Tuesday 10 January 2012

I have decided to post every other day. I was trying to write something everyday, but it was becoming difficult. So from now on every other day. I can't guarantee I will but at least I will give it a shot, which is funny as this only started the blog as a way of talking about the zombie car park construction. Anyway on with the wargames news from my point of view.

I have nearly finished the Fat biker. All I am trying to do now is put some Tattoos on him that look about right and don't look so rubbish that it spoils him. I am not saying he's brilliant, but he's not looking too sad. He will need to be done by the weekend as I want to take him to the Rainham wargames club as he looks quite like one of them. (You know who you are Kev... yes you).

The other two figures are also coming along. Another of them (the girl) does look like another of my friends as well. (Tracie was a biker who was also a mud wrestler she sadly passed away 2 years ago at the age of 45 from Cancer.) I am trying hard to make it look a little different from her so I don't get too focused on trying to get it perfect. The other Biker does not look like anyone I know.... just in case you were wondering.

On to Other topics. The moon boards are drying out. The first one has just been given a base coat of black ready mixed poster paint and white wood glue. The wood glue is thoroughly mixed with the paint and some water was added to thin it down (The ratios are about 4 Paint: 1 Glue: 2 water) The glue will act as a sealer and should give it an extra little bit of protection. At the worst It won't harm it and at the best it will seal it and protect it. I have decided not to colour it after this stage until I get the others all to the same level. That way I will be able to keep the greys consistent on all the boards which I hope will stop it having a "Patch work" effect.

The Cutlass rules arrived and I have been reading them. There's a lot of eye candy and glossy pages. The actual rules only take a few pages and seem quite straight forward. I'll need to try it and get to grips with the action/reaction system in a game before I come to any conclusions. I do like the basic rules and the fact that if you are better at a statistic (like dexterity...DEX) you get to roll a "stronger" dice. A d8 as opposed to a D6 for example. If you are like me the size of the dice does not alter the fact that you will still roll a 1. The general mechanics are clear and easy to follow: shooting for example is the attackers Accuracy dice versus the defenders defence dice. With modifiers for injuries, cover range etc. The Defenders dice roll is subtracted from the attackers accuracy roll and if the result is positive a hit has been achieved. Charts are consulted to determine the effect of the hit from very minor injuries or stuns up to taken out of the game. All in all I am happy with the rules at this stage but would need a game to make sure I like the way they work.
The main attractions to the game are the setting, a fantasy pirate game. and MORE importantly the lovely figures. I shall be ordering some of them next week, following a few chats at the club on Sunday. To be fair I like most of the forces. I am least attracted to the undead which is not to say I would not want to get some, but as a starter force there are others that excite me more. Dwarfs, as you will remember are a new force for me , so perhaps they are the flavor of the month. Elf Pirates I can also go for very flamboyant and no doubt with a French accent. Orcs/goblins to be honest I prefer the goblin figures to the orcs but I see no reason they cannot be a pure goblin crew, just using the Orc statistics for the officers. The humans can be Royal Navy, Pirates or Privateers figure wise I like the female pirates I can see they would be fun to paint, but the Royal Navy get Marines which are pretty good (statistic wise) in the game, just a shame they don't do female marines!!

See you in 2 days time.


  1. Cutlass Sounds good. I generally post once a week sometimes twice if get a lot of hobby time that week. Don't worry about it

  2. For me I think every other day is a good compromise. And am happy with that.

    I have been reading Cutlass more fully (being dyslexic reading rules is a chore and not a joy). I'll detail more conclusions about it in the next few days. It's like the Warhammer historical "Legends of the old west" or "Legends of the high seas" but the mechanics seem more interactive.


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