Wednesday 9 May 2012

WIP 1st board. (short and sweet)

And Today's update is still more work in progress. I feel I should be apologising for not having more, but sometimes that's just the way it goes.
At this stage I have glued all the scenery in place and started to "texture" the board. The buildings have been removed, so you are just looking at the ground scatter. Except for the fields all the base board has had a layer of plaster glue paint and sand. It could do with another layer of paint and sand to cover any gaps which you can clearly see on the road sections. All in all it is coming on. And If I do some each day it will get finished in next to no time.

In addition to making the terrain I have also "Started" painting the British troops. Yes I was feeling guilty about it and decided to get them started while it was raining. They are so far from being finished that I'd be embarrassed to share them just yet. But rest assured they are now in production.
That feels like a really quick update today, but I can't force it if there's not masses to show. I'll post again on Friday. Cheers Clint


  1. Looking good Clint, looking good!!!!!

  2. Starting to come together nicely Clint, progress is progress!


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