Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Well today is the 25th of December. So happy Christmas and seasons greetings and all that Malarkey. Seriously hope everything is going well for all of you.

To the right is all the games related stuff I was lucky enough to be given this year. For most of us "Mature" wargamers this is a first rate haul of goodies and for which I am really thankful, definitely no gripes from my point of view this year. I guess Santa must have deemed me "Good" this year. Normally it's just some socks and pants and some deodorants. So by comparison I am over the moon. All of them were surprises. The Jadpanthers were from Alan a small reward for putting on the Zombie Car park Christmas game if I am honest I had the pressie a few weeks ago but did not open it. I had rattled it and judging by the dimensions and weight and sounds concluded it was  most likely a kit of some kind, although with Al it could have been just the sprues with all the pieces removed and a witty note. It would be the kind of thing he might do as a joke, but I was confident (this time) that it would be kosher. (Mind you I have yet to open the box so the last laugh might still be with him). But I have faith.
The rest though were a complete and utter surprise.

I have only had a quick scan through "Tomorrows War", but I have Force on Force so I do have an idea of the quality of the production and to a lesser degree the quality of the rules. Coming to the point the rules seem (at this stage of quick scan) to contain a setting which appeals. I semi realistic future of futuristic warfare. I like what I have seen from a setting perspective both countries and corporations colonising planets and squabbling over resources. When I read more I'll have a much better idea, but for now I'm quite excited by it.

The DVDs have obvious 7TV links and as I have not seen them for ages will be quite fresh to me. I did manage to watch Deathwatch yesterday evening. My conclusions are mixed. I did think it was a good general horror film. I was informed it Zombie film, however  I saw no zombies in the film, which I found disappointing which is why I am not being as enthusiastic as perhaps I could be. The trenches were well constructed and the general feel/atmosphere of the film was really good and there are some good horror themes centring (in my opinion) around isolation both from their own forces and between the individuals of the group. But then I'd never be a film critic. Shame no Zombies though as come on World war one zombies does have a certain resonance.

I'll check the moon boards first thing in the morning, but I am not expecting it to be dry just yet and with Relatives arriving late morning don't think I'll get much chance to do much of anything. Still you never know I might get lucky.

Hope you've had a great day and that Santa has delivered more than just socks! All the best Clint

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