Sunday 25 February 2018

Cavalier swag!

Show report probly tomorrow.

Internet has been down here so I missed a few posts but I have not been Idle so posts will come soon.

However until they do ... Just got back from the Cavalier show so I thought to share the loot/swag haul.  Here it is.

left to right top to bottom.

2 28mm Panserschrek teams for WW2 Germans got Chain of command.

6 Lewis Guns. These will be for conversions for my diesel punk project. Which I HOPE to START this week.

2 packs of Anstiy castings (Tea chests and stacks of boxes.) generally useful but also I do have a specific plan for them.

4 28mm Victorian Science Fiction Robots. (Ironclad Miniatures) Wait and see!

2 20mm SHQ Modern British gulf war soldiers. To paint as BAOR troops part impulse buy and part I want to do some "Cold War"

1 pack of plastic slotta bases because I am running out.

1 pack of German Aeronef Digs.

2 rule sets (Gift from friend so no cost) "Triumph and Tragedy for BoB. I already have the rules so either for Matt or another at the club.
and the Spanish Civil war supplement, which I was not expecting and now I am thinking of starting SCW in another scale!

4 Pots of Paint. I always need more paint since I found that the world stops spinning if I do not buy paint regularly! (No it does truly it does and if I wash my hair in it I will never go bald..... one of these comments may not be true, but why risk it?)

1 other secret thing I hope to get painted as a gift, But if I tell you it will not be a secret so I may just have to stick with the paint shampoo!

That's it for today. I will try to get a show game report done tomorrow

All the best folks.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Dave. Everything has a use and all is useful to me. If not to all.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Tamsin, came home with over £90 so could have sent more and very nearly did. very nearly got all the BAOR force in one hit. but this way I get to see that I want to do it properly.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray not a lot there directly for you, although I am sure you could always use paint and crates. But I suspect you might really have your eye on the Victorian Robots.

  4. A decent haul. The only items that would have been of use to me are the Ainsty crates - they are always useful and so versatile.

    1. Thank you Bryan. Yes the crates are very useful as are the tea chests. We were all saying you have to be of an age to remember tea chests. A thing of the past and not one younger people will remember.

  5. Very nice haul Clint, covering plenty of different area's

    1. Thank you Dave. Mostly in the steam/diesel punk genre or it will be by time I finish! LOL

  6. Quite a varied haul and some interesting items amongst themany "essentials".

    1. Thanks Joe. I have gotten home and already placed 2 further orders for things I forgot. (MDF bases for 1 and Dice from China). Such is the way of wargamers.

  7. Nice loot post. I have never tried that brand of paint. Its like the old Citadel stuff isn't it?

    1. Thank you Simon. Yes the first citadel paint. You can buy it from Col Bill £2.30 a pot so plenty affordable and not bad quality. For the price as good as Games workshop and probably better.


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