Tuesday 3 January 2017


yes I did think of a funny title but after so many sheep puns I just could not do it! So here are a few Mouflon sheep models painted up and now put away.

The figures are by warbaes and will be used in En Garde games as objectives and things to steal and or maybe rescue from other bands. As such there are 2 adults (the ewe's also have horns btw) and 4 lambs. Yes one lamb is a different colour that was intentional.

Right at the end is a picture of this rare breed so you can see the actual colours, hopefully they are not too different! At least that is my intention.

I should do another post in a few days to show you the Zulus I have painted so far.

Until then take care have fun and try not to shiver too much!!

Sunday 1 January 2017

200th scale Trucks.

 These went on the AHPC last week. here we have 8 trucks for my Spanish civil war armies. 6 of them are German Opel Blitz trucks while the other 2 I am not sure of, They were bought cheap from eBay and already undercoated so I just had to apply some colour. I suspect they are all Pendraken, but really do not know. For me they will just be generic trucks. After all in most wargames (all that I can think of a truck is a truck no matter which country of origin it hails from.
As a consequence these will work for any of the forces involved. be that Nationalist or Republican, Poum Militia or Moroccan regulars.