Monday 17 September 2018

Autumn Skirmish from my bit of heaven!

Yesterday I was at a small and local show. So I shall do a show report later, but first the loot. Not the biggest haul I grant you and Only 1 "Impulse Buy" . I say Impulse buy as it was pre-ordered but following the show I am not sure it is needed. Oh well I am sure It shall find a home in a project at sometime.
Here's what I got.
  • Spray Varnish. I had nearly run out so as easy to stock up at the show as to get anywhere else.
  • 4 Pots of Paint. All replacement colours except the Purple. Ony the 2nd Purple I have bought in my life and the first one (an old GW one) dried up in the hot weather.
  • 50mmx50mm mdf Bases. Yes I do need these and not for cavalry as has been suggested. Ray dis ask and I said I need them for Medic stands. (See later in the week)
  • And a Victorian Photographer. (This now turn out to be an impulse buy as I scrap some plans and move forward with others.

Things arising: Well this is out of Order. But following the show I was relieved to be left with a feeling of wargaming Brotherly love. But also some disappointment. I did have plans for games at shows next year but they have been quashed. However I do have New ideas. Victorian Photographer is no longer needed, but back to the 6mm scale which I love!

The games:

Medway wargames Society
Dave and Paul
Playing a 28mm Fantasy game

15mm Dragon Rampant.
This is my kind of game.
Would have quite happily swapped.
"The Old Guard"

Another game I would quite like to be involved in.
28mm Crusades "Soldiers of God "Rules
I forgot the club name

A Roman Skirmish game
Sorry I forget the rules and the club.
28mm if that helps at all.
(Think Broken Legions but not sure)

Maidstone Wargames Club
28mm WW1
Much more Info on "Whisperin Al's Blog"
I say this without checking as he was one of the players.

28mm Skirmish wargames Club.
North Africa 1918 French Foreign Legion against Berbers
Using their own rules.

"Privateers of London club
For once NOT doing a naval game which they tend to.
20mm, Unknown rules.

Milton Hundreds Club
(You meet in Sittingbourne so why you do not call yourself the
Sittingbourne Wargames Club, I do not know)
15mm Team Yankee Rules.

Herne Bay/Whistable club.
20mm WW2 Using Rules of Engagement (I think)
Larry and Dave
2 nicer wargamers it is hard to meet.

Gravesend (I think) put on a couple of games
Blood bowl or the right
and "0mm Rapid Fire (I think) on the left.

Our club Game. Yes it was 28mm Napolionic (A period I dislike because of the way others feel it is both important to get the details right (You cannot use that figure as it has the wrong colour buttons, they were Brass and not bronze!). You get the idea!

28mm Black Powder rules French vs Prussian
My start area
Peter and Alex opposite me
Graham on the right

Bob and later Gary were also playing French.
All tarrain and Troops were supplied by Tim

I got of to a good start and all my units could move in my first turn.
And then the Dice gods failed me!
I had about 3 turns in a row of doing nothing!
See Positions exactly the  same for me.
Luckily  Peter opposite was also luck with the dice.
And while he was at times able to shoot the Majority
of his Landwere did about as much as my French
Which is to say NOTHING!
Finally able to move my Hussars they charged the Skirmishers.
Which held!
Not sure that would have been a real life outcome but the dice gods hate me at times.
Nothing else to say.
 Overall this is about as far as I got with the game. partially as the show was winding down and partially because I lost interest.

Napolionics... Hmm I would rather play tiddly winks.

Thanks for looking More in 2 days as I work on some terrain and some Gruntz specialists. very tempted to get side tracked, thinking Renaissance Italians! But do not hold me to that!

All the best and thanks for looking!


  1. Nice little haul Clint, and some interesting game pictures from the show. Will see you Saturday mate

    1. Thank you Dave. Much to think about following the show. And Much to get on with. Overall a good show but a disappointing game. It's nappys what did I expect. yeah see you Saturday. Although I am sure we shall email before.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Fran. Nope mine is far from the kingdom of anything.

  3. Tidy loot, Clint and some nice-looking games too. Personally I like the quiet smaller shows to the larger ones, but sometimes find the stalls a little disappointing. Good to see you supporting this one :-)

    1. Thank you Simon/Blax. I also prefer smaller shows. They allow you time to talk with other gamers. As for the lack of traders I hope to see it increase.

  4. Nice pictures mate. I'm surprised you had time with your game going on. Good to see you as always.

    1. Thanks Lee. If my troops had been more active I would not have time. But as it was it was roll 2 dice. "You cannot do anything this turn". So I allowed myself time to wander. Only made the main hall m3 times in the entire day though.

  5. Nice load of loot and photos,oh pretty sure I've got some spare left hand armoured arms from the Perry mercenaries or WOTR men at arms box, email me your address and I'll pop some in the post to you, they won't be 100% accurate but they'l be close enough I'd say. Email:
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Cave. That's very kind of you I shall email as soon as I am able. Do not worry about the arms the thought was more than enough to brighten my day.

  6. Great set of pics Clint! I'm glad you enjoyed your Nappie game!

    1. Thank you Ray. I did enjoy the Nappy game but was not able to do much at all. Sometimes that is just the way the dice are. Still not a period I like but hey can't win them all.

  7. For a small local show there were some really good looking games there.
    Unless it looks like a still from the Russian version of War and peace (or perhams dino de Laurentis' "Waterloo") I'mnot overly impressed with Napoleonics either. btw.

    1. Thank you Joe. For me Napoleonics is played at the wrong scale. 9-12 figures representing a regiment seems wrong. But when played at Srirmish level 1 figure represents 1 man I can get on board with it very quickly. Shame so few people play it that way!


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