide closer the time of course, but it's just my first thoughts. I'll have to change the scavenger cards as well to fit with the era and setting and again that's more to think about. If I get this idea up and running I'll offer it to Dr Warlock for his Fanzine. He Knows I'm dyslexic and will have to proof read it thoroughly, but that's what an editor does.

That's all for today, yes I now it's not very exciting, but it's a step that needs to be done and done properly before I can go any further.

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