Saturday 7 June 2014

Broadside 2014

Well it's that time of the year again. Tomorrow sees me going to Broadside. I will be putting on my "ATTACK ON AKABA" 20mm WW1 Arab revolt game. (Yes I will take pictures!)

Here are a list of the traders and clubs taking part:

T1 - Adler Miniatures
T2 - Armourfast
T3 - Brigade Models
T4 - Redoubt enterprises
T5 - David Lanchester Books
T6 - Fenris Games
T7 - Ainsty Castings
T8 - Cymbeline Games
T9 - Tablescape
T10 - Harfields Military Figures
T11 - ToleHaven
T12 - Realistic Modelling
T13 - Early War Miniatures
T14 - Shellhole Scenics
T15 - Col.
T16 - Lesley's Bits Box
T17 - WargamesNkits
T18 - 7th Heaven Games
T19 - Monarch Millitary Books
T20 - SHQ Miniatures
T21 - Polly Oliver Castings
T22 - Red Knight Wargames
T23 - Wargames Emporium
T24 - Always Darkk
T25 - Warmill
T26 - Andy's Models
T27 - Royal British Legion
T28 - Wargames Foundry
T29 - Warlord Games
T30 - WW1 display by Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne
T31 - Pilum Painting
T32 - Gladius Game Arts
T33 - Essex Miniatures
T34 - Sphere Products
T35 - Wargame Solutions
T36 - PE2 Collectables
T37 - East Street Games
T38 - Engine Shed Toys

G1 - Gravesend Wargamers Club
G2 - Maidstone Wargames Society
G3 - Posties Rejects
G4 - Whitstable Wargames Club
G5 - Deal Wargames Club
G6 - Skirmish Group
G7 - Shepway Wargames Club
G8 - The Gamers Hub
G9 - Southend Wargames Club
G10 - Hornchurch Wargames Club
G11 - Friday Night FireFight Club
G12 - Gravesend Gamers Guild
G13 - South East Essex Milliatry Society
G14 - Medway wargames Society
G15 - East Grinsted Gamers
G16 - Rainham Wargames Club Arab revolt game. (AKA MY club)
CTK (Crush The Kaiser) Wargaming will also be providing a demonstration game using their WW1 rule set.

I only have a very small shopping list. Very small indeed. The only things I will be looking for this year are for old projects that just need rounding out.
  • 20mm Vietnam figures and vehicles.
  • 6mm Cold war era. (Only M113s and Marder 1a2s and some soviet stuff as well.)
  • maybe some 28mm stuff as well either for Donnybrook or for Zombies
And that's all I am looking for. But I will have enough spare money such that if I see anything that I NEED I will be able to get it. Naturally a lot depends on what the Flea market traders may or may not have.

So if you are coming to the show feel free to stop and chat. The rules are very simple so if you want to sit in for a little while I am sure we can make room for you.

All the best and probably a show report on Monday.
All the best Take Care Clint

 Sorry I just did not get my act together. No excuses.


  1. Enjoy and have fun. I wish I lived nearer so I could pop by!

    1. Cheers Brummie. Yeah that would be good. But far to long a drive for a local show.

  2. Hope it all goes well Clint, looking forward to reading the report on your return.

    1. Cheers Michael I'll try to get some photos. Maybe even get some of Ray and Fran!

  3. No bloody fudge, , what's the hell!!!!!!

    1. I know I have let the side down! But as I am told another Reject eats it all anyway all you are missing is the opportunity to blame that other Reject. Thank you Ray.

  4. Oh the poor posties, lol, no fudge. Have a great day Clint and all the best for the day

    1. Not just the Rejects. Several traders and a couple of other bloggers as well. Still I can't have them getting addicted!

      Thanks PK

  5. I will attempt to Loki. I shall start packing my bags today. Not expecting a big swag haul though. Cheers Mate.

  6. Surely having no fudge jeapardizes your membership of Postie's Rejetcs ?
    Have a good time at the event and I for one am betting that you'll end up with a few impulse buys !

    1. Oh you know me so well. I may do a swag post! I think there are many more things that would reject me from the Rejects. Thanks Joe.

  7. I'll see you tomorrow Clint. Shame about the fudge, although I suspect I wasn't going to get any after my cheeky comments the other day.

    1. You might have to had wrestle a Reject for any fudge. So a lucky escape this time. I shall try to get some done for SELWG! Cheers Mate.

  8. Hope all goes smoothly for you tomorrow and that you have a grand time. Take what pics you can as I know running game can keep you busy.

    1. Yes I will thanks Anne. Oh and I think I may have found a figure on sale there you might like. Is it a "Beltfed miniature" by Col Bills? or a Magpie Miniature from Brigade? Not sure yet I will see what they look like in the "flesh". Take Care Anne, all the best!

  9. Hope you have a great show Clint. Im finishing nights tomorrow and unfortunately Broadside is just a tadge too far to get to this year.

    1. Broadside is a good little show, but I think too far to make it worth your while.

      All the best Carl.


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