Tuesday 6 March 2012

"I see dead people!"

Here are the first of many "dead people" sometimes you just want a few corpses to lie still while you play the game, not get up and wander about the place biting  people and generally creating a nuisance of themselves. I needed some for the car park game and had to use dead cowboys which looked a bit NAFF, but at least you got the idea. Anyway Tim (AKA Frontline Tim http://www.frontlinewargaming.co.uk/) set about making some. Now Tim is the second to say he's not a great sculptor, (second only because his wife would get the words out faster) and while these are a little raw they are perfectly good enough to represent unmoving lying still type dead people. He makes six all different in a pack cast in resin. I have only painted 4, as you can see, (stop counting on your figures it is 4 honest) as they were the first few I pulled out of the bag he gave me. All in all I am happy they are great for zombie feast markers, or to just litter your streets with as atmospheric scenery. Far as I am concerned job done.
This second pic is of one of the market stalls for the planned 3 musketeers game. Yesterday had an email that three of the key players aren't gonna make it Sunday so I'll postpone the game for a while and play it when more people can get involved. Which is a real shame because Tim has posted me some more of these, his own, as the rules need LOTS of terrain. The rules are home brew and assuming we get a good game out of them I'll post them in a later blog. Again this is another FRONTLINE resin casting. 4 of these and a fountain in a pack so quite good for musketeer type games.
OK that's the painting covered. But that's not all I have been doing. I have finished taping the latest moonscape and given it a single coat of muck, now it will need 3-4 days to dry out before the next coat. This should give me a chance to batten out the last to Afghanistan boards later this week.

I have also approached a supplier for club shirts and having originally said he can do them has not got his act together sufficiently for me to proceed. Am I down hearted? No not at all, the closer it gets to Summer the more variety of tee shirts will become available and the price will drop. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I have nearly finished the design, One of the dice has both a 1 and a 6 visible which as gamers of all quality know you should not be able to see (at least on a d6). So a little tweak and the designs done too.

And that's it for today. Hope you found something interesting here. Should post again Thursday. Cheers Clint.


  1. Good to hear Clint, I don't want you to get upset but the game at Broadside might be 15mm WW1 now but we will keep you updated my friend...I blame Ray!

  2. nowt to do with me??/ It was our venerable Posties idea, not 100% sure what's going on, but like fran said we'll keep you updated once we know what the hell's going on!!
    We're getting some T-Shirts made for the show as well, trouble is I left it for Fran to sort out, so Christ knows what they're gonna look like!!!

  3. Fran, Ray, No worries about changing the game for the show. I'm sure it will be good whatever you choose. You'll not be the only one to change games.

    As for club shirts NIGHTMARE! But everything sorts itself out in the end.

  4. Looking good Clint the corpses are great. That table is brilliant it will add to the atmosphere


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