Sunday 11 December 2011

Enough for now.....(maybe)

Well I have now painted 48 zombies for the game. One was missing from the Sprue that Kev "gave" me so I substituted a zombie clown  just had lying around. It feels like a weight's been lifted to have gotten enough Zombies done for the game. I really must finish the carpark model though or all those will be for nothing.... well not nothing we all know I'll find a use for them, even if it's not this game. I still have 12 on thier sprues which I shall tackel on at a later date. As  Club Rainham Wargames has quite a few Zombies now, this 48, plus the horde that Kev has, plus any other members as well. But as only these will be used on Tuesday night I think I should have enough, just!
Just because all the Zombie painting was getting boring I thought I'd do a machine waith as well. It's a bit more colourful. Still not happy wih the photograpy, I think I might need some help there, But at least it makes a change from painting Grey. Yes still "undead" and as I am sure you'll already know a solo for The CRYX faction in warmachine. It was remakably quick and easy to paint mostly at night. My Cryx force has a very rusty look with purple man colour and green accents.
This afternoon I will sort out the survivor figures for the Carpark game. That will give me 2 full days (other than overtime) to finish things of. I can see it being finished but eben so have mentioned some concerns to Alan. We have a back up Wild West Gun-Fight game ready to roll out if we need. So it's not like we'll have nothing to do on Tuesday if it all goes wrong.

That's it for today. Have a good Sunday and I'll post again on Monday.


  1. Cool Horde. Please take loads of Pics of the game

  2. Will try but sometimes not quite so easy. I'll try to take a couple of "pre game" photos either today or tomorrow


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