Monday, 9 June 2014

Broadside 14

Well if you are not sick of me saying so Yesterday was Broadside 14. The annual wargames show by MHWC. (I am no longer one of the organisers, I was given no tasks or responsibilities this year so I had better not claim that I am in any way involved any more.) Several people on the day said that it did not seem at all busy. I personally thought quite the opposite, I shall probably hear the official figures in about a week so that will tell all.

It was a hot day and the room was quite stuffy. Despite this We managed to get two games of the attack on Akaba in. The Arabs won the first game and the Turks won the second game so it seems quite a balanced game which is what toy want I think from a game point of view even if it is not reproducing History exactly.

Anyway here are some Photos of the games in general before my camera packed up. Strangely it works again now I have got it home.  Ho Hum such is my affinity to technology, Thank goodness I am not a Borg!

Gravesend Wargames Club,
2nd Afghan War
Won a Prize for the best painted figures.

Russo-Japanese War
Posties Rejects
Won a Prise for  Best Game from the Publics point of view.

Magnificent 7 Game in 54mm
Skirmish Group
Won a prise for the best use of space.
So Congrats to the Clubs who won. And Commiserations to the rest of us! I am not bitter, No not at all. (And only a little jealous!)
Some of the other games I personally liked were:
A wild west skirmish using Dead mans Hand rules,
Sorry I  don't recall the club!
Maidstone Wargames Club
28mm WW1 Skirmish
(I can't help thinking this board would
make a great Victorian Gothic horror Game!)
Deal Wargames Club
My personal favourite game.
a 15mm Vietnam game.

Worth noting these river vessels are no longer available
but I think they were produced by "the Scene" Back in the day.
20mm Vietnam Riverine craft can be sourced by a number of companies
 but I would struggle to find any 15mm ones these days.
I will leave the Arab Revolt game for now as I am expecting another club member to send me some shots. I am sure the following bloggers will put some up soon though.
Ray (the Badger) Rousell
Fran (Hedge Hugger) Lee
(Big) Lee Hadley
Alan (Tottenham Forever) Abbey
Tamsin (Wargames Girl) Piper
Robert (Bob) Cordery (Says he will most likely post on Tuesday)
There will probably be a few others as well.
Hopefully again on Wednesday. See you all soon and take care one and all.


  1. Great stuff mate. I really liked your game and especially the nice background board you made.

    1. Cheers mate. I appreciate your kind words.

  2. The games you show are a real mixed bag of the good, bad and ugly.
    No doubt your game went went and it wasn't busy enought to stop your trip around the traders.

    1. Thanks Joe I wish I could have got more photos but camera issues. I won't bang on about that though. I cannot say all the games were all of the same calibre but I will say many of the games were as good as were at Salute this year.

  3. There's some good-looking terrain there (especially the jungle and the town from the Maidstone club. The Dead Man's Hand game is a bit mixed: excellent buildings, but a *white* table? What's going on there?

    1. I think the Dead Mans hand game had a cloth (maybe my flash bleached it out.). I am a fool for wild west games though. I agree it could have done with more clutter. But Overall most games were on a standard with Salute I thought. Thank you C6.

  4. Very nice pictures Clint that Vietnam table looks great, I look forward to seeing more once you get the pictures

    1. There are 2 pics of my Arab revolt game up on Big Lees Blog so that should give you an idea. I liked the Vietnam game as well. Thanks Loki.

  5. Great post Clint, but my surname is Piper not Peters :)

    Your game was definitely one of the best looking ones there.

    Pity about the lack of fudge ;)

    1. Opps sorry I shall edit Piper in instead of Peters. Sorry about that.

      Thanks for the comment about Akaba. Best looking games are always subjective. And I will keep telling myself that until I win a prize of some sort!

      Yes I am sorry you all missed out on Fudge this time but because of the hot weather I took the bullet and ate it all on Friday! JK

      Thanks Tams

  6. Some great looking games and I'm delighted the day went well.

    1. Cheers Michael. I agree there were some great looking games.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun!
    I saw a photo of your game with that background in another blog (was it Big Lee's?) - it really came out great!

    1. There is a photo of the game on Big Lees blog so you probably saw it on that one. I think the backdrop brings it to life a bit.

      Thank you Mathyoo.

  8. Some great looking tables! Sounds like you had a good day.

    1. Well it was hot and stuffy but other than that it was a good day. Thank you Simon.

  9. My favourite table is the WWI skirmish game as I like those buildings. Nice to hear the Rejects won for best game.

    Sorry to hear about your camera issues, but you will one day become a Borg as resistance is futile :)

    1. Thank you Anne. The Maidsone game does look very good. And I still think It would make an excellent Gothic Horror setting.

      As soon as I got home camera worked fine. Which is typical.
      As for me being a Borg, not unless they make them out of wood and mechanical and not electronic!

  10. Great pics Clint! And I totally agree with Lee, the backboard was an excellent idea!!

  11. The public were quite splendid people!

    1. Are you sure you did not intimidate them!!! Or Lee or Ray or Postie?

      Thank you Fran


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