Tuesday 13 December 2011

Tonight's the night.

Nope nothing to do with John Barrowman and if he turns up he'll be the first one eaten! No pics today as saving batteries for th actual game. I have created 12 pregenerated co star quality characters. Each with a stat line weapons and a one word description like cop, looter, sleazy man, store keeper etc. It will most likely create some banter round the table as players call each other by thier description, " Andy you're a 'Little boy' and you've got a tiny pistol!"... "Yeah well Mark stop trying to loot Sleazy Alans bum!" You know the kind of thing all wargamers will resort to. (I am no better).

As ever characters can take any reasonable action. but standing thier with your hands over your eyes and claiming if you can't see them, they can't see you, will probly result in teeth marks. I'll change some of the rules for this one off. Activation for players will be by drawing names out of a cup. One at a time so they don't know the order they'll move/shoot etc. The Zombies will activate the same way, but only 1/2 will activate if thier card is drawn. 4 zombies per player and players that die come back as a co star zombie ( I have some wild west zombie gunfighters to represent them.)

The winner will be the first one to DRIVE out of the car park. The two children characters are bad drivers so thier cars will go slower, but they do have a higher move. Running out of the carpark will be assumed to be staying close enough to the zombies to be infected in the next few hours.

I am struggling to find my Santa figure for the absent player but that's the only hold up today.

I'll try to do a game report on Wednesday with a few pics and quotes should anyone say anything worth repeating!

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