Tuesday 29 November 2016


My Forces. 3 units of infantry and one of artillery.
Graham had 3 units of infantry and one of cavalry
Bob also had 3 units of infantry and one of cavalry (with lances)
What an ominous post title.  At the club we played The Men Who Would Be Kings rules in a Sudan setting. The British against the Mahdists. Bob Graham and myself playing the British and Tim, Peter and Matt playing the Locals.

Tim's Troops started in the village and were the only
 Mhardist troops on the table at the start of the game.
Our mission was to destroy the village buildings, we had a set number of turns in which to accomplish the destruction. I had the only artillery, but both Bob And Graham both had cavalry. The artillery could destroy the buildings in the village from a distance, but even so it would take me 6 turns to get the village even at extreme range. Or 8 turns of movement if I was to get the every building in range of the gun. Officers all had random traits and leadership values as befitted their race.

Bloody FLASH!
Peters troops arrive at the very first turn.
Mats arrive on the second.
All the british try to advance as swiftly as they are able
but the cannon only moves 4 inches a turn so
I lag behind somewhat.
The cavalry push me from the hill
but not with sufficient force to break me
Worse for peter in hi follow up assault
my infantry actually win and push him back.
Having played the rules before a few amendments were made but even so we knew that if the British were not almost forced to move the game became very one sided as the British would just form square (we had seen this in previous colonial games) and calmly just kill anything that came within range.

Peter (opposite me) moves his troops up using as much blocking terrain as possible.
Matt also moves up but has far less blocking terrain.
Able to hide his cavalry in a valley out of shot
Peter unleashes a charge up hill against my
central foot unit.
As soon as I could fire all 3 units opened up on the cavalry.
Not killing them outright but really hurting them and bringing them to about 1/4
of starting strength,
However this cavalry screen was enough to let Peter move his Fuzzy Wuzzies
up and into contact.
There is only so much a unit can do.
Without breking they are pushed back down the hill for a second time.


Peter was the last Mhadist leader to survive
but with three British rifle units able to fire on them
it was only a matter of time before
all his troops were also killed

While the whole game was enjoyable the British firepower was utterly devastating and it did not lead to a terrible well balanced game.
But with 4 sets of rules among 6 players any issues were VERY quickly resolved.
Overall a very enjoyable day.

Meanwhile Bob has lost his cavalry and nearly lost one infantry unit
and Graham has killed all of Tim's artillery crew (His target of priority)
Broken through the centre and his cavalry were (and later his infantry were also)
pulling the buildings down


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran. The revenge does refer to the attacking the village to punish them and not any feelings I may have at all.

  2. Withering rifle fire wins the day, great report Clint.

    1. THank you Michael. Just a shame that blogger has moved a few things around. And when I try to change it, it comes out worse!

  3. Colonial firepower wins the day - yet again! here is an iherant problem with colonial gmes gettingthe balance right.
    Good game though by thesound of itplayed with the right spirit!

    1. Thank you Joe. Yes it was indeed a good game. I agree there are balance issues. More terrain would have helped to balance it as would a bigger board with more avenues of approach for the Mahdists. But all things we as a club can and will work on.

  4. Nice batrep in pictures Clint.

    Erm any news on the PBB game?

    1. Thanks Andy. The PBB game is still going to continue when I get some enthusiasm back... I keep meaning to but just cannot bring myself to just yet. This time out is a LOT more work than I did anticipate.

  5. Looks like a good game I haven't purchased the rules yet, although I bought them for a friend. Good to see them playing out.....I would just have to collect some more figures !😬

    1. Thanks matt. The rules are simple. And like all rules they will not suit everyone or indeed every situation. But the rules are flexible and will allow for many periods not just colonial. One club member wants to try them for VERY early WW1 for example. And they should work for that as well.

  6. Brilliant battle report. Really like the sheet used as well its very effective looking as a desert great idea!

    1. Thanks Simon. Cloths to represent deserts and grass and other terrain have been around for a long time but yet still look good and work well.


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