Friday 16 December 2011


Despite the snow I did manage to do an hours work up the shed. Gonna be working on and off now on the moon-scape boards. I was Going to photograph it as a step by step how too guide. But camera needs some new batteries so perhaps tomorrow.

My current war gaming thoughts are all over the place, but tend to fall into several categories. The car-park zombie game for Sunday. And most specifically what will I do with the paste table next. I suppose I could use the car park a couple more times, maybe a Miami Vice drug deal 7TV style, or a Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift car race game. Kev has suggested a swat based anti terrorist game set in a car park. So there are a few ideas, and I do like the drug deal idea, maybe a biker gang doing a drugs deal with some "Colombian" type cartel in a multi-story and a group of cops on the other side. But this car park was a "throwaway" game really everything done quickly and cheaply. Al (AKA Leofwine) seems to think the idea of a game board in a box is a good idea, the main problem is the proportion, it kind of needs to be a long thin game, played in a long thin way. Several ideas have been put forward verbally, but I'm not sure where to go with it just yet.

 Moon scape boards. Well I think about them because I'm making them and I'm sure I'll do a step by step guide to their construction over the Christmas period.

I am also thinking about a "semi" secret project and wondering if I could build it well enough to make it look impressive. I'm kind of over thinking it and probably should just bite the bullet and get it going. I will talk about it here if I get of my fat lazy bum and get it started as if I talk about it there's some chance I might finish it. I want a good looking game for Broadside 2012 and like the idea of this secret project, I was going to do a superhero game, but freaked myself out over thinking how to build New York City.

I am also pondering if WW1 zombies would be a  one of game or if I should perhaps invest some time and money in the project to make it more so. The question is how many times would we play it?

Well that's today's pondering. Talk soon Clint

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