Saturday, 11 October 2014

Turn 11 Results

The first thing to say is that was quite intense for me. There is no fudging the turn sequence or the gunnery. Sometimes it works in your favour and at other times a lot less so. The same is true of repairs. All this preamble is just to say what happens to a ship happens to a ship.

I will send out individual damage reports this afternoon. But just to say both sides have one or more ships in trouble and for a couple of players the game may be over next turn.

So this turn it was a completely Spanish activation to begin with which left the end of the turn to the British. And here's what's going on!

View from the step ladder
Overall view of the board.
El Interceptor and Unicornio cross beams.
A close run thing but they avoided any collisions.
Three ships were able to fire this time at HMS Beagle.
It was nearly 4 ships. But Unicono was out of arc. HMS Inconsistant
Was able to move out of arc so could neither fire or get hit. 
Not quite Raked HMS Badger takes a beating Three on to one is not
a good prospect for the one!
HMS Cutlass facing into the wind gets a turn drifting.
HMS Agamemnon moves to support the British flagship.
Will he be there in time?
HMS Challenge's Crew manage to BOARD
SS Pina Colada. The on-board battle of quite evenly matched
Forces is currently undecided.
The Bad thing about this boarding is that it screened the target from
getting shot at by HMS Agamemnon and HMS Pachyderm.
A Brave/foolhardy action from Captain Curt. Only time will tell.
I have a clue though! 
Elsewhere Mecedes turns hard to starboard
 and makes a very tactical move to stay away from the goliaths!
Capitan Loki on "The Mermaids revenge" Continues
his break for freedom. Slipping Behind HMS Pachyderm,
still out of range though.
Well that's it for now. As ever if you need more photos or more information feel free to get in touch. I will/can not give any advice. Nor can I make any suggestions. I know it's hard to judge at times so ask for photos if in any doubt. SS Pina Colada and HMS Challenge will not be able to move this turn as they are now locked in hand to hand boarding actions. Best of luck guys and I hope the dice work out for both of you.

Thanks for reading today. Watch out for your individual damage reports. All the best Clint.

Opps nearly forgot: Next turn in by the 18th Oct 9am (GMT) please. but you probably already knew that without being reminded.


  1. Lovely stuff, and certainly got me going back to look at the other postings for this battle. You've clearly got some serious administration skills to keep on top of all this... as there's clearly a load of action going on :-) Lovely write-ups too and I bet the captains dread your 'Email of Destruction' whenever their vessel gets damage :-) The boards and minis look very nice as well. I'd flitted by this when going through your back postings but that just means I've had ten v.good postings to read through properly with a Sat morning cuppa.

    1. I dare not mention names but some ships are in trouble and their captains may be reluctant to open any messages from me! They know who they are!
      There is an Ironclad ship game starting on another blog ( ) which may have room for another player should you be interested.
      Thanks Blax

    2. Thanks Clint but I got there just too late. Still that hopefully means I'll be following two fleet actions in the imminent future :-)

    3. Assuming I don't muck this up as bad as I fear I may well run another one in the future so keep your eyes open. Maybe the Battle of the Nile..... Maybe something more freeform Thanks Blax

  2. Great stuff shooting from my ship again! I'm not deliberately avoiding conflict, honest!

    1. In the damage report I have given all ships the chance to fire into the boarding action if in acr and Range. Any damage will affect BOTH ships though so you might not want to do that.... but knowing you, erhm I mean knowing some bloodthirsty players they just might be happy to shoot at their own side!
      Thank you Lee.

  3. Lovely to see the carnage continue Clint.
    This is definitely something to look forward to every Saturday, thank you.

    1. Thank you Bob. I get a huge amount of fun from it as well. Just got of the phone with the rules author (Ok he's a mate) and he was asking if I'd run another one after this. So that's a maybe but I will want a break first!

  4. Good! I'm sharpening my sword and the impaling pole for cptain Badger. I think a mechoui will soon be in order. Ole!

  5. The mighty Mercedes is just prowling the outskirts of the fight waiting her chance to dart in and capture a British prize - just when is the question

    Another fun turn - I too look forward to Saturday's email!

    1. Thank you Miles. You are wise not to jump in with the sharks. I nice 64 gunner would make a splendid prize.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray. But I am sure a man of your skills might still do very well. A couple of lucky shots and you can easily get revenge on the whole Spanish Fleet.

    2. Stiff upper lip Ray your a British Admiral.

    3. This game is lovely to see and the battle will rage for some time I suspect.

    4. Thank you Robert. I hope it's all over by Christmas! (Probably sooner)

  7. Oh dear, it's not looking good for HMS Badger!

  8. Well.. i can see who might be out of the game quickly! Unless I get some lucky rolls and can fend off Curt there in his boarding action!!! Let go of my RUM!!!! :D

    1. Well the good news is that if you win you may get 2 ships to control. But both with a very much reduced crew. Thank you Kyle.

    2. As I mentioned to Clint, whichever captain wins will have to return the other's sword and invite the vanquished to dinner. A bit of spotted dog and a tot of brandy, wot!


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