Saturday 27 May 2017

Progress (2 steps back)

At the moment it if 2 steps back for one step forward. However this will change very soon. Since yesterday I have (working in an unventilated garage) given each hex tile an undercoat. This should get them all to the same colour. (Fingers crossed we will see how it dries)!!

Yes there are issues. I had to paint over the existing flock which has left some bumps. Also as I had previously varnished some Wadis they are some what smooth. But at least they are all now the same colour. And Being the same colour is an excellent place to start. The Previous version (shown on the right) was a mix of colours. Now as you can see it is all one colour. This means that I am able to make some more tiles as well and they will fit in perfectly.

The next stage will take a while so no more quick updates.
I have to purchase enough flock in desert colours to add sufficient vegetation everywhere. While this WILL be time consuming I am not even tempted to do any work on it until at least 2 weeks.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking

All the best Clint


  1. Keep going Clint. You're clearly on a roll and who is to say whether I would have been unhappy with lots of multi-coloured tiles and not done the same. You've certainly bitten the bullet now, so I really hope this exciting project works out for. Fingers crossed as to how it dries, and I look forward to the next update :-)

    1. Cheers Mate. This is just the first step. AND I still have to wait and see how it dries. It may be a disaster when I look this morning or it may need a second coat... or it may be fine. I just have to wait and see.


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