Tuesday 3 July 2012

More Thrust.

Firstly As I was not happy with yesterdays blog I have decided to do one today as well.  These are the start of my Second Full Thrust fleet. This time the Islamic Federation. These are only the small ships of the intro fleet, I have put the larger (cruisers) somewhere safe. I will start painting theose when I find them again. But for now these should act as a sample of colours and markings. As shown I have gone for a rich blue as my main colour, contrasting that I have a lemon stripe on each vessel. As all the ships have cresent shaped wings I thought to emphasis these by painting them a copper colour higlighted with gold and washed with "flesh wash" all to signify a more 3D look to the figures.  Once they are all fininsh (once I find them again) I will photograph the whole fleet together as I did the FSE fleet. I shall also offer a photo of both fleets together.

Now lets go back to the poll for a little. In my mind (and only there) I have settled on a Zombie game. Let me start by saying I am not totally happy with any of the Zombie rules I have found so far. They all have something to offer, but they also all lack one or more elements I would like. As such I think I might have a go at writing my own. I don't want to start adding house rules to an existing system, I feel a completely fresh start is in order. If you don't hear any more about this assume I have given up, and common sense has taken over.

Meanwhile back at the Zombie terrain ideas, here are a few I have thought of (in no logical order):
  • High School
  • Petrol Station.
  • Hospital.
  • Laboratory / Research Facility.
  • Shopping Mall
  • Underground / tube station.
  • Warehouse/Factory
  • Docks/Port.
  • Fair Ground / Ammusement park.
  • Peir.
  • Airport.
  • Railway Station / Rail Yard.
  • Sewer.
  • Appartment Block.
  • Church and graveyard.
  • Powerstation.
  • Army Baracks
  • Motorway Service Station / Truck stop.
  • Typical Urban Street / City block.
  • Suburban area.
  • Zoo.
I want to keep it accessable to most people, so I have taken out, space Station, moonbase, submarine, ship and those sort of things brcause the terrain migh be too tight for a flowing game.

I hope there is something there for you to mull over. I already feel Happier with this post than the previous one. I'll post again Tomorrow, so take care til than and happy Blogging. All the Best Clint


  1. I like your list, Clint. I can tick four of them off from my own campaign - petrol station, warehouse, power station and suburban area. I'd add one more location (for obvious reasons, cough, cough!) and that's a police station.

    1. I was bound to miss something obvious out! Doh! Police Station, Of course. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. I think there's another you might consider, Sir. How about a SuperMax Prison or a criminally insane asylum?

    1. Excellent ideas. I bet there's even more I have missed out! (City not Rural, I have left off all Rural deas, sor now.)

  3. Hey Clint, I've been considering getting a box and painting 'Somewhere Safe' on the side just so I can find things again ...

    On the Zombie rules front, I have the same feeling as you - none of the rules I've tried/read quite satisfy, so am getting No More Room In Hell to read those as well. I'll let you know if I think they are any better than ATZ or 7ombieTV.

    Good luck with your own rules!

    1. If I get a box with somewhere safe written on it... where will I put it? I'm bound to loose it as well.

      Yeah please let me know about NMRIH.

      Starting the rules will be easy.... finishing them is a different story all together!

  4. Good Selection to be fair I think apart from the prison Charles mentioned that's pretty much covered

    1. Bound to be something I have missed. But more important to fix on one and move forward. I'll see what happens in a couple of weeks when I talk with Carl (crooked dice). He'll no doubt sidetrack me on to something else entirly.

  5. That's some list you have there!!!!!

    1. Start with a long list and shorten it. I have no intention of buiding them all. I'll talk about what I'm looking for later.

  6. What about adding a Motel, a trailer park, a shanty down, a municipal park or a sports arena/area ?

    As for rules, start a discussion on the BOTLL please with your ideas.

    1. Caravan park / camping site was on the list I just forgot to add it. WE don't have trailer parks as such in the UK. I had trouble finding caravans to the right scale, until this afternoon. "Wilkensons" do them now (£5each... but only 1 style/colour).

      All good ideas more for me to think about..

      I am thinking of a show game at conventions at the moment. As opposed to a campaign setting.


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