Sunday 4 March 2012

Another Fembot

I am a little late posting today as I've had relatives round.  Don't get me wrong it's always nice to see them, but it has put me a bit behind on where I think I should be.
Anyway here is the second Fembot. Not quite finished in this photo so only need to put the few gold touches on and I'm sure you'll be able to imagine them as exactly the same as the first one. Clearly the lilac colour was acceptable to me and was fun to paint as it makes a change from most uniforms. It's probably a colour I shall use again although not on any more Fembots. Having said that painting fembots is fun and I'll think about getting some more at a later date.

Other painting update:
  1.  Finished one peice of scenery for the 3 musketeers game I plan for a weeks time. I had hoped to have gotten more done but could not this morning. It is painted pretty roughly but it painted fast and at this stage I need fast. It stilll looks okay, but needs some tarting up at a later date. 1 done 3-4 four to go. I have yet to re-write the rules for the game, they're all in note form but having played it through before it should work okay again now it has been tweeked.  
  2. Started to paint some of the zombie feast figures. The corpses to litter the streets of the zombie games. I have 4 on the table in various states of compleation, but again nothing to show today.
  3. 8 PBI US infantry stands. (2 batches of 4 stands). I should get the first ones finished tomorrow and get a pic of them by Tuesday. Well that's the plan anyway. The second batch by the end of the week if all goes well.
Re Terrain update:
  1. 3 Musketeers as mentioned above. 4 peices to have finished by Sunday morning. only furniture peices not full buildings. A set of Market stalls laden with goods.
  2. Moonscapes. Started the fith board this morning, Then relatives arrived so had to abandon work half way through the first real stage. Andy from Ainsty castings wants a large crater board. The crater is about 14" across so I think that should be big enough. I am on the taping it all down stage. hopefully I can finish that  stage before I bnext blog.
  3. Force on Force Afghanistan boards. Managed to get two boards cut to size and battened out ready to be worked on. I wanted all 4 done by this stage but at least I have made a start. Need to get the other two done in the next couple of days.
Other wargames projects: I have orderd some stuff from a couple of manufacturers for the BROADSIDE game. It is therefore very likly that I'll be paining 20mm modern wargames stuff for the game very shortly.

I have also been working on club shirts for the Rainham club. tempted to change the colours now to suit the new direction. I'll speak to a supplier on Monday or Tuesday and see where that takes us.

Well that's todays updates. I start 2 weeks of overtime tomorrow so will look and feel like one of the living dead for a while but it's only 2 weeks and the money will be ploughed back into my hobby so really nothing to complain about.

Cheers Clint.


  1. Another Nice Addition Clint, nice skin tones on the lurvely lady :D

  2. Thanks Brum, I'll give Kev the choice of which one he wants. And very tempted to get more....

  3. Thanks Ray my painting better than my photograhy I'm affraid... might have to leard how to take snaps soon.


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