Friday 7 December 2012

German Squad Transport.

Here we have two Horsch 4x4 troop carriers. These were the squad level transports used by the German Regiment that will be played in the Caen Campaign. They are 20mm Resin cast modes from FRONTLINE (Frontline Wargaming). They come as five peice kits the main casting and 4 wheels. Quiet nicly sculpted and cast and they go together easily and without fuss. As you would expect from the need to just attach the wheels. Quick simple and easy, just how I like it. As you can see I have not gone overboard with the paint scheme I have tried to keep it looking scruffy and unkempt the kind of vehicle which will do the job but without any frills.

There is still a lot to paint for the campaign but it is getting done at the right pace for me. However you should expect the next few posts from me to be centred around this task. I still have a lot of Canadian troops to paint as well as a couple of German. There will be very few vehicles on the tabletop so don't expect too many more to be blogged by me in the near future.

As you can see by the black and white photo of the real thing it is not the most glamorous and exciting of WW2 vehicles but it does serve a distict purpose of carrying a single squad and thier kit to where-ever they are needed be that across a farm in France to the depths of Russia or even through the deserts of North Africa. I don't tend to see too many of these on the wargames table as most games tend to concentrate on larger elements than squads. I think one of the reasons is that we tend to go tank heavy. I can honestly say I have seen more Tigers being used in wargames than these.

Elsewhere in my wargames life the Kickstarter run By Fasa was cancelled last night.

Below is the explanation I was sent and my moey returned.
"Dear Valued Backer,
Our project of 1879 iPad App, RPG, miniature game and figures has been live for over a week now. Based on the number of project backers, pledges and trends it looks like meeting our goal will be very challenging. Considering all of the factors, we have decided to suspend our project as described.
I would like to thank you for backing our project. Your commitment is what Kickstarter is all about.
We had hoped that the combination of miniatures, RPG and software would appeal to a large number of backers. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. So while work on the core miniatures game and rpg will continue, albeit at a slower pace, work on the iPad application will be halted.
Look for a revamped Kickstarter project early in the New Year. This streamlined project, focused on the new 1879 game system and miniatures, will hopefully be more successful.
Once again thank you, and if you decide to participate in our future projects, we will see to it that you receive something extra.
Thank you,
Ross Babcock"

So that's it for today more again on Sunday weather you want it or not! All the best Clint


  1. They look good and reasonably rare on a tabletop mate.

    1. They'll do, they don't have to be fantastic, just acceptable.

  2. They look great Clint. What a shame about the kickstarter. There has been a great many projects as kick starters this year I think perhaps to many maybe.

    1. Agree about number of kickstarters. But it sounds like they will cut the App part and try again next year. And as the App part is the LEAST appealing aspect, that suits me better.

  3. Nice vehicles Clint! Shame about the Kick Starter!

    1. I am confident the kickstarter will try again next year.
      As for the vehicles. They'll serve a role. And as such don't have to be brilliant, just finished.

  4. Vehicles do look the part, very nice indeed. Although they weren't that rare in reality they are on the table-top. -
    Next a horse-drawn field kitchen perhaps ?

    As for Kickstarters, they seem to be everywhere you look these days !

    1. How did you know the field kitchen was an objective!!!? I must be getting predicable. Actually for the regiment they will represent the feild kitchen ("Gulashkannone") was motorised not horse drawn. But we are thinking along the same lines.

      Agreed the Horsch 4x4 is only RARE on the games table.

      Thanks for the input joe as ever really appreciate yhe comment.


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