Friday 22 June 2012

Berserkers (1)

My computer has picked up a virus over the last few days. Which is the first one I have ever had that's nasty enough to make me think about smacking it with a baseball bat. I will no doubt overcome this minor setback but in the meantime it really stinks! However for the moment if I send you an email with "NO SUBJECT" in the title, just delete it don't even bother opening it, it's a watse of time from some waste of skin.
Back on the painting table I have done a couple more Vikings for SAGA. I will use them as Berserkers. One is a very old (1980's) Citadel Viking Ulfhednir. The other is a Gripping Beast plastic. Having done just the tinniest piece of Internet research it does indeed suggest that Berserkers should be bear chested. SO this is something I will change at a later date, but for now these 4 figures will suffice to fill the roll.
I'll try to post again on Sunday, and with luck the virus will be a distant memory. All the Best Clint

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Scary Angel

This is one of the Crooked Dice Scary Angels. They have been doing a promotion for this sculpt and for the rest of June, are selling it for £2. I picked this one up at BROADSIDE. Usually they are shown painted as statues as featured on a well know BBC TV series about a time traveller in a phone box. I decided however that it would make a passable VAMPIRE, so have tried to paint it as such. Most images of vampires have more bat like wings, but I think this still works. It was great fun to paint and I wanted a change from Vikings for a few days hence this figure. At this stage I have no idea what I shall use it for, but it is one of those stock models you buy and will work out what it's for later on.
That's today's post. I'll post again on Friday. I am content with the poll feedback, I'll keep it open for the time being, of course but at this stage there is a clear winner. That could change if more people vote of course but with 7TV having more than twice the votes of any other category my mind will wander that way most likely. All the best talk soon Clint

Monday 18 June 2012

Getting Shirty

I did not get as much done as I had anticipated over the weekend. No new figures to show you today.  I did however get the design for the club shirts finalised. They guys wanted black as they thought it was more slimming. It costs more but what can you do. Originally I wanted the logo on the back of the tee shirts but that would have doubled the price, so instead I settled on just over the left breast. As you can see it is my typical dice rolling level on the graphic, unless I need to roll low in which case "Box-cars" is far more likely.
The game I played at the club yesterday was not really visual, 1200th scale ancient galleys. I had never in my life tried ancient naval games, so it was a pleasant change of pace, if not change of result as I graham managed to ram my ships about 4 times as often as I did his. Needless to say as a fleet admiral of this period I have the command ability of Captain Mannering from Dads army. Overall I did enjoy it and would play it again.
That's it for today. Hope to post again on Wednesday, All the best Clint.