Saturday 25 May 2019

Another big (well small)gun

I continue with my alien 15mm army of Snakemen (Astragar). Just a few figures painted. The are of course 15mm CRITICAL MASS Games.  Yes I do have some more ordered. Not too many, just a few.

This is a second gun team. I have decided to group all the heavy weapon teams together. The reason for doing this is that it is different from current 21st Century human thinking in Most armies.  As such some different organisation level thinking seemed just right as I want an alien force. And I imagine Aliens would think slightly (or completely) differently.

Not a huge amount painted but as they say "Every little helps!"

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.

All the best Clint.

Thursday 23 May 2019

28mm Crimean war figures.

Here are some wargames Foundry 28mm British Infantry of the Crimean war. Firsty I know VERY little about this war or the uniforms and units so If I get anything wrong 10 Please tell me, so I can learn and 2) Bare with me as I am all at sea in this period.

Not knowing Matt provided me with pictures \nd I have copied them as best I am able in the hopes that they are right. A total of 6 riflemen each 3 to a base now ready for action. I have 12 more to do so you shall be seeing more of them soon. Well soon(ish) as I shall start the next 6 tonight.

 In addition to the 6 foot-sloggers I have 1 mounted officer done. One more to do. I showed it last time unfinished. But now it n is finished better to reveal it complete and with the first stands of infantry.  With luck this will give some leadership to the men and allow some games to better be played. But on this score time will tell.

I had more than 1 enquiry about the make of the robot last time.  As such I went up the loft. Straight away I found the box the kit came in now stuffed with old decals. None the less it does show the scale 1/35 and the name "Crusher Joe" of the kit but as yet I am unable to find any ore of them. So if you are looking good luck and comments below on where to get them would be appreciated. (Not holding my breathe though)

Until next time, good luck, good gaming and may  the dice e favourable  to you and also hinder your opponent!

Tuesday 21 May 2019

15mm Robot ( and sneak peek. Historical)

Firstly here is a robot model from about 30 years ago. RE-PAINTED. At the time I was using it as a 28mm model but now I feel more of a 15mm model. The joy of Fantasy/sci-fi is no one knows so it can be whatever you want it to be. No one knows and few (if any) care.

I am afraid I do not know who makes it or what it is for. I remember that our local toy store got some and as such I bought 3 (the other 2 are in pieces and are missing heads. But rebuilding them is for another time/post!

This was a very easy re-paint. Almost too easy, or embarrassingly easy. Just 3 colours of brown on the legs and a thin brown was overall. It really was that easy.  About an hour in all including drying time. In fact the base took longer!

I look forward to finding the missing pieces and getting the other 2 finished now. Obviously this will bulk out my 15mm sci-fi army and give them some mech support.  And we all lke a bit of mech support. The only conversion work is the adding of a gun to the right arm. Way back in the day (no not quite when dinosaurs walked the earth) GW used to do separate weapons and arms. Not for a long period, but they did, Anyway the weapon is a cut down "Lasgun" I just chopped it about and added it on. Mech  with guns is usually a good idea!
Just the mech and a random 15mm alien, (on the to paint pile)
and a random 28mm figure. Just as a size/scale cmparison.

 Ok all Historical nuts can breath now. Finally some 28mm Crimean war WIP. Nearly finished ths mounted officer still got the face and the flesh and a few other bits to do, and a tidy-up. But it at least shows what I am working on for Matt. And that perhaps I have not been as lazy as I appear to have been. This is a 28mm Wargames Foundry and I have needed the practice in 28mm as it seem to have been a while. So I had best do some 28mm figs next!

Thanks for looking and more again in a day or so. Okay 2-3 days more likely!

All the best Clint