Saturday 12 May 2012

Large Compound Board

Three photos today, Not what I was hoping to show, but I have yet to finish what I wanted to show. Such is life. The top picture shows the large compound (still shrink wrapped) in it's board setting. Fields, roads and walls have all been positioned and glued down. The first layer of sand and plaster is also in place. I plan to do the second layer this week so you really will get a step by step guide of how it was made for better or worse.
The Second photo shows two boards butted up next to each other. At the same level of completion. This really is the extent of my workspace so for now I can't show more than 2 boards at a time. I grant you that I have yet to get all four boards finished, but by showing two I hope it gives some indication of things to come. I think the roads will all work with the level of cover and I hope it gives both a pleasing game visually and from a game play point of view when finished. Time will be my judge here.

A view of the two boards from the other direction. which does show the roads and fields of one board assisting on another. There will be a prize at BROADSIDE offered by Pen and Sword Publishing for the best game at the show. I origininally ruled myself out of this being one of the organisers. As it turns out we have an independent judge, namely Henry Hyde from Battle Games Magazine. I have no idea what his criteria for "best game" will be and it will no doubt come down to his personal likes and dislikes. I still don't anticipate winning,  most shows have some interesting games and I don't think Broadside will be the exception there, but nice to be able to take part. I think this project is beginning to get there now and as such as inevitably happens my mind has started wandering trying to decide what of the myriad of ideas I shall try to tackle after this one. But I refuse to get sidetracked just yet, I shall finish this first.

That's today's post, thanks for reading enjoy the rest of the weekend and lets all hope it stays Sunny! All the Best Clint


  1. It's defintely looking the biz !

    My theory on shows has always been "Less game, more show", by which I mean entertain the punters as they view your game/demo,

    Good luck with it Clint.

  2. Its coming together very nicely!!

  3. They are looking excellent! The chipboard walls looks particularly fine.

  4. fantastic work Clint - I hope to see it in the flesh (so to speak!) at the show

    1. Just wonderng if you are related to Adrian Nash.

      Would be great to meet at the show and have a chat.

    2. Not as far as I know Clint! I will certainly do my best to get to Broadside and say hello


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