Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Cavalier Games 2018

Due to LAG and the puter playing silly what nots I was unable to post this yesterday. But tody (Tuesday) try again. As always the games are a mixed bag. Some being show games through and trough while others are club games. Personally I like normal club games as I wonder after the show (or series of shows) is any of it ever used again. Which is both sad and a waste.
Tonbridge Wargames Club - Battle of Segesvar 1849 (10mm)

North London Wargames Group
15mm Crug Mawr 1136

Crawley Wargames Club
The Siege of Girona 1796 
And I agree a very nice "Fort"

Gravesend Gamers Guild
WW2 tank battle
Clearly a club game and no worse for that

6mm (or 1/300th)Siege of Malta
Southend wargames club.
Firstly love the cloth, taken from
a modern airiel photo and altered
with all the modern buildings taken out.

28mm Zombie game byHailsham Wargames Club 
I still like a good zombie game but fear
they are getting a little rare these days 
Society of Ancients
(No not my school reunion)
To be honest they look good but I tend to loose interest
as one game the SOA puts on looks like the next
Still if they enjoy them that's good enough
28mm Mexican Revolution I think
The reason I "Think" is that the club put on a nice game
but no info at all was on display.

Deal Wargames. 1937 China
Battle of Yangmigbao 1937
As above, but you so rarely see Japanese Armoured
cars it is worth a separate photo.
Al 20mm I think

The Lights were on but no one was home.
28mm ww2 Tanks I think.
Clearly a club game and no worse for that
just not as visual as some
of the others
Maidstone wargames society
28mm ww1 ZeeBrugge raid
Yes it looks very nice and will do several shows, but after that what will happen to it?
I have no idea but I do not see it being used very much
Despite my reservations I still think it was best looking
game of the show and it will be a waste if never used again after this year

10th century Chinese naval game
by Friday Night Firefight Club
All the ships were hand made and it looks great
a Very different game in 28mm

 Well that is a round up of the games. (1 game missing). Quite a variety and some games if you do not see them this year you will ever see again. But maybe seeing them once is enough to give inspiration. That is up to each individual to decide.

Thanks for looking. Probably ECW figs tomorrow as I try to catch up.

All the best Clint in snowy Kent





  1. Looks like it was a bounty for the eyes. Hmm zombie games are getting few and far between but there has been no recent big hit movies to push the interest of late. I am looking forward to the Post Apocalypse Boxed set coming from Crooked Dice it expands on the original Zombie tv so looking forward to that coming end of Summer hopefully in time for Zomtober :)

    1. Thank you Simon. yes more Crooked goodness would be good and post Apoc I know you really enjoy.

  2. Wow, I'd have loved to have seen that WW2 siege of Malta game in person.

    1. Thank you Roy. The siege be at several shows. The guys are going to advance the date each time with slightly improved aircraft just as happened in WW2 until eventually Spitfires arrive!

  3. wow what a great array of different games on show, thank's for sharing them with us Clint

    1. Thank you Dave. I do find going to shows an inspiration as it clearly shows different types and styles of games.

  4. Well I happen to like zombie games! Hahahaha
    Some good eye candy there buddy

    1. Thank you Andy, I think every good show needs a zombie game. I am just observing that they are not as common as they once were. (which is a shame)

  5. I do like seeing some 'typical' club games at a show as well as the obviously 'dedicated' show game and there seems to have been just the right mix at this show,

    1. Thank you Joe. I agree there does need to be a mix of types of games, club and show. however club games do tend not to get a look in so much as they are not flashy and eye catching.

  6. An eclectic mix of games, as I would expect. The game I'd have been most interested in would, of course, have been the zombie game. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Bryan. The zombie game did look good and has got me wanting to do more zombies.


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