Saturday 18 May 2013

Laser Burn?

  For those with long memories you will remember the "Laserburn" rules. For those not quite that old. Laserburn was a set of science fiction rules before warhammer 40k. Anyway cutting to the chase these two vehicles are 15mm in scale and I think they were by "Table top Games". A very quick repaint later and they will become civilian scenery for my 15mm GZG star grunt force. It's so long ago I will not even attempt to try to identify them any further. But obviously one is a flying vehicles capable of carrying 2 people, one assumes pilot and a passenger. The other is a civilian van or pickup, probably envisaged as some form of grav vehicle as it has no wheels, although for my purposes, being just scenery any more details are redundant.
  They were lurking in a box with my old "Traveller" figures tucked away in the attic and had, until recently not been out of the box for over 10 years. So folks there is hope for us all that we will get round to some of the older lead we all have tucked away in at least some form, even if not for our original intention.

AS I am sure you are all aware Tamsin AKA Wargames Girl has been doing a very generous give away on her blog. Today is day 3 (of 6?) all the terms and conditions are on her blog and I think you can still enter the previous 2 days should you choose. If you do enter I wish you all the very best of luck.

A zombie game at the club tomorrow I am told using the "Flesh Wounds" rules for the first time so expect an AAR on Monday. Until then have fun and scoot over to Wargames Girls Blog and check out the very generous offer she has for you.

Cheers Clint

Thursday 16 May 2013

NAC STargrunt 2

I have had a re-think. This is really not that uncommon for me so nothing to be alarmed about. I have now stopped my Kra Vak 15mm Ground Zero Games force and started a New Anglian Confederation (NAC) force. So to the right are my first batch of NAC troops. This is a squad of GZG Ghurkas. I selected the Ghurkas as my troop choice, not for there undoubted fighting prowess but because the forage hats and equipment have a tropical feel to them. As I have decided to focus on a desert world* the tropical gear and forage hats seemed most appropriate. Each NAC squad has a good balance of weapons for both fire power and impact/penetration so they should become quite a strong table top force well able to match the FSE troops I have already done.

SO why the change from Kra Vak? Several reasons, Firstly I was not feeling it, and as we all know If you are making an army/force for the table top if you are not feeling it then it really does become a chore. Secondly I do anticipate building a space fleet and while I do like the look of the Kra Vak fleet I am not attracted to their fighting style. I did look at other possible forces notably the New Swabian League but decided on the NAC as they are perhaps the most highly supported in terms for figures and background. So I do anticipate buying a NAC starter fleet in the near future.

I am in a little slump painting wise but expect to escape the doldrums in the next few days. We all go through it sometimes and it's just my turn at the moment.

* I mentioned above that I will be making a desert world. This is my post Broadside terrain project. I see it having several roles and being used for a few different periods. I will say no more about it at present but I have been chatting with Brian at Lead Legion . Who has been a great source of ideas and a great sounding board. Cheers Mate.

Finally for today I have had to make my first ever "Battenburg" Cake. It was not a traditional pink/yellow cake as I have no yellow colouring. So I went for a chocolate/vanilla combination and I must say I think it turned out pretty good. The reason for the Battenburg Is that I found out that the person who's birthday it was really likes marzipan. It's not prefect, you can see it if not perfectly straight, but for a first try Not too bad. And having tasted it, it tastes pretty good even if I do say so myself. Modest.... well perhaps not, but I am quite proud of it as a first attempt!

That's it for today, thanks for reading with luck I should shrug of my painting lethargy and get down to something ready for my next post. So until the weekend take care have fun and hope to see you back here on Saturday. Best wishes Clint.

Monday 13 May 2013

Space orks for my Nephew

 Let me start with an admission. Due to the fact that my nephew (James) has been injured over the last week and that muggins has had to look after him I have failed to get any real painting finished. I know feeble excuse.

So what I will talk about today is my old Space Ork army. The week before Salute I gave it away. Shock horror! I gave it to the above mentioned nephew before he got injured so there is no connection with the injury and the army in any way.

All the pictures are just random shots of the army which is over 10 years old. Many of the items are not available in the shops, like the lobber track in the top picture, the captured Rhino in the second etc. It all started as a Gorka Morka force and grew into a full army.  My Gorka Morka Mob was called "The Italian Mob!" and started in converted Heller 1/43 scale mini coopers. They looked good, but did not do well in game terms. Oh Well. Yes they are in the pics somewhere.

 So todays blog post is all old work but never been seen on the blog before so until James gets well enough to go to school I will be looking after him.

I should have something ready in two days time. Thanks for your patience and hope you pop back then. All the best Clint.

Sunday 12 May 2013

3 Dusters!

One of the things I have noticed is that when as a club we play wild west shoot-out games, the figures wearing "dusters" are always selected in preference of those wearing just shirts and trousers. I am sure each club member will give a different explanation as to why. Some will say they are cow-hands out on the range and therefore need a big long coat. Others will say "oh I just happened to pick that one!". One or two would admit they like the article of clothing. I think they mostly get picked as they are seen as more romantic representations of the old west. But I know the club would argue against that thought. Anyway I picked these three up at Cavalier in February and they have finally fought there way up the pile of lead to the top and I have given them a lick of paint. All three of them came in one pack from "Artizan Miniatures" sold to me on the day by "Second City Games".

I made a decision to paint them all in different colours as I did not want it to look like they had all been to the same store on the same day and walked out with matching anoraks! I happily admit I did enjoy painting the duster coats, nice long flowing cloth which takes the washes and highlights very well. I am very pleased that they all look different despite the fact that all the browns started from the same mix and hue which was then added to a second colour (yellow, or black or brown) . This created a range of linked colours with which each figure was painted. (Ok apart from the yellow neck tie and faded red union suit (long johns). Over all three more to add to my collection of wild west figures.

Due to family issues I have struggled to get anything else started. So given that it is now 3pm on Sunday I really will have to get cracking if I want anything ready for Tuesday and my next blog post. So until then have a good time and I'd best get busy with the brushes!

later all, Clint